Astrology Reading:  Your Career or Business

Astrology Reading: Your Career or Business

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IMPORTANT:  Please provide your date, time and place of birth in "A Note to Seller" on the checkout page. If you have any specific questions, please include them as well.

This reading will provide insights into your career or business potential, and highlight the time periods that will be particularly beneficial for your career or business. It will cover a 3 year span, from today’s date.

What will help or hinder you in building a successful career or business? What kind of a career or business is most suitable for you? Should you invest your efforts in getting your business or career going now, or wait for a more opportune time? Is that promotion coming soon? What about a new job?

Option 1: Written Report - includes: 

  1.  A natal report "Just for Women", which describes the gifts and potential roadblocks you bring to your career. In addition to your professional potential, it also covers your love life, your financial potential, and much more! An average report is 30 pages. For men, an "Astrotalk" report will be provided instead.

  2. A 3-year predictive forecast written by me. What's in the stars? 3 pages on average.

  3.   "Your Personal Best Dates for Work and Career" - a 2 month planner. Those are the dates each month that luck is on your side, your metal powers are at their sharpest, and you have the drive and energy to move the world.

Option 2: A Live Reading With Me - includes: 

  1. A natal  report (the same as option 1) - sent via email

  2. "Your Personal Best Dates for Work and Career" (the same as option 1) - sent via email

  3. But, instead of the written predictive forecast, we will talk about the upcoming energies for your work and career in person. It's a far richer option, because it allows you to ask questions. If you'd like me to look at the relocation options that can boost your professional life  (astrocartogrpahy), we can do that too!  A recording of the reading will be sent to you. 

A live reading, 60 minutes, is provided via Zoom, Skype or phone (for the US and Canada).  You can select the date an time convenient for you here.  

ALL READINGS ARE OFFERED FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. You are solely responsible for any decisions you make based on the reading.  By ordering a reading you confirm that you are at least 18 years of age, and that you release me of any and all liability.