New Moon in Aries, March 21 2023

Astrologically speaking, the New Moon is the time to set intentions for what you want to attract into your life. Maybe there is a sprinkle of magic that is born at the time the Sun and the Moon come together. Or maybe it's just easier to program your own mind toward your goals at that time. Regardless, setting intentions on a New Moon works, even though it might take a few months.

This New Moon is in Aries, on March 21 10:23 a.m. PDT. It's THE day of the year to let the Universe know that you're ready for healthy assertiveness, making courageous choices in life, and boldly pursuing your goals in life.  

The Sun and the Moon are conjunct Mercury at the time of this New Moon, and Jupiter is close by in Aries, too! That’s a huge boost of confidence-building, take-charge, trail-blasting energy.

You're not limited to the topics I suggest in this post. Setting intentions for anything you want to attract into your life is fair game on a New Moon. But, intentions for the matters ruled by Aries will get an extra boost.

If you're new to working with New Moon energies, you may be interested in my post "Setting Intentions on a New Moon: Why and How".

How To:

  1. Set your intentions soon after the new Moon, within 8 hours if you can (within 24 hours will still work). Set aside about 30 minutes for this.
  1. If you have a red or orange candle (for drive and vitality), you can light it for your intention setting.  And, if you work with crystals, charge a red jasper or a carnelian under this New Moon, for increased confidence and vitality.
  1. Focus on your intentions. Truly FEEL them. Then write them down and keep them. Visualize what it will feel like when you receive what you’re calling into your life. How will it feel when you get your project going and start seeing first successes? What will it feel like when you have had that difficult conversation in a confident and assertive yet productive manner? Then write down your intentions and keep them.

Sample Intentions:

“I want to easily and successfully initiate a new beginning in (area of your life)".

“I want to be able to easily take initiative regarding ___________”

"I want to consistently feel confident and courageous". 

"I want to experience deep, transformational healing around my lack of confidence".

"I want lots of energy and vitality in all areas of my life".

“I want to easily find myself making decisions that are in my own best interests.”

“I want to easily find myself consistently asserting myself in healthy ways”.

“I want to easily find myself taking risks that are beneficial for me”.

“I want to be able to confidently take charge of my life”.

Want to Go Deeper?

I wasn't planning to offer my MoonManifest course again, but I've received so many requests to run another delivery.... to be quite honest, I didn't expect this course to become so popular! On a personal note, it's been very gratifying to hear so much positive feedback.

So yes, I'll run it again. We now have the start date! Your journey into the astrology of manifestation and renewal starts on May 14.  

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28 days of guided learning and insights. 

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- C. from Berlin, Germany

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