Aquarius Season: 5 Things to Try

The Sun is in Aquarius as of Jan. 20 2024 6:07 a.m. PST. Happy Birthday Season to all my Aquarius readers! 

And, Pluto re-enters Aquarius on the same day, Jan. 20.  In fact, the Sun and Pluto conjoin in Capricorn just hours before they both move into Aquarius.  The skies are brimming with the energy of raw power! 

I love that astrology keeps us connected with the cosmic energy cycles. There is a time to plan your goals for the year and to engage with your ambitions for your life - Capricorn Season. And then, innovative, "marching to your own drummer" energies of Aquarius Season set in, asking us to consider our unique gifts and strengths.

Some things to try to connect with the energy of Aquarius Season:

1– Celebrate Your Uniqueness!  

It always amazes me how unique each birth chart is. We all are born with our unique gifts (and also some lessons to work through). “Don’t try to compete with others on their terms”, says Aquarius. “If fitting in means you need to twist yourself inside out – do you really want it?”

And, as far as accomplishments in life, do you "keep up with the Joneses" or follow your own path?

I remember a conversation I had once with a high-powered VP, about selection criteria for senior positions. “It’s all about the fit,” she said. “About skillsets, too. But, mostly the fit. How well you can work with the team”.  You may be a poor fit for one company, and a great fit for another.  Your spouse #1 might think you’re a cold fish. Your spouse #2 might think you’re the most amazing, fun, passionate partner one can find.

And all the while, you’re the same person, with the same skills and attributes. (But, as far as relationships go, different people pull out different energies from our birth chart - we can in fact feel like a different person in a new relationship! Birth chart comparison - synastry - can tell you a lot about your romantic or professional relationship).

Sometimes we have the freedom of choice, and sometimes we don’t. But, if you do… “Don’t stay where you’re tolerated. Go where you’re a great fit, and you’re celebrated” – says Aquarian energy. Celebrate what makes you YOU! And then find your tribe. They are “your people”. 

2- Branding, Rebranding, and Shifting Perspectives

And while we’re on the subject….brands are not just for companies or businesses.

We all develop our personal “brand” overtime – or others create it on our behalf! 

Give some thought to your unique skills and attributes, and what you want to be seen as or known for.  At work, manage your professional “brand”. 

One example from my professional career. Someone who reported to me was seen as the weak link by the executive team, and his job was in jeopardy. While not stellar, he had his strengths. He just wasn’t highlighting the right ones! He wanted to be good at strategy and marketed himself as a strategic thinker, but that was not where he shone. (Make sure that you actually have the skills to back up your brand!)  I “rebranded” him by adding “….and he is so good in crisis!” every time his name came up. 

In about six months, people’s perception of him changed. His performance was the same as before, but people now saw him through a different lens. When he handled yet another emergency well, that was what people around him noticed.

Words have power.  Perspectives can be changed. It’s never too late to “rebrand…” 😊

3 – Try Something New

Uranus and Aquarius are about change.

If you feel stuck in life, there is stale, stagnant energy hanging around. Try to symbolically break it, to make it easier for new opportunities and beginnings to come into your life. One small change can energetically invite more fresh energy, until the momentum builds. 

Change one thing in your daily routine. It might be a new breakfast food. A new route to work. A new fitness routine.

Or, break the stale energy with sound. Go from room to room and make some loud noise! Bang on a kitchen pot or clap your hands loudly. You may feel a little silly doing this – but, if you have kids or grandkids, they will love doing this with you. You’re breaking the stagnant energy, inviting the flow of new opportunities.

Be intentional about it. You may wish to say, “I’m now breaking all routines that don’t serve me, and inviting positive change into my life”.

4 – Try a New App

Uranus and Aquarius are about technology. The pace of technological change has been steadily increasing. Schedule one thing this season that helps you stay current. Try a new app. Learn one new feature of the apps that you already have, that you’re not using. 

5 – Network

Through their association with the 11th House, Uranus and Aquarius are also about networking. Foster social and professional connections this month. Connect with someone new!

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