Astrology of June 2022

This month’s forecast is abbreviated and written in beautiful Hawaii! Big bright stars are winking at me through the gently swaying palm trees…my daughter and husband are snoring sweetly, getting rested for another day of beautiful sunshine…no downsides ;-)

June Overview:

After the unsettled energy of the May eclipse season overlapping with Mercury Retrograde, we're heading into a much calmer month.

Mercury comes out of retrograde on June 3, but remember that most Mercury-retrograde related mishaps tend to happen 3-4 days before and after it changes direction. Read all the fine print and be diligent about saving important files until the second week of June.  

Jupiter and Mars are both in Aries in June, which boosts initiative, courage and enterprising new starts. But, it can also boost military action – after all, Mars is the god of war.  The Russia-Ukraine situation is on my mind as I’m writing this.

And, Mars makes an explosive connection with Pluto late in the month. We will start feeling the energy on June 29, with the two planets connecting in a square (a tense face-off) on July 1.  We have about 3 of the tense Mars-Pluto connections a year, and every time violence seems to erupt somewhere in the world. (The last one was a conjunction, when Russia started the military action in the Ukraine).

If you have personal planets or angles (Ascendant, Descendant, IC or DC) between 25-29 degrees Capricorn, Cancer, Aries or Libra, you might have some turbulence visiting you for a few days.  If your natal Mars or Sun falls within the degrees I mention, stay away from dark places and volatile people between June 29 – July 2. Better safe than sorry!

Now that we got the key challenging energy of this month out of the way…June offers several lovely highlights. 

The second week of June is FANTASTIC for writers, anyone in communication-related fields, networking and just good plain old socializing! The Moon, Sun and Saturn all in Air signs form a very beneficial energy flow between June 9 10:08 a.m. to June 10 10:27 a.m. PDT. It’s what’s called an “opportunity period” – when the planetary connections are particularly easy-flowing, aiding most undertakings, but especially communication and social networks. If you have an important communication project to get off the ground, this would be a very good timeframe. 

On June 15-16, the Sun is challenged by Neptune. It’s a good energy for artists, but for everyone else, it may be a low-energy day. Don’t plan anything super ambitious, because a Sun-Neptune square can also erode our ability to see things clearly. For all the empaths out there, you may want to work with a protective crystal to shield your energy.

For those working on healing, June 18 4:01 p.m to June 20 5:01 p.m. offers a very healing period, with the waning Moon in Pisces making many favourable connections. Carve out some time to journal, meditate, or to go for a nice long swim if you can.  Do your best to go to bed early and get an extra hour of sleep. Deep healing and profound intuitive insights are possible on these days.

Saturn Retrograde: 

Saturn’s annual retrograde starts on June 4, and continues until Oct. 23. When Saturn goes retrograde, it encourages us to consider how we view responsibility and commitment. Do we take on too much? Or do we shirk our fair share? Are we all work and no play? Or the opposite?

Where are you limiting yourself? Where is fear preventing you from trying new things?

And which areas of your life need more discipline and structure? 

Some of these questions will be particularly important for Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio and Taurus - the signs that will feel this year’s Saturn retrograde the most. Or if your personal planets or the angles are in between 18-25 degrees of these signs. What came into your awareness since October 2021? You will now have a chance to make course corrections, if needed. 

Neptune is another planet turning retrograde in June - on June 27 - but more on that in a later post.

Full Moon in Sagittarius: June 14 4:52 a.m. PDT

If you’re prone to FOMO, it’s a great Full Moon to get rid of it! No, the grass is not always greener on the other side…😉 

New Moon in Cancer: June 28 7:52 p.m. PDT

This New Moon is well positioned overall. It squares Jupiter, which can prompt some over-optimism. Venus is sextile Jupiter as well, which makes this New Moon a great time to set intentions for a successful home purchase.  If you are prone to emotional eating, set intentions for healthy eating habits. And if your relationship with your Mom is strained, it’s a great New Moon to ask for improvements there.

Mercury: Communication, Legal Contracts, Vehicles, Electronics and E-Commerce

Mercury turns direct on June 3, but it will be slow moving until June 8. Save important communication, contracts, vehicle or electronic purchases, and travel arrangements until June 9.

Key Dates (Pacific to Eastern Time. Note we will start feeling the energy for 1-2 days in advance of these dates).

June 1-8: Mercury is repositioning in the skies, turning direct on June 3. Read the fine print and double-check all important plans and documents.

June 10: Mercury trine Pluto. A very good day to schedule a cognitive therapy session, or to get to the bottom of something. Avoid manipulative behaviours though. If there was any important communication on or around May 25, it can now be revisited.

June 13: Mercury re-enters Gemini. Be ready for the communication pace to pick up, and for information floodgates to reopen.  It can be difficult to quieten the mind a couple of days before and after. Practice grounding, meditation, and turn off your electronic devices an hour before your bedtime.

June 20: Mercury sextile Jupiter. An excellent day for negotiations, contracts and presentations.  If you started a negotiation on or around May 19, it can now come to fruition with good results.

Venus: Love, Beauty, and Personal Values

Venus spends the first 3 weeks of June in Taurus, where she is well positioned. But, if you’re thinking of cosmetic surgery or another major beautification adventure, sit out June 10-11: you might get some unexpected results.

June 17-18 wouldn’t be a good choice either. 

Key Dates for Love and Romance (Pacific to Eastern time)

June 11: Venus conjunct Uranus. What changes do you need to make in your love life or finances? Unexpected surprises are possible.  For those in relationships, there may be a sudden desire for refreshing change, or for more personal space.

June 18: Venus squares Saturn and sextiles Neptune. If any feelings of unworthiness crop up, go easy on yourself! Practice self-compassion.

June 21: Venus trine Pluto. Power issues in relationships are highlighted, but in a positive way.  Relationships started today (such as going on a first date) can bring a deep soul connection.

June 22: Venus moves into Gemini. Embrace your flirty, lighthearted, social side! 

June 28: Venus sextile Jupiter just an hour after the New Moon in Cancer. Beneficial for love and finances. Set intentions for a successful home sale or purchase!

Career, Business and Money:

Mars is marching through its own sign, take-charge Aries, which is a great energy for new beginnings.  Mars is strongly positioned in Aries, especially since Jupiter is there as well!

Key dates (all for Pacific to Eastern Time):

June  27: Mars sextile Saturn. This is a good connection, helpful for business matters. It’s the best date this month to capitalize on the efforts you may have put into your business or career earlier this month.  

June 30-July 1: Mars square Pluto. Yikes! This is a dangerous combo in astrology. Violence can erupt somewhere in the world. Stay out of dark places and away from dangerous people, esp. if your natal Mars or Sun are in the last degrees of Aries, Capricorn, Cancer or Libra.

Well, that’s it for this month! My daily planner will return with the July forecast. 

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