Leo Season: Career Edition!

Leo Season is all about embracing your personal power, allowing yourself to shine, and bringing out your inner appreciator. 

So how can you best use the energies of this season to boost your career or business?  Here are some things to try when the Sun is in Leo:

  1. Spruce up your resume. Jot down your professional accomplishments this year, for your next interview. If you don’t interview very often, it’s easy to forget some of your achievements. Keep a running log for when that next fabulous job opportunity comes up.

  2. Practice “MY role in project X was…” We women especially tend to shy away from showcasing our accomplishments and our role. Do you find yourself saying “We delivered….we accomplished…”? 

While that delivers a fine message that you’re a team player, it also buries your accomplishments.  Always finish with, “And my role in this successful delivery was…..”

  1. Book a team appreciation event! Surely there is some milestone worth celebrating in the next month. Some project milestone. Someone’s anniversary with the company.  Some targets that were finally achieved.

Appreciation boosts engagement.  And engagement leads to a happier environment at work – but also to increased business results. If you lead a team, the term “discretionary effort” should be your friend. Your team can do the bare minimum – or go the extra mile, or two, or three! – when they are truly engaged.

And while you are at it, book a virtual coffee (or an in-person lunch) with your strongest players. Look them squarely in the eye. Keep eye contact as you express your appreciation of them. It will brighten their day – and as mentioned, help with their engagement 😊

  1. Don’t forget to appreciate your boss. If you’re an independent thinker, you might shy away from this. “Surely they will think I’m brown-nosing”. But, having been a boss for 17 years, it’s such a nice touch when someone says, “I appreciate your leadership”. It brightens my day – and to be honest with you, makes me appreciate the other person more.
  1. For the business owners, spend some time collating reviews and testimonials you’ve received. Social proof – seeing other people’s opinions – can sure make or break a sale. Or a business. Display the reviews on social media. Include them in your newsletter.

  Last but not least – hold a customer appreciation day!


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