Manifestation Demystified

Have you heard a saying "Where there is a will, there is a way?" Or heard someone say, "She is so strong willed. She always gets what she wants?"

I have my system for working with manifestation, and a lot of it is more down-to-earth and practical then you might think.  

There are 3 key components to successfully manifesting something in your life, and will - the ability to focus and direct your energy field - is one of them.  

Manifestation can sound like such a mystical concept.  But, think of it this way.  When we manifest something, we bring what we desire into our life.

Maybe it's financial abundance. Or a promotion.  Or a car. Or a love relationship. Or maybe it's something intangible, such as peace and tranquility.  Or joy.

Guess what, the ability to manifest is not limited to a selected few.  We all have it!  We just don't always know how to use it.

1 - Will and Your Energy Field

Let's go back to "where there is a will, there is a way". So what is this mysterious will?

It's the ability to focus and direct your energy field! 

Sounds fancy, but in essence, your energy field is the blend of your physical energy, your emotional energy, your mental energy, and your spiritual energy.

When you say, "I just simply don't have the energy to do this today!", you may be talking about your physical energy being low, or your emotional energy. Or perhaps you're exhausted mentally and you don't have enough focus or concentration to deal with what you need to deal with.

To successfully manifest, you need to keep your energy field strong.  In other words, you need enough physical, mental and emotional energy available to you.  If these energy layers are low or depleted, it will be much more difficult for you to manifest. Pretty common-sense, right? 

You also need to keep your energy field as clear as you can.  Self-limiting beliefs can muddy up our mental energy and emotional energy by quite a bit. 

"Why would anyone ever love me?"  "Wealth is reserved for some selected few".  If this is something that plays over and over in your mind, it will be reducing or potentially even blocking your energy field.

And sometimes it's other people's energy that interferes with ours. 

And we can all relate to staying focused.  You know those days when you feel like you've been very busy, but you haven't accomplished a lot?  Your energy went into many different directions on that day.  You might even be saying to yourself, "I feel so scattered today".

Well, it's the same with your manifestation.  You need to keep your energy field focused on what you're trying to manifest.

2 - Connecting with The Universe

Now this is where a little bit of magic comes in.  Don't worry, you have it in you.  We all do.

You will need to be able to connect your energy field with a much larger energy field that is flowing all around us: the Universe. 

If you have a well-developed or an intuitive ability to direct your own energy field (if you're "strong-willed"), you can manifest just through that!  But, it's usually a longer process that requires much more effort.

Working with crystals, Tarot cards, plants, the Lunar Cycle and celestial energies are all wonderful ways to connect with the Universe.  Try some of them (or all of them) and chances are, you will find your favourite method.

I can't deny it - once you learn how to connect with the Universe, helpful people and circumstances come into your life as if by magic. The Universe does lend you a helping hand!  So why would you want to do it alone? 

3 - The Power of Astrological Timing

You also need to have some understanding of astrological timing.  You don't have to be an expert, but it helps to know when the Moon is Void of Course (a bad time to start an important new undertaking), or learn about Opportunity Periods (the times when the Universe opens gates of opportunity).

It also helps greatly to understand how what's happening in the skies today or this year affects your natal chart, and your life.

It helps to know, for example, that you're going through a challenging Saturn transit, and your ability to accomplish what you want may be hindered at this time.  The Saturn energy is visiting you to deliver a valuable life lesson.  It may be challenging while it's happening, and your time and energy may be consumed with dealing with that lesson.  If you run into a period when you feel that you're going through one roadblock after another, it very well could be Saturn!

Building a Consistent Manifestation Practice

In my experience, one of the biggest reasons why people's manifestation efforts fail is very simple (and very mundane 😊) - they don't build a consistent manifestation practice!

At the risk of sounding boring, manifestation is a skill.  And mastering a skill takes some time, effort, and dedicated practice.

If this post resonates with you or peaks your interest, you will love my course, the MoonManifest Challenge.  Over 28 days, we build a consistent manifestation practice through 21 lessons + 3 live workshops (a recording is provided if you're unable to attend).

I hope you will join me for the next MoonManifest Challenge!

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