Eclipses 2024 and You


It was February 1999, and I was sitting in the kitchen staring at the phone, feeling like my world was shattering around me, in slow motion.  I just found out that my husband was having an affair. 

Unbeknownst to me (I hadn't started working with eclipses yet), there was a Lunar Eclipse that fell onto my natal Moon, followed by a Solar Eclipse that opposed by natal Sun, that very month.

And wow, what followed was a wild ride that changed my life in incredible and unexpected ways…

So, Eclipses! 

Generally, there are 4 eclipses every year, and if they hit your natal chart just right, they can bring a very eventful year.  Eclipses are "wild cards" in astrology.  They can bring unexpected events that the Universe serves us, whether we like them or not.

But if a change comes into your life under the eclipse energy, the Universe is redirecting you on the path that is for your own greater good.

Solar Eclipses tend to bring new beginnings, and Lunar Eclipses may end things, to clear space for something new. One thing about them is what they bring is mostly unexpected. Eclipses can also speed up events that seem far in the future. 

If there is an area in your life that feels stuck, an eclipse connecting with your natal chart can get you unstuck big time! 

This post is about impacts of an eclipse on us as individuals. For 2023-2025 eclipses in Aries-Libra and their global impacts, read this post.

Eclipses Open a Powerful Portal!

An eclipse season is a very powerful portal for those who are not afraid of some risk-taking.

If you set intentions on a New Moon, quantum leaps are possible when this New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse. But, the energies are also very unpredictable, and your desires may be fulfilled in an unexpected and turbulent way. 

Sure, eclipses (especially Lunar eclipses) can close a chapter in your life.  And that can feel shocking and uncomfortable.  But, they also open a portal to another, deeply transformative opportunity. If you ride the powerful wave of an eclipse, you can find yourself “travelling through time” – bringing your desired future to you much faster than you ever thought possible. This is particularly true for North Node eclipses.

    Back to My Story...

    That phone I was looking at in my kitchen? I dialed my friend and told her about my discovery.

    "Well, are you dancing around your kitchen, leaping with joy?", she asked.  "That's your ticket out of your marriage!"

    You see, my marriage was very difficult, and there were times I was worried about my physical safety. But, every time I tried to leave him, he'd threaten suicide. 

    Ironically, the opportunity was now served to me, even if in a dramatic fashion.

    I was still learning astrology at that time, building my understanding of my own natal chart. I had discovered my Mars was in fiery Leo, next to my natal Sun. Someone who can be strong and confident. “Me??” I thought, at the time.  “Is it possible that I could be that person?” (But, my journey through my natal chart is another story).

    Anyhow, if I was ever to connect with that take-charge energy, now was the time. “Our marriage is over,” I said.

    We travelled back to our home country and got a quick divorce.

    The same very eclipse fell onto my ex-husband's natal Venus in the 12th House. "A secret coming out into the open".  

    A couple of months later, midnight calls started, asking me to take him back. HIs new relationship wasn't working out.  

    My bank account was only going to sustain me for a month, I was frantically looking for a higher-paying job, and I was scared that my ex would become unhinged.  

    But this time, I stuck to my guns.  I wasn't going to take him back.

    And... you know what? The eclipses weren't done with me just yet! That very year, there was another Solar Eclipse, in August, that fell onto my natal Sun.

    I met someone else.  The love of my life who is now my husband. By the end of the year, we were engaged, after a whirlwind, epic romance. 

    And just like that, one door closed and another opened. I felt like I fell through a magic portal. Timelines collapsed.  What felt like an impossible dream became possible - within 6 months! I tumbled through time and space, and landed in a field of sunshine and rainbows, so welcome after the frozen landscape of my first marriage. 

    And that's just it!  That is the energy of eclipses, in a nutshell. One door closes, and another door - no, not a door! a powerful portal! - opens.

      Who Should Pay Particular Attention to This Year's Eclipses:

      First of all, we all are affected by an eclipse to a degree. If you find yourself edgier than usual, and your decision-making not as reliable, it’s because eclipses pack a powerful punch of de-stabilizing energy. In fact, common astrological wisdom is to avoid making any major decisions the week before and after an eclipse.

      New information might come to light after, that would change the course you’re on.

      But, if you see your birthdate mentioned below, 2024 could be a particularly important year in your life: 

      1 - March 25, 2024 at 12:00 PDT:  Lunar Eclipse at 5° Libra (South Node)

      Particularly impactful for:

      • those born on March 23-28 and Sept. 25 - 30
      • if you have personal planets or angles (Ascendant, Descendant, MC or IC) between 3-7° Aries or Libra.

      2 - April 8, 2024 at 11:21 a.m. PDT: Solar Eclipse at 19° Aries (North Node)

      Particularly impactful for:

      • those born on April 6-12 and October 9-15
      • if you have personal planets or angles between 17-21° Aries or Libra

      3 - September 1, 2024 at 7:34 p.m. PDT: Lunar Eclipse at 25° Pisces (North Node)

      Particularly impactful for:

      • those born on  March 13-18 and Sept. 16-21
      • if you have personal planets/angles between 23-27° Pisces or Virgo

      4 - October 2, 2024, at 11:49 a.m. PDT:  Solar Eclipse at 10° Libra (South Node)

      Particularly impactful for:

      • those born on March 28 - April 3 and September 30 - October 6
      • if you have personal planets/angles between 8-12° Aries or Libra

      If see your birthdate mentioned in this post, this might be a good year to have a reading.


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