Moon Void of Course: Truth or Fiction?

OK, so first of all, the Moon goes void of course at least a couple of times every week, and that's an astrological fact.  The Moon is void of course when she doesn't make any major aspects ( a conjunction, sextile, trine, square or an opposition) before she leaves the sign she is in.

But, is it true that if you start something when the Moon is void of course, nothing will come out of it, as traditional astrological wisdom says? "It will end up being a wasted effort, usually because information needed to make a sound decision is hidden or missing, or has been overlooked.  Your results will not bear fruit".  I no longer have the source of this quote, but I'm sure most astrological sites will tell you something similar.

I'm left-brained.  My Mercury is in Virgo, in trine with Saturn.  Facts facts facts...just give me the facts!  😊

And so I tend to stage astrological experiments. Everything I teach in my workshops is not just out of an astrology textbook.  I share what I've learned through my work as an astrologer. 

And with that, here is my experiment about the void-of-course Moon.

Job Interviews That Led....Where? 

A few years ago I staged an experiment, to test the impact of the void-of-course Moon.

In all fairness, it wasn't a big huge experiment with statistically significant data.

At the time, I was hiring for several job openings in my department. I kept track of the interviews over a 2 year period, to see which ones were happening when the Moon was void of course.

I hired into 5 management positions over 2 years, because the departments kept growing. I interviewed 20 + people in total.

Two of the interviews happened when the Moon was void of course. I had no control over the scheduling: that was the job of our HR department. 

Neither applicant ended in the job.... and not because they did poorly in the interview!  In fact, they both interviewed well, and I offered them the job!  

They didn't take it.  One person had a competing offer on the table, and the other decided that the commute would be too long, after all (this was pre-pandemic and pre-remote work). 

So yes, true to the traditional meaning of the void-of-course Moon, nothing came out of the interviews.  And not just that - it was wasted time and effort ☹️

Back to Traditional Astrology

Sooo, even though it's just one experiment, I agree with what traditional astrology says!  Just to be on the safe side, don't send out your resumes or apply for a bank loan when the Moon is void of course.  Don't go on that important first date either. In other words, if something is really important to you, don't start it during the Void-of-course Moon.

While it's not a good time to INITIATE plans, routine tasks, such as paying your bills, doing your laundry, going to the gym and such are all just fine!

When Moon goes void of course, it's usually a relatively short stretch, from under an hour to a couple of hours. Every now and then, the void-of-course period lasts for several hours or even over a day.

Because the Moon changes signs every 2 to 2.5 days, there can be a couple of void of course periods every week.

Now, on a lighter note, when the Moon is void of course, it just might be our cosmic loophole! It's a great time to make plans you don't want fulfilled, or schedule things you don't want to do.

If you have a, say, an annoying friend who always infringes on your time, next time they text you with a suggestion to go to a painting class you don't want to do, say yes when the moon is void of course! Ideally however, you will also be working on setting boundaries....

Like they say, to everything there is a season! Void-of-course Moons offer benefits, too 😉

If you want to learn more about practical astro-timing, I teach it (and so much more!) in my course, MoonManifest.  

How Do I Know if the Moon is Void of Course? 

There are many free apps you can download. I like this one, because it also allows you to keep track of the New Moon. 

If you have a favourite app you'd like to share, by all means post in comments (your email address will not be published). 

Lesson from my Course, MoonManifest: 

This post is based on one of the lessons from my course, MoonManifest. If you're reading this post, chances are, you're a savvy person! You are open to outside the box solutions to help you build the life you want.  And if that's you, then my course is for you!


Lesson 9: Moon Void-of-Course 


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