New Moon in Pisces: March 2024

New Moon in Pisces, March 10 2024, 1:00 a.m. PST

All New Moons are good for manifestation, but this one's power is 10 out of 10. 

The Sun and the Moon are conjunct both Neptune and Saturn, helping us bring dreams and aspirations into reality.  It's also a powerful Cazimi Moon. 

Mercury is sextile Pluto: your words have extra power today. Set your intentions! 

It's a great New Moon to ask the Universe for artistic or spiritual inspiration, connecting with your intuition, and being open to receive Divine guidance.  

You're not limited to the suggestions provided in this post. Setting intentions for anything you want to attract into your life is fair game. But, intentions for the matters ruled by Pisces will get an extra boost.

How To:

  1. Set intentions soon after the New Moon, within 8 hours if you can. Within 24 hours will still work. Set aside about 30 minutes for this.

  2. Prepare your space. Minimize distractions, and use a quick meditation or a ritual of your choice to put you in the optimal frame of mind.

  3. Focus on your intentions. Truly FEEL them. How will it feel, when that positive soulmate relationship finally comes into your life? Or when you feel at peace because the relationship that has been giving you grief is now healed? 

  4. Write down your intentions and keep them. And, write down one (or more) action steps that YOU are going to take, to help you get there. And then, commit to following through while the Moon is waxing over the next couple of weeks, until March 25. Do your part, and leave the rest to the Universe.

Sample Intentions:

"I want to easily be able to attract a soulmate relationship with a man/woman who <understands me at a deep soul level; a relationship with whom will bring deep healing> (Consider what a "soulmate relationship" means to you, and insert your definition into your intention).

“I want to easily be able to tap into my intuition.”

"I'm open to divine guidance. I want to easily be able to receive messages from my guides/the Universe". 

“I want to easily be able to say “no” when it’s in my best interest.”

“I want to experience genuine forgiveness in my situation with ___________”

“I want to easily find myself free of my addiction to _________”

“When I <paint, write, create>, I want to be able to easily find inspiration.”

“I want to easily be able to have a deep, restorative sleep, for a minimum of _____ hours a night”.

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