Mercury Retrograde in Gemini/Taurus: May 10 -June 3 2022


Mercury Retrograde can bring annoying technology glitches, delayed or cancelled travel plans and appointments, and frustrating miscommunication.  And….it also has a huge silver lining. It’s the best time of the year for all things “re”: re-do, re-plan, re-write (or edit), re-connect, repair, reflect.  

During this retrograde, Mercury will backtrack from Gemini to Taurus, encouraging us to integrate information and the news that has been coming at us from all angles it seems, from the ever accelerating information highway.

Mercury in Gemini can bring on mental overload. Try to shut off your electronic devices at least an hour before bedtime as we're heading into the retrograde. And not every text needs to be answered right away, either.

Have you ever signed up for an online course, zoomed through it, and then didn’t remember much about the content? It could be the course….or it could be our diminishing ability to integrate learning and experiences.

With this Mercury Retrograde, take the time to sit (Taurus) with the information coming at you (Gemini).  File away useful nuggets. Ponder “lessons learned”.  The world has gone through so much these past few years! There is a wealth of learning in that experience, but we need to slow down to process it. This is exactly what this Mercury Retrograde in Gemini/Taurus is inviting us to do.

News or information shared in the next couple of weeks may not be the “final cut”, either. Between the eclipses and Mercury Retrograde, more might come to light in late May – early June. If you have any major decisions to make, postpone them until the week of June 6, if you can.

How Long Do Mercury Retrograde Effects Last?

Each Mercury Retrograde lasts approx. 3 weeks. But in practice, I find that most Mercury Retrograde related mishaps happen when Mercury slows down to a crawl right before it changes direction – which is only 5-6 days on each end of the retrograde period.

Don’t feel like you have to be on high alert during the entire Mercury Retrograde – that would consume 9-12 weeks of your life every year!

But, pay attention to the warnings below right before and after Mercury changes direction (turns retrograde or direct). For this retrograde period, it’s May 7-14 and May 30 - June 6. 

The "re" activities - review, replan, reconnect - are great during the entire Mercury Retrograde.

What is Mercury Retrograde Shadow Period?

You may have heard of the Mercury Retrograde “shadow”.  These are the Zodiac degrees that Mercury passes through directly at first, than retrogrades over when it u-turns, than passes through again once it resumes a direct course, making a zig-zag.  The shadow period can start two weeks prior to Mercury Retrograde, and end two weeks after Mercury turns direct.

I view the pre-retrograde shadow period as the time to prepare for the retrograde, and the post-retrograde shadow as the time to reflect on any new learnings.

And now onto my tips for making the best of Mercury Retrograde:

Be Prepared for Possible Technology, Communication, or Transportation Problems:

First of all, slow down! Pace of life has been accelerating. Do you skim your email and occasionally miss important details? I know I do!  A big part of me thinks that many Mercury Retrograde related issues are due to our own rushing.

But, just in case:

  • Check fluids in the car and air in the tires
  • Double-check your travel plans; give yourself some extra time to get to your destination
  • Back up data on your phone and computer
  • Remember to charge your phone
  • Review important e-mails, including the distribution list, before you click “Send”! Sending sensitive info to the wrong recipient can easily happen during Mercury Retrograde ☹
  • If you must sign any important documents, read the fine print
  • If buying electronic devices or gadgets, save your warranty. Better yet, comparison-shop for big ticket items (electronics or vehicles) during Mercury Retrograde, and purchase after Mercury goes direct
  • And (borrowed from the art of feng shui), clean all windows and mirrors for clarity of thought and communication.

If You Need to Sign that Contract, Buy that Car, or Start an E-Commerce Business...

Keep in mind these dates:

May 6-15: Mercury is repositioning in the skies, turning retrograde on May 10. Read the fine print and double-check all important plans and documents.

May 19: Mercury sextile Jupiter. A half-decent day for negotiations, contracts and presentations – BUT make sure you read the fine print and proofread your messages! If you started a negotiation on or around April 26-27, you could now have a chance to re-negotiate.

May 21: The Sun conjunct retrograde Mercury. Deep insights about the past 3 months are possible today. This is the only day during Mercury Retrograde when it’s actually good to START something related to communication, contracts, vehicles, electronics, or e-commerce.

May 22:  Mercury retrogrades into Taurus.

May 23: Mercury sextile Mars. A GREAT day for editing, revisions, and other types of rework.

May 25: Mercury trine Pluto. A very good day to schedule a cognitive therapy session, or to get to the bottom of something. Avoid manipulative behaviours though.

May 30 - June 6: Mercury is repositioning in the skies again, preparing to turn direct on June 3. Read the fine print and double-check all important plans and documents.

    Refresh Your Mental Space

    Mercury rules thought patterns and communication, so it's a great time for a clean-up and refresh there: 

    • Delete old email messages, documents/files, and voicemail
    • Unfollow any social media accounts that make you feel “down” or uninspired
    • Re-write unhelpful scripts and stories running through your mind. So yes, maybe you went through two bad relationships in a row….but, does it really make you a failure in the love department? Or, were these relationships an opportunity to refine what you really need in a romantic partner?

    Be intentional. Don’t let your fears create the outcome you don’t want. Visualize a different ending to your story – over and over, and with enough belief.  Use the language of already being there. “And WHEN I get a better paying job (not if – when!), the very first thing I’m going to do is _______”.  Write a social media post – the one you’re going to post a year from now, when you’re living the future you want. Save it and reread it often.  You may very well be posting it for real some time soon 😊

      Rewrite and Edit

      If you are a writer, Mercury Retrograde is a great time for editing your work!


      ...what’s broken – which may be physical items in your home, unhelpful thought patterns, or your relationship with your siblings or neighbours. 

      Mercury Retrograde gives us a wonderful chance to slow down, be more mindful about communication, and to process and integrate the last 3 months of information and experiences.  It's not all that bad! 

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