Tarot Reading:  Future or Current Pregnancy

Tarot Reading: Future or Current Pregnancy

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IMPORTANT:  Please provide (1) your date of birth; (2) your questions, if any in "A Note to Your Order" on the checkout page.  

Whether you're trying to start a family or are already pregnant, this reading is for you. It can be customized: by all means let me know if you have a specific question you’d like me to focus on.

Choose from two options:

1. Trying to Conceive.

This detailed reading will look into what will happen in the next 6-12 months. Are you pregnant by then? Is there a baby soul around you, and if yes, what will your baby be like? We will also look into possible obstacles, what you can do about them, and what would help.

2. Pregnancy - Expecting a Baby

Such an exciting time, but it also comes with many worries. We will look into the pregnancy by trimester, your partner’s feelings, your feelings and needs, advice from the cards for you, and the personality of your child. What will you give this child as a parent, and what will she or he give you?

IMPORTANT: This reading is not a substitute for medical advice.

I will e-mail the reading to you within 24-72 hours. Should there be an unexpected delay, I will send you an e-mail to let you know.

NOTE: Tarot cards will show you a likely outcome: what will happen if you continue on the course you are on now. They give you information and advice to consider, and often offer valuable insights about your situation. Most times, you can alter the outcome by altering the course.

ALL READINGS OFFERED FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. By ordering a reading you confirm that you are at least 18 years of age.  You are solely responsible for how you interpret the reading. I take no responsibility for individual interpretation or action. Not to be used in place of professional advice whether legal, medical, business or financial.