Astrology of August 2021

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August is another month that starts with some tense energies, but then the “planetary weather” improves quite a bit after August 6.

The Sun is in its own sign (Leo) through August 22nd, Mercury is in its own sign (Virgo) from August 11th-30th, and Venus is in its own sign (Libra) from August 16th – so their power is strengthened. 

Once the first week of August is behind us, we have many harmonious planetary connections gifting us with the overall feeling of flow and confidence. Enjoy!

Instability and Uncertainty: Sun and Mercury in Leo trigger the Saturn-Uranus Square

Before we get there though….

From August 1 to August 6 yet again there is a lot of tension (a T-square) in Fixed signs: the Sun and Mercury in Leo first oppose Saturn (restrictions, obstacles) on Aug. 1-2, and then square Uranus (change) between Aug. 3-6.  This yet again sets off the Saturn-Uranus square – one of the key energies of 2021. Personal space and independence are themes the first week of August. You might also find yourself butting heads with authority figures in your life. Hard work pays off, but it’s not the best time to sign deals, launch e-commerce, or advance your position.

While vaccinations are progressing at a good pace and hope is on the upswing in many countries, there are also accelerating concerns about the variants.  2021 continues to be the year of major uncertainty. Travelling to see your loved ones, but you’ve mixed the vaccines? Well….the world doesn’t seem to agree at the moment on what’s considered “fully vaccinated”. And new lockdowns? Will this pandemic be ever fully behind us?

This sense of global instability and uncertainty is picking up at the moment, but thankfully for a short duration. It will return one more time, for a longer period, in November and December of 2021.

If This is Your Birthday Month: 

If your birthday is July 31 to August 9 this year, the energy pattern between the Sun, Saturn and Uranus will get locked in your Solar Return chart (your temporary chart for the year ahead) for approx. 12 months following your birthday. It may be the year of big changes and new or increased responsibilities. When I see a Sun-Uranus square in a Solar Return chart, I always recommend to review your life for areas that have become stale. Initiate positive change, instead of waiting for people or circumstances to disrupt your life.

And if your birthday is Aug. 18-22, you will be benefitting from the lucky, expansive energy of the Sun-Jupiter opposition.

With so many positive planetary connections this month, I have lots of good news to share with Leos and Virgos, about your upcoming 12 months! 

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New Moon in Leo: Aug. 8 2021

After August 6, there are some big highlights to August.

It all starts with a New Moon in Leo, on Aug. 8 6:50 a.m. PDT. This New Moon is at the tail end of tense Uranus energies, inviting us to consider if our life has become stale in some respects. Is energizing change in order?

This New Moon also makes a great connection to Mercury (communication, thought patterns). It’s a great day to shake yourself out of the thought patterns and paradigms that don’t serve you, and to set intentions for more joy, freedom and creativity in your life. The Leo Season is one of the most generous, open-hearted, and warm energies of the year – and they are concentrated on the day of the New Moon in Leo.

And an Auspicious Full Moon in Aquarius (Again): Aug. 22 2021!

On August 22 we have a 2nd Full Moon in Aquarius. This is a highly auspicious Full Moon because it is conjunct Jupiter. Every time we have two New or Full Moons in the same sign (and it doesn’t happen very often), the Universe is giving us another chance to make things right. Themes of interconnectedness, use of technology, and following the crowd versus standing firm in your own beliefs are all highlighted on this Full Moon.

Mercury: Communication, Legal Contracts, Vehicles, Electronics and E-Commerce

If you’ve been waiting to sign some legal contracts, buy a vehicle or an electronic device, launch your blog or your e-commerce site – sit out Aug. 1- 6, and then act with confidence.

Mercury is in Leo until Aug. 10, inviting us to employ our powers of persuasion. It moves into Virgo on Aug. 11, and the vibe of communication changes to practical and detail oriented.

Important dates for Mercury-related pursuits:

Aug 10: Mercury in Leo opposes Jupiter. A great day for communication activities, and especially for a presentation where you need to persuade your audience (such as a sales pitch).  If you need to sign a legal contract or close a big sales deal, this is an auspicious day as well, but watch for overconfidence. 

Aug. 18: Mercury and Mars conjoin in Virgo. It’s a super-energetic day for detail-oriented activities, such as research or analytical presentations. Focus on data and facts if you want to make a big impression.

Aug. 20: Mercury trines Uranus. A great day for a brainstorming session or innovative ideas in your everyday life.

Aug. 24: Mercury opposes Neptune. A good day for creative writers; the rest of us might experience some mental fog.  Not the best day for legal contracts, purchases of electronics or vehicles, or important presentations at work (unless you’re in a creative field).

Aug. 26: Mercury trines Pluto. An amazing day to schedule a coaching session or a counselling appointment. Deep insights and breakthroughs are likely.

Mercury will move into Libra on Aug. 29, highlighting collaboration and diplomacy until Nov. 5. Mercury will stay in Libra for nearly 10 weeks, because it will go retrograde on Sept. 29.

Venus: Love, Money and Personal Values

Venus makes some great planetary connections in August, making it a good month for romance, marriages, finances, cosmetic procedures, beauty treatments, and buying and selling art and jewelry.

The month starts off with Venus in Virgo, but she then enters her own sign, Libra, on Aug. 15. Venus in Virgo is health-oriented, so it’s a great time to try natural skincare and cosmetics. 

Key dates:

Aug. 2/3: Venus trines Uranus. Do you need to make some changes in your love life or finances?

Aug. 9: Venus opposes Neptune. We may not look at relationships realistically today. If going on a first date, not everything might be as it seems – but the enchantment factor could run high.

Aug. 11: Venus trines Pluto. Oooh! The soulmate energy. A very good day for a first date, or to reconnect with your significant other.

Aug. 23: Venus trines Saturn. If you’re looking for a long-term, stable and committed relationship with a love interest (or your money!), Aug. 22-23 are two good days to approach your love interest or a financial advisor.

Career Matters:

Building a successful career can sure take some effort!  So it helps to know the days supportive of career undertakings:

Aug. 1- 6: don’t challenge your boss. Clashes with authority are likely this week, and your proposals may not be well received.

Aug. 8/9 – whether it’s an elevator pitch or an informal interview, studies show that people will judge you on competence…and warmth! And you know what…likeability can trump competence, at least as the initial impression. If you are an analytical type great with data and numbers, but you are looking for a leadership position, use the energies of the New Moon in Leo to project more warmth. 

Aug. 11: Mercury enters Virgo. And speaking about data….how do you use it for making business or work-related decisions? Data and stats are a powerful ally in presentations and interviews.

Venus and Moon in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn on the same day. Aug. 11 is an excellent date for productivity, planning or any work and career-related activities.

Aug. 15: Venus enters Libra at 9:27 p.m. PDT. Time to network!

Aug. 18: Mercury conjoins Mars in Virgo. Mental energy – and attention to detail – soars. Work on your budget proposals and analyze your business trends (is that advertisement campaign paying off? What is the cost per customer acquired?)

Aug. 20: Mercury trines Uranus. Aug. 19/20 are to great days for a brainstorming session.

Aug. 23: Venus trines Saturn. Could you benefit from a mentor at work, someone who is willing to share the wealth of their experience?

Aug. 24: Mercury opposes Neptune. A high chance of mental fog. If you’re in the creative field though, this could be a good day for creativity!

Aug. 26: Mercury trines Pluto. Aug. 25/26 are two great days to gain deep insights into people’s motivations. What drives your boss? Your important co-workers? Is your motivation aligned with theirs?

Aug. 29: Mercury enters Libra. Practice collaborative language. Not “but” – “and”. “What an interesting point of view. I haven’t thought of <the work issue> from this perspective. And…I’m just wondering…if we went that way, how could we best address our customers’ needs?” (Not “but we would be ignoring our customer’s needs if we went that way” 😊)

Daily Planner:

Aug 1: Mercury and the Sun oppose Saturn. Others may misunderstand what you mean and oppose you. Express your point of view as clearly as you can. Challenging authority figures in your life can misfire.

Aug. 2: Venus trines Uranus. Do you need to make some changes in your romantic matters or finances?  

Aug. 6: Sun squares Uranus. We crave personal freedom and can “rebel” in an unhelpful manner.

Aug. 8: New Moon in Leo! Set intentions for more joy, creativity, leadership advancement in your career, success in performing arts, and an improved relationship with your children.

Aug. 9: Venus opposes Neptune. It’s difficult to see things clearly in romance or finances today.

Aug. 10: Mercury opposes Jupiter. An excellent day for an important contract, presentation, or a sales pitch. Charge a turquoise ring or pendant to speak your truth with confidence.

Aug. 9-10 (Pacific Time): The waxing Moon in Virgo makes a series of excellent planetary connections. Introduce a healthy change into your life. It’s also two great days to acquire a pet.

Aug. 11: Mercury enters Virgo.  Between Aug. 11- 29, organize your files (or your bookkeeping), do detail-oriented work, and for those anxiety-prone, practice mindfulness techniques.

Aug. 15: Venus enters Libra. Network, collaborate, and beautify your home. Venus stays in Libra until Sept. 10.

Aug. 17: The Moon in Sagittarius trines the Sun in Leo. Its last aspect, before leaving Sagittarius, is a sextile to lucky Jupiter. A great, optimistic day, with the energies supportive of many types of pursuits. 

Aug. 18: Mercury conjoins Mars. A great day for communication-related activities.

Aug. 19: Sun opposes Jupiter. A lucky, optimistic day. Charge a citrine for luck.

Later the same day, Uranus turns retrograde. Which area(s) of your life have become stale and could use a radical makeover?

Aug. 20: Mercury trines Uranus. A great day for a brainstorming session, or to find innovative solutions to stubborn problems. Try a new perspective on things.

Aug. 22: Full Moon in Aquarius – again! (We had a Full Moon in Aquarius in July). This is a relatively rare occurrence, giving us a strong nudge to celebrate our uniqueness, consider how we fit into the larger fabric of today’s society, and to follow our own truth. Societal fads come and go. Find your own North Star. And if you tend to be a loner, this is a fantastic Full Moon to release all tendencies to aloofness and to invite warmth and joy into your life. It’s a very auspicious Full Moon too, with the Moon conjunct lucky Jupiter.

Aug. 22: Sun enters Virgo. The Virgo Season is our celestial reminder to make a healthy change to our lifestyle or diet, clean out physical and emotional clutter, and be of service to others.

Aug. 23: Venus trines Saturn. If you’re looking for a long-term, stable and committed relationship with a love interest (or your money), Aug. 22-23 are two good days to approach your love interest or a financial advisor.

Aug. 22-23: a healing waning Moon in Pisces. Make some Moon water to help with a restful night’s sleep.

Aug. 24: Mercury opposes Neptune. A high chance of mental fog, but a great day for creative writers.

Aug. 29/30: Mercury enters Libra. It becomes easier to collaborate and enlist the help of others.

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