Full Moon in Leo: February 2023

Full Moon in Leo:  February 5 2023 10:29 a.m. PST

This Full Moon is tense: the Sun and the Moon both square Uranus.  Yet, if you work with the Lunar cycle to set intentions, this is a very helpful energy for breaking free of unhelpful habits or self-limiting beliefs.

As always, the Full Moon is the time to celebrate your progress. With Leo and Aquarius both in the mix, celebrate your unique gifts! We all have them. Every single natal chart I've ever read has its own, unique gifts. Embrace yours! 

And then, set intentions to release anything that no longer serves you. This Full Moon is particularly good for working on blocks to romance, joy, creativity, and any ego traps that might be holding you back in life.

How To:

  1. Set aside about 30 minutes after the Moon becomes full: Feb. 5 10:29 a.m. PST (within 24 hours will still work).

  2. Prepare your space. You will need to focus on your intentions. It may help to light a candle and burn some incense. A black candle is traditionally associated with removing things from your life, but a white candle will work as well.
  1. Spend a few minutes writing in your gratitude journal (or simply make a list of what you’re grateful for). This is IMPORTANT! Don't skip this step. By aligning with the energy of gratitude, you're inviting more blessings into your life.
  1. Then focus on what you want to release (behaviours or circumstances that don’t serve your goals). Truly FEEL your intentions. Feel the lightness in your soul as you're releasing your fears of getting hurt if you allow yourself to fall in love.  Feel the enjoyment of spending some quality time with your children. You can write your intentions on a piece of paper and burn it if you wish.

  2. Keep repeating your intentions over the next two weeks, until the New Moon on February 19.  And that New Moon that is very special. Its manifesting power is 10 out of 10!  It's particularly good for calling a soulmate relationship into your life. 

     Sample Intentions for this Full Moon in Leo:

    “I want the fear that I will be hurt if I fall in love again to be lifted from me.”

    "I release my self-limiting belief that I'm not destined to experience a happy, fulfilling relationship in this lifetime".

    "I release my belief that I need to sacrifice my personal happiness for the sake of my children".

    "I want any worry that I'm not desirable enough gone from my life". 

    “I want any blocks to creativity lifted from me.”

    “I want <unhelpful behaviours> gone from my relationship with my child/children”.

    “I want to stop overspending on luxury items I can’t afford”.

    “I want my tendency to be too bossy lifted from me”.

    “I want all non-constructive pride lifted from me”.

    “I want my tendency to be overly dramatic gone from my life.”

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