Hitch Your Wagon to the Moon

What happens when a single mom juggling homeschooling, running a food business solo, and still finding time for creative pursuits decides to take a cosmic shortcut and hack the Moon? 

You’ll find the answer in this blog post written by Landa Ruweha, a long-term client of mine who is as passionate about astrology and tarot as she is about writing and cooking.

Every year, technology connects us across the ocean and many times zones, for our annual reading which combines virtual star gazing, strategizing and reflecting on how the previous year unfolded.

Here’s Landa’s story...



The plumber finally emerged from under the sink. “All set, it’s ready for use now”. He was packing his tools when he noticed the water jars that I had removed from the cabinet.

“You know the city provides water if there’s a problem with the municipal water network?”

“Yeah, but I’d rather have some on hand just in case.”

I didn’t tell him that this wasn’t ordinary water, it was moon water. Each jug was charged under a specific new moon with the corresponding zodiac sign scribbled on the lid: Virgo for weight loss, Scorpio for eliminating debt and Aquarius for success in digital ventures.

The guy would’ve probably dismissed this as hocus pocus, but that’s ok. After 4 years of trying to harness celestial energies, I had seen enough proof that moon manifesting works. But I’ve also learned that, very often, the universe doesn’t send me what I want, it simply holds my feet to the fire!

Take paying off debt, which has been my top goal for the past 5 years and my first attempt to tap into lunar power: I would set my intentions under the Scorpio moon and wait for some kind of signal. You’d think a green light from the Universe would be me winning the lottery or coming into a fat inheritance, right? Wrong!

The first thing that would happen every time is that I’d get an unpleasant message or an unwelcome piece of information: A call for payment, a notification that the interest rate on my credit card was increasing exponentially, or I’d simply lose a source of income that I’d considered indispensable. Each time, I’d have no choice but to face my financial demons and try and figure out a way to pay my obligations.

And once I got the ball rolling, money would start flowing from unexpected sources. In fact, Scorpio season has become my highest sales period every year. The Universe did send help, it just wanted to see that I was worthy of it.

Emboldened by my success in tackling my debts, I decided to take the Moon Manifest Challenge under Daria’s guidance to iron out the kinks in my approach. I was hoping that I’d be able to achieve results faster but with less whiplash.

The workshop took place under a Sagittarius new moon traditionally associated with travel, publishing and foreign languages. But, and this is a big “BUT”, it was also an eclipse which is the equivalent of a celestial PMS. Daria emphasized that eclipses give a turbo boost to our intentions but it usually takes an unexpected route.

I remember thinking to myself: “How bad could it get if I simply chose a benign area such as publishing? I just want to see my work reach a bigger audience”.

I may have tempted fate by that line of thinking because what followed was beyond anything I could imagine.

A couple of weeks later, I got a text from my bank informing me that all my private and business bank accounts were frozen by the bailiff. I didn’t have any debt that was that big and none that had gone into collection. But since this had happened 4 days before Christmas, I had no choice but to wait to get some answers.

I’d later find out that, due to a quirk in Polish law, I was held personally liable for a corporate debt until I proved to the court that it wasn’t my responsibility. The process could take from 2-4 years and my assets would remain frozen until the very end.

As a self-employed single mum in a foreign country, this was the stuff of nightmares. I cried for days as I couldn’t see a way to run my business or pay my mortgage and I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

But in my darkest hour, I heard a voice saying to me: “WRITE!”

My first thought was: “You’ve got to be kidding me! Is this what it’s all about? You did this so I’d start writing?!”

I assure you, I wasn’t overreacting. After decades of dragging my feet on writing anything beyond a saccharine blog post, I knew I was being sent to detention until I got my act together. And I did.

By mid January, I’d finished (and posted) a letter to my son that would set the scene for a serialised autobiography called “From my Syria, with love. For the first time in my life, I had the guts to share my fears and failures, my insecurities, my hang-ups and my wounds.

I wasn’t able to stick to my original plan to post one letter every month so the Universe stepped in and the market where I run my food business was abruptly scheduled for closure by the end of June. Now, I can’t use earning a living as an excuse for not having time to write!

Do I hold a grudge against the powers that be for their Draconian wish fulfilment? Do I feel like I’m on some celestial naughty list? Not really. The way I see it: If the Universe is not granting me what I asked for, it’s because there’s a season, a reason or a lesson.

The way things are going, my life is not vision board material, but my story will make a helluva of a book!


And there it is!  One courageous woman's story of working with the Moon. You can find more of Landa's beautiful, raw and heartwarmingly insightful writing here

Astro-wagon photo by mick henson on Unsplash

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