Eclipse Season 2021: Prepare for the Unexpected


The summer Eclipse Season is about is about to start with a Lunar Eclipse on May 26, at 5 degrees Sagittarius. A Solar Eclipse on June 10 is to follow, at 19 degrees Gemini.

Eclipses always arrive in pairs, coinciding with new and full moons, as solar and lunar eclipses, respectively. They appear in pairs of signs that are exactly opposite each other on the horoscope wheel. This year, it’s Gemini and Sagittarius, with an eclipse in Taurus thrown in when the winter eclipse season starts in November. 

Eclipses usually happen in the same pair of signs for 18-24 months, before they move on to the next pair of signs. 

Who is Affected?

We all are affected by an eclipse to a degree. If you find yourself edgier than usual, and your decision-making not as reliable, it’s because eclipses pack a powerful punch of de-stabilizing energy. In fact, common astrological wisdom is to avoid making any major decisions the week before and after an eclipse. New information might come to light after, that would change the course you’re on. And of course, with Mercury turning retrograde on May 29, this eclipse season packs a double whammy. Push back important decisions until after June 25, if you can!

Eclipses in Sagittarius and Gemini: Shocking Us out of Outdated Paradigms – but Also Tempting us To “Riot for a Cause”

This summer’s eclipse season continues on the Sagittarius-Gemini axis, bringing some of the same themes as last year’s eclipses. Sagittarius eclipses are notorious for rebellious, loud behaviors that can spread like a wild fire and lead to riots. “Just give me a cause to riot for!”, says a Sagittarius eclipse. Sound familiar, with last summer’s Black Lives Matter riots? 

The top note of the eclipses can colour the entire year. And wow! We have had Indian Farmer protests sweeping through communities across the world, anti-Asian racism movement prompted by the shootings in Atlanta earlier this year, political riots in Russia – just to name a few!

The key thing to remember is, no matter the planetary energy, we still have the ability to consciously respond to it, instead of feeling swept by it like a speck of sand in an ocean wave. We know an eclipse season can be de-stabilizing and agitating. But we also know that we can lay low, consciously choose not to engage in escalating behaviours, and to protect our inner peace at all costs. We will be back to smooth sailing before we know it.

The Sagittarius-Gemini axis also challenges our outdated assumptions or beliefs about life, encouraging us to allow new paradigms of thinking to come in.

Keep Reading if you are a Gemini or a Sagittarius…

So that’s for all of us. But, if an eclipse makes a direct connection with your natal chart, you could have a very eventful 6-12 months.

The upcoming eclipses will be important for those born May 24-29, June 7-11, Nov. 25-30, and Dec. 9-14. They will also be impactful for anyone with personal planets between 3-7 degree Sagittarius or Gemini, and 17-21 degrees Gemini or Sagittarius.

What are the Impacts of an Eclipse on You, Personally?

Eclipses are “wild cards” in astrology. They bring events that the Universe serves us, whether we like them or not. But if a change comes into your life under the eclipse energy, the Universe is redirecting you on the path that is for your own greater good.

Eclipses to the Sun – which is what I’m describing in this post – usually bring changes to your identity and how others see you. For example, I got divorced – and engaged again 6 months later! – the year an eclipse fell close to my Sun. Talking about a whirlwind romance.  You can also become a parent, grandparent, change careers, publish your first book….you get the picture! There is a huge element of the unexpected - and sometimes of “finally!” - that comes with the events prompted by an eclipse.

Eclipses can speed up events that seem far in the future. For example, you might be thinking about the next step in your career, but are not quite ready to start sending out your resumes. Along comes an eclipse to your Sun, and your boss decides to retire sooner than anyone expected. You’re approached to apply for her position. You end up polishing your resume much sooner than you thought! 

If you’ve been stuck somewhere in your life, an eclipse activating your chart can get you “unstuck”. But sure, it can be an uncomfortable process – change usually is!

While eclipses are dreaded in some astrological schools, in my experience they are nothing to fear – as long as you’re prepared for a wild ride and the unexpected.

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