New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Libra

NEW MOON/Solar Eclipse in Libra, Oct. 14 2023, 10:55 a.m. PDT

This New Moon is also a powerful Solar Eclipse. 

Astrologically speaking, the New Moon is the time to set intentions for what you want to attract into your life. Maybe there is a sprinkle of magic that is born at the time the Sun and the Moon come together. Or maybe it's just easier to program your own mind toward your goals at that time. Regardless, setting intentions on a New Moon works, even though it might take a few months.

And eclipses? They are very powerful portals. Intentions set on an eclipse can manifest fast, but they can materialize in an unexpected way. If something feels stuck in your life, setting an intention on an eclipse may be just what you need.

If you're not afraid of some twists and turns, today is THE day of the year to let the Universe know that you're ready for happy, harmonious relationships - including romantic relationships.

It's also a great New Moon to ask for a balance of assertiveness and collaboration in your life, especially for those who feel like their needs are not being met. And, considering it`s so close to Mercury and is favourably connected to Jupiter, it`s also a great New Moon to ask for a boost of your negotiation skills!

You're not limited to these topics. Setting intentions for anything you want to attract into your life is fair game on a New Moon. But, the intentions for the matters ruled by Libra will get some extra oomph. 


How To:

  1. Set your intentions soon after the new Moon, within 8 hours if you can. Set aside about 30 minutes for this.
  1. If you have a pink candle a rose quartz, you might want to use them for your meditation. They are associated with loving relationships and harmony.
  1. Focus on your intentions. Truly FEEL them. How will it feel like when you meet that guy (or girl) of your dreams? When you`ve been able to negotiate that pay raise, promotion, or that important business deal with grace and success?  When you`ve successfully repaired that painful rift with someone special in your life?  Evoke that feeling and channel it into your intentions, as you`re writing them down.

  2. Keep the list you wrote, and keep repeating your intentions until the next Full Moon, on October 9.  Take some time to acknowledge and celebrate your progress along the way, even if it feels like small steps. 

Sample Intentions: 

“I want to easily attract and begin a <happy, committed, supportive> relationship with a <man/woman> with whom I will experience mutual <respect, love, passion…>”

“I want mutual <love, support, passion, appreciation> to re-enter my marriage”.

“I want to easily find myself collaborating with <name> in a way that is beneficial for us both”.

“I want to easily be able to <bring, re-establish> harmony in my relationship with <name>”.

“I want to be able to be diplomatic when needed.”

“I want to feel internal balance, harmony and peace.”

“I want to easily negotiate my <contract, job offer, any other situation> in a way that is a win-win for both parties”.

"I want debilitating indecision lifted from me". 

To Go Deeper:

We all have the ability to draw what we desire to us, the ability to manifest the future we want. We don't always use it, because we don't know how!

If you feel that your love life has stalled, and no matter what you do, there is no progress, the upcoming Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Libra is for you! 

🌠Eclipse energy is very powerful, and can get you to your heart's desire fast - as long as you're not afraid of some twists and turns. 

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Participants Say:

✨ I still can’t believe it. Truly, I’ve been talking about moving/buying a house for decades but never felt it was within my reach. I think having those specific intentions, written clearly helped me to focus on achieving those goals.  Nothing dropped in my lap and I had to make the effort but rather than having to walk the whole way, a moving walkway appeared at just the right moments to help me over some challenging spots.  From now on I’m going to work WITH the Universe!

I. from Chicago, USA


✨ I love how honest and down-to-earth you are. Your teaching is a breath of fresh air.

- S. from Pennsylvania, USA

✨ I'm simply overwhelmed with the things I learned and the developments and changes that were brought into movement.

- C. from Berlin, Germany

✨The course has been great so far! The details, the length, the explanation (even the music) is perfect!

- H. from Texas, USA

✨ During the New Moon, I asked for money to arrive easily and unexpectedly. And I received a modest but unexpected bonus at work.

- N. from Manila, Philippines. 

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