Astrology of June 2021

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Well…in truth, June is not the easiest month astrologically. Mercury is retrograde for the first three weeks and we’re in the eclipse season. Saturn and Uranus are about to lock horns again on June 14.  But, we’ve been through much worse – last year alone! As always, there is a silver lining. First of all, June brings some excellent energies for spiritual pursuits, reflection and going within. The first three weeks are great for all things “re”: re-plan, reconnect, rethink, review, revisit.

Another big plus is that Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and personal values, is very well positioned this month.

Mercury Retrograde May 29-June 22

The month kicks off with Mercury in the early stages of going retrograde. Miscommunications and transportation and technology problems tend to rear their ugly head in 3-4 days before and after Mercury changes direction. Mercury slows down to a crawl at that time, preparing to reposition in the skies.  Mercury went retrograde on May 29, so build some extra time (and patience) into your schedule May 30-June 3. And then again between June 18-June 27. Mercury will be turning direct on June 22.

Three days before Mercury went retrograde, my husband’s cell phone and our coffee maker both died the same morning, beyond repair. In all fairness, both were pretty old. Still, it made for a frazzled morning 😊 But you know what? We dusted off our old French press, and it made an absolutely delicious cup of old world coffee. And, my husband is getting a state-of-the-art phone for Father’s Day (great for me, because I started to run out of ideas, and our daughter is still too young). He decided he could use a few weeks of a digital detox, anyway! Mercury Retrograde can force us to slow down and enjoy the slower, simpler pace of life – and there is a lot to be said for it!

Still, when a planet goes retrograde, it’s not the best time to initiate undertakings ruled by that planet. So if you can hold off buying electronics or vehicles, signing important contracts, or starting an e-commerce business, do! Wait until Mercury is direct again.  It’s not that your undertaking will be unsuccessful, but you could have some miscommunication, challenges and mishaps to push through.

It’s a fantastic time though to tie up loose ends, review your plans for the next few months, re-plan that outdated project plan at work, edit your manuscript, and for those who journal – journal journal journal!

Eclipse Season

So that’s Mercury Retrograde. The other big thing happening in June is the eclipse season. It started with the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26. Another eclipse – a Solar Eclipse in Gemini – is in store for us on June 10. Eclipse energy is destabilizing, so don’t feel surprised if you feel extra edgy for 3-4 days leading to the eclipse. If tempers around you start to flare, wait for the eclipse to pass. The tense energies tend to dissipate within 24-48 hours following the eclipse, so you will be able to approach the situation from a much calmer perspective (and so will those around you).

Traditionally, astrologers warn not to make any major decisions or start any big important undertakings the week before and after the eclipse. Our decision making might be clouded leading up to the eclipse, but also, new information often comes to light a few days before or after the eclipse, that changes the course of what we’re about to do. Interestingly, I’ve found it to be very true, in my own life and for many of my clients!

While the eclipse on June 19th is a North Node eclipse (and North Node eclipses usually bring opportunities), it can also bring a lot of confusion.  It is tightly conjunct Mercury retrograde, and it is square Neptune. Beware of things that seem too good to be true, and do your due diligence.

Not Done with Retrogrades Just Yet! Jupiter and Neptune Go Retrograde

While all of us need to pay attention to the retrogrades of Mercury, Venus and Mars, when the outer planets go retrograde, the effects are more subtle. There are two circumstances when you would feel their impacts: (1) they connect with your own natal chart in a meaningful way; and (2) you’re planning a new start in the “domain” represented by that planet.  When the planet is retrograde, its energy is not as easily accessible, and so the success of your undertaking might be hampered. The 2 days right before and after the planet changes direction are the most vulnerable time, and should be avoided if you can.

Jupiter will be retrograde June 20 to October 17. Its domain is publishing, international trade, long-distance travel, and formal education. So it’s not good idea to start new Jupiter-related activities between June 17-23 and then again between October 14-21.  The outcome might not be what you expect it to be. If you’re getting ready to publish your book, wait for just a few days, and your chances of a best-seller just might be increased 😊 

Neptune goes retrograde on June 25. Now, Neptune Retrograde actually has a lot of upsides, but that deserves its own post. For now, a few words of caution:  between June 22-28, don’t leave any faucets unattended (you might cause a flood), don't overindulge in drugs or alcohol (you could miscalculate your tolerance levels), and don't go for any offers that seem to good to be true.

Venus: Love, Money and Personal Values

Ahhh….Venus moves into emotional and protective Cancer on June 2. While there, it will connect favourably with Jupiter and Neptune, which brings a very lovely dimension and offsets some of the more challenging energies in June. While we might suffer from the jumpiness and communication challenges brought on by Mercury Retrograde and the eclipse season, June is still a very good month for romantic matters. 

Some dates to keep in mind:

June 3- Venus trines Jupiter. June 2-3 make an excellent couple of days to go on a first date, because this optimistic, “we make each other feel like a million bucks” energy will be one of the main energies of your relationship. Just be prepared for some communication challenges since this date is too close to the start of Mercury Retrograde.

June 12-13: Venus squares Chiron and sextiles Uranus. If you’re looking for a satisfying fling that opens up some old relationship wounds but also helps them heal, schedule your first date here 😊

June 21 – Venus trines Neptune. Awww this is pure magic!  There is also an auspicious planetary alignment, a Grand Water Trine.  If you’re looking for moonlight and roses with a good pinch of sexiness thrown in, approach your romantic interest on this date. All of these fantastic energies will become a part of your relationship. Well, as long as you don't mind that Mercury is about to turn direct, so you would have to keep an eye on the communication between you two staying clear and direct. 

Full Moon in Capricorn, June 24 11:40 a.m. PDT

Finally! For the first time in quite a while, this Full Moon in Capricorn is free from the intense Pluto energy.  Yes, Pluto is still in Capricorn, but for a change it falls 23 degrees away from this Full Moon. Its transformative - and often dark - energy doesn't colour it at all. Phew! By the time this Full Moon sails along, the energies of this June will start improving - and it's on the upswing from there. 

Other Auspicious Dates:

June 3: Venus trines Jupiter, the Moon is waning in Pisces for part of the day.  A good day to let go of toxic emotions and especially of old romantic hurts; be prepared that tears and anger both might flow easily.

June 6-7: The Moon is waning in Taurus, connecting favourably with many planets until June 8, 8:07 a.m. PDT.  In electional astrology, this is considered a good time to “buy low” or to find bargains that will appreciate over time.

June 21: As mentioned, this date brings a fantastic planetary alignment, a Grand Water Trine. It’s a good day for artistic or spiritual pursuits, as well as romance – as long as you don’t mind that Mercury (communication) is not well positioned on this date.

June 23: Sun in Cancer trines Jupiter in Pisces. Make a good luck charm or charge a citrine for luck. 

Key Cautions: 

June 5: Retrograde Mercury squares Neptune. Mental fog.

June 5: Mars in Cancer is opposite Pluto in Capricorn

This is an angry, volatile energy. Avoid dark places and dangerous people just in case. If someone in your immediate environment has an anger management problem, don’t engage them on June 4-5.

Mars moves into Leo on June 11, but doesn’t make any significant planetary connections until July.

June 13: Sun square Neptune. Low energy day.

June 14: Saturn-Uranus Square

The Saturn-Uranus square is the dominant planetary signature of this year, peaking 3 times. In June, we will be heading into peak #2.  Saturn is about the status quo, and Uranus is about change. When the two come together, there can be some shake-ups.  Considering Saturn is in Aquarius and Uranus is in Taurus, the shake-ups might affect the financial or technology sector and government structures. There may also be some supply-and-demand imbalances or social disturbances.

We will feel the build-up of this energy starting late May, and it will continue throughout the entire June.

What can I tell you... June is packed to the brim with impactful planetary energies! 

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