Mercury: Communication and Thinking Style

"My boss was so difficult again yesterday!”

“You’re impossible to have a constructive conversation with!”

Communication challenges is something we have all experienced.  It can be tempting to blame the other person, but in reality, we all look at the world through our own, unique lens. When communication or thinking styles collide, there can be trouble.

Astrology can provide some great insights into communication issues between two people. If you and your partner (or your boss…or your child…) are having communication problems, check your respective Mercury signs.

The sign your Mercury is in can tell you quite a bit about your thinking style and communication needs. A dreamy and imprecise Mercury in Pisces can set off a detail-oriented, perfection-driven Mercury in Virgo. “What do you mean, you will be ready at 6-ish? Am I picking you up at 6:00, 6:05 or 6:10?”

Or, imagine a Gemini Mercury and a Cancer Mercury out for a friends’ lunch. The Cancer Mercury is there for some immersive one-on-one communication and bonding. Meanwhile, the Gemini Mercury keeps posting the photos of their lunch on social media – and drives her friend crazy by checking responses every 5 minutes. “We got 3 more likes!”

Or, here you are, an assertive Aries Mercury frustrated at your partner. “Oh for god’s sakes! If you didn’t want to do it, why wouldn’t you just say so! No need to sulk and ruin our trip!” Your partner, with his Mercury in accommodating Libra, is trying to hide his indignation:  “I did this for YOU! You’re right, I didn’t want to go, but I knew how important this trip was to you”. (And what he is thinking but not saying is, "You're ungrateful!")

Each sign has its pluses and minuses...being aware of both sides certainly helps 😊

I’ve added my quick cheat sheet to Mercury in signs in this post, but if you want an in-depth astrology view on blessings and challenges in your romantic or business relationship (or a friendship) – try this report.

Here is my quick cheat sheet to Mercury in signs:

  • Aries: a fast talker; speaks before she thinks; can be argumentative.
  • Taurus: a laid-back, relaxing communication style; practical; can be stubborn and resistant to change. “Convince me by showing tangible results”. “When asking me to do something new, give me some time to adjust”.
  • Gemini: a fast thinker; can be addicted to social media; likes to keep several communication channels going at once.
  • Cancer: can come across as shy; an imaginative communicator; a good placement for fiction or poetry writers.
  • Leo: an inspiring, engaging speaking style; can be a good promoter.
  • Virgo: an analytical, detail-oriented thinking style. “Show me the data”. Good at anticipating risks and challenges; may be anxiety-prone.
  • Libra: diplomatic and personable; can be indecisive.
  • Scorpio: great for research and “digging deep”; can be manipulative; can have difficulty processing and releasing old hurts and challenging emotions.
  • Sagittarius: broad-minded, optimistic; can have the knack of saying the right thing at the right time; but can also jump to conclusions without checking the facts first.
  • Capricorn: practical; communication style can come across as formal and reserved.
  • Aquarius: an innovative, original thinking style; can come across as too aloof and unemotional.
  • Pisces: an intuitive thinker; can easily tap into other people’s emotions; can come across as unclear.

But…My Mercury in Aries (or Leo, or Capricorn) Doesn’t Sound Like That at All!

Mercury tends to “pick up” the energy of the planets it’s connected to in the natal chart. For example, if your Mercury is in optimistic Sagittarius, but challenged by Saturn (confidence issues, limitations), you could have more than a fair share of insecure moments. 

If you’re interested to know what your natal chart says about your communication style and thought patterns, try one of my astrology reports.

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