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Live Astrology Reading

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If you have specific questions about your life or your natal chart, this reading is a great option. You may be wondering about your financial, career, or love potential. Or you may be on a spiritual quest, wanting to know what your chart says about your life purpose or your shadow side. Or, you might want to explore some of the areas in your natal chart in-depth. Or wondering what the next year will bring.

Clients Say:

"I just had the most amazing reading by Daria. Her info was so spot on, it was unbelievable:

My chart shows that I am in the right career: Body/Mind work (which explains why I have always loved my work)💖

There was to be a life changing event in my life (why I moved to Las Vegas) 🎲

I am accident prone (broken leg, meniscus surgery & broken wrist within 10 months) 😫

And so much more which has explained a lot about my past and present life and even into the future.

Plus now I understand when planets line up in particular astrological signs, how it will affect me.

I highly recommend Daria's reading. Not only will you learn about your life but you will be able to use these tools to help you stay on track".

ALL READINGS ARE OFFERED FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. You are solely responsible for any decisions you make based on the reading.  By ordering a reading you confirm that you are at least 18 years of age, and that you release me of any and all liability.