Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, May 2023

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio: May 5 2023 at 10:34 a.m. PDT

This Full Moon is also a Lunar Eclipse, so the energies are supercharged.   

I always say, "set intentions on a New Moon that is also a Solar Eclipse only if you're a risk taker at heart".  Your desires can in fact materialize fast - I have a first-hand experience with this, and so do some of my clients But, what you're asking for can come into your life in an unexpected and possibly even jarring way.  

The same applies to a Lunar Eclipse, but to a lesser degree. So if you need some major help from the Universe to get rid of debt, compulsions or addictive behaviours, set your intentions! It's also a good Full Moon if you need to let go of challenging emotions, especially guilt, shame or jealousy.

Not only is the eclipse in Scorpio, but the Sun, Mercury and Uranus are all conjunct and opposite the Moon at the time of the eclipse.  It's a great energy to ask for unexpected solutions to get rid of stubborn problems, and to release self-limiting beliefs.

For the world affairs, the ruler of this Lunar Eclipse - Pluto - is butting heads with Jupiter and Mars at the time of the eclipse.  When Pluto and Jupiter connect in the skies, financial affairs are often magnified. Hopefully May won't end up being a topsy-turvy month for the financial sector!

How To: 

  1. Set aside about 30 minutes after the Moon becomes full. Any time within 24 hours will work - the Moon will still be in Scorpio.

  2. Prepare your space. You will need to focus on your intentions. It may help to light a candle and burn some incense. A black candle is traditionally associated with removing things from your life, but a white candle will work as well.

  3. Spend a few minutes writing in your gratitude journal (or simply make a list of what you’re grateful for). This is IMPORTANT! Don't skip this step. By thanking the Universe for the good things in your life, however small, you're energetically aligning yourself to receive more blessings.

  4. Then focus on what you want to release (behaviours or circumstances that don’t serve your goals). Truly FEEL your intentions. This is also important. You need to infuse your intentions with energy. You WANT debt to be gone out of your life, after all! You WANT to have financial stability and independence in your life. And, set aside that guilt you`ve been carrying. It`s time to set yourself free. You can write your intentions on a piece of paper and burn it if you wish.

Sample Intentions:

“I want my feeling of guilt about ______gone from my life.”

“I want my obsessive thoughts about _________totally lifted from me.”

“I want to easily be able to reduce my debts”

“I want all jealousy totally lifted from me”

“I want all desires of revenge towards ______gone from my life”

"I want my relationship with _____ to be drama-free".

To Go Deeper:

We all have the ability to draw what we desire to us, the ability to manifest the future we want. We don't always use it, because we don't know how!

We spend years in school, learning science and literature and many other subjects. Then we spend years developing skills we need for our career.

And yet, the skill to manifest? For most of us, we didn't learn it growing up - but we can certainly learn it as adults.

Join me for my "MoonManifest" program, that teaches you just that. We start on May 14! 

Participants Say:

✨ I still can’t believe it. Truly, I’ve been talking about moving/buying a house for decades but never felt it was within my reach. And then I took this course.

I think having those specific intentions, written clearly helped me to focus on achieving those goals.  Nothing dropped in my lap and I had to make the effort but rather than having to walk the whole way, a moving walkway appeared at just the right moments to help me over some challenging spots.  From now on I’m going to work WITH the Universe!

- I. from Illinois, USA

✨ I love how honest and down-to-earth you are. Your teaching is a breath of fresh air.

- S. from Pennsylvania, USA

✨ I'm simply overwhelmed with the things I learned and the developments and changes that were brought into movement.

- C. from Berlin, Germany

✨ I wanted to let you know (I'm working on manifesting abundance of money)  that I received two unexpected checks in the mail today, and an unexpected deposit into my bank account.  Even though they aren't going to sustain my family in the long-term, there were a surprise, much appreciated, and a nice beginning!

- L. from Florida, USA

✨The course has been great so far! The details, the length, the explanation (even the music) is perfect!

- H. from Texas, USA

✨ During the New Moon, I asked for money to arrive easily and unexpectedly. And I received a modest but unexpected bonus at work.

- N. from Manila, Philippines. 

Learn more about the course here

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