Gemini Season: 6 Things to Try


Each Zodiac Sign carries a unique energy signature, from the confidence and boldness of Aries to the intuition and sensitivity of Pisces. As the Sun moves through all 12 signs every year, we get an opportunity to appreciate the best of each energy - and to invite it into our lives.

The Sun enters Gemini on May 21 at 12:09 a.m. PDT this year.  Happy Birthday to my Gemini readers! 

As an air sign, Gemini is about communication and self-expression.  It's also about learning new things, staying curious and adaptable, and connecting with others.

Gemini energy is highly social, so it's a great time to expand your social circle, connect with like-minded souls, and enjoy some light-hearted banter!  

Gemini Season 2023 starts on a powerful note.  The Sun trines Pluto May 21, connecting us with our inner power.

Try some of these ideas when the Sun is in Gemini! 

1 - "Be Curious, Not Furious" 

That's what a friend of mine used to say when others around her got a little too hot under the collar! 

Gemini energy is curious and adaptable.  "Hmmm I wonder WHY you chose to do this (...thing that annoyed me so much?) Let me see if there is a good explanation...perhaps I misunderstood you and I don't need to fly off the handle just yet".

So many conflicts start because of miscommunication - the intent behind the person's words or actions is misunderstood.

Stay curious, not furious! 

2 - Work with Turquoise 

Working with turquoise can help you find your inner voice and express your truth.  It's also great if you tend to get tongue-tied in important meetings at work!

I used to charge a turquoise ring when Mercury made particularly good planetary connections, or on a New Moon in Gemini, and wear it when I needed to facilitate a meeting.  

Best dates to work with turquoise during this Gemini Season:

  • May 21 - the Sun enters Gemini and trines Pluto.  Amazing for personal power.

  • June 11 - Mercury trines Pluto and enters Gemini. A great energy for bringing more power and authenticity into your communication style.

  • June 17 - New Moon in Gemini, Mercury sextile Venus.  Excellent for boosting your ability to communicate with tact and grace.

3 - Read a New Book, Take a Course, or Try a New App

Gemini energy is about stimulating and feeding the brain, and learning new things.  Any good book suggestions? Post in the comments! 

4 - Make Time for Friends

Our lives get busy... this is your celestial reminder to make it a priority under the Gemini Sun to spend some time with friends, or to work on creating community in your life.  Tap into the social energy of Gemini Season to expand or connect with your social circle. 

5 - (Re)connect with a Sibling

And the same goes for your siblings, if you have them!  Go for lunch, just you sibs.  Reminisce about your childhood. Talk about your lives now.  Reconnect. Mend rifts.  Keep your bond strong.  (Gemini rules siblings).

And if you need to mend your relationship, then set an intention for that on the upcoming New Moon in Gemini:  June 17 9:37 p.m. PDT.

6 - Move to Your Mercury Line

OK, this one is based on my current astro-crush, astrology of relocation. Did you know that you can enhance certain energies in your natal chart - and through that, your experiences in life - by using astro-cartography (the art of relocating by the stars?) 

And if you're thinking of going to school, check if the university or college you're thinking about is on your Mercury line.  Your ability to learn and absorb new information just might get a nice boost!

Moving to a Mercury line is also good if your work involves writing or teaching.

And, as a nice bonus, living under a Mercury line is supposed to keep your mind young and your looks youthful well into your older age! 


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