Libra Season: 5 Things to Try


Happy Birthday Season to all my Libra readers.

The Sun is in Libra as of Sept. 22 2022. It’s our annual reminder to focus on relationships, the sense of fairness, learning to become more assertive or decisive if you need to, and bringing more beauty into your life – whatever “beauty” means to you!

This Libra Season offers particularly strong energies, with Mercury Retrograde crossing from Libra to Virgo, and Venus about to move into Libra on Sept. 29.  It`s a prime time to revisit or repair any relationship issues, and to reconnect with your loved ones.  

Some things to try this time of the astrological year:

 1 - (Re)Open the Communication Channel with your Partner:

Ask your partner what they need in life (and your relationship) now. True, you might have had that conversation years ago, when you were first dating. But, as we go through life, things change. And, as daily life demands take over, we may talk about bills and children. But not about each other.

And then share YOUR hopes, needs and wishes! After all, one of Libra lessons is to find balance between giving and receiving, assertiveness and collaboration.

If you’re single, spend some time defining and visualizing the relationship you want to bring into your life. What does “a great love” mean to YOU? And don’t miss the New Moon in Libra on Sept. 25!!! It makes some great planetary connections (I`m very excited about this one) – it’s a great day to call a soulmate relationship into your life.

2 - Build and Nurture Professional and Social Relationships

It’s not all about romantic relationships though, either. It’s also your celestial reminder to build and nurture social and professional relationships, and friendships. Book that coffee- and this day and age, it can be virtual! One of the plus sides of the pandemic we went through.

3 - Let Go of Indecision

Let go of unhelpful indecision. 

Being able to see other points of view is a beautiful thing. But, if you have too much Libra energy, it can lead to the chronic state of indecision, or changing your mind. Yes, you thought you had a plan forward.

And then someone presents another point of view. And…it makes sense…and you’re back to going  back and forth...

Are you spending too much time on this???

Give yourself a timeframe consider the information (and opinions) available to you at this time. And then make a decision. Even if it’s not perfect, it might be better than not deciding at all!

4 - Examine Your Sense of Fairness

Next time you hear yourself say "but this is unfair!", review what "fairness" means to you.

Everyone receives equal treatment? Those who do more (for us, or in their job), receive more? Or, those who need more, receive more? One example: If you're a parent, how do you distribute financial help (or attention) to your kids?

Here is one example, from my professional career. 

Earlier in my leadership career, I had a much coveted flex arrangement to give away at work. But, only one person on the team could get it.

A single mother showed up in my office. “You should give it to me”, she said. “I can then register my son for that karate class he really wants. I can’t now, because the class runs during the day, and I don’t have anyone else to take him there”.

My best performer showed up right after. “I’m hoping you will select me,” she said. “I’ve been on every challenging assignment since this department started. I feel like I’ve contributed much more than some other people in the department, and that’s why I deserve this perk”.

Well….which one would you pick? A dictionary definition of fairness is “impartial and just treatment or behaviour without favouritism or discrimination”.  But – we all have our own perception of fairness. Is yours needs-based (give it to the one who needs it the most), merit-based (give it to the one who has contributed the most), or equalizing (treat everyone the same, regardless of needs or contributions?)

Libra, the sign of the Scales, invites you to consider what “fairness” means to you.

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5 - Move Close To, or Connect With, your Venus Line!

OMG you all!! This is based on my astro-crush, astrocartography (the astrology of relocation).  

Did you know that you can enhance certain energies in your natal chart - and through that, your experiences in life - by using astro-cartography (the art of relocating by the stars?)  If you feel like your love life - or your finances! - could use an extra boost, consider moving closer to your Venus line. 

Of course, it’s not always practical to orchestrate a move….you can also activate the energy of your Venus line remotely.  Find out which cities/countries it runs through. And then use an image of that city as a screensaver. Or get some wall art. Or buy something that was made there, and represents that city.

If you’re interested to learn more, try my pre-recoded course Astrology Hacks:(Re)Location by the Stars!, or book a consultation with me. 

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