Pisces Season: 9 Things to Try


The Sun is in Pisces as of February 18 8:13 p.m. PST! Happy Birthday to all my Pisces readers.

As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces Season is about taking a pause from all the hustle and bustle, even if for a short time.  Insights and answers from your intuitive side are close to the surface.  You just need to let them emerge.

Here are a few things to try during Pisces Season, to tap into its healing, intuitive energies:

1 – Put Together a Vision Board

Pisces Season is one of the best times of the year to work on a vision board (Sagittarius Season is equally great for that).

It’s easier to connect with your soul’s vision for you when the Sun is in Pisces. The best time to activate it, however, is the New Moon in Aries, which will come on April 8 in 2024. 

But, between now and then, get out your scissors and some magazines. Find some images that provoke a deep emotional yearning in you and depict the life you want. Perhaps it’s the home of your dreams. Or an image of a happy family. Or of professional success. Or financial abundance. Clip the images that speak to you. Add some words that capture your desires (“peace”, or “success”, or “belonging” – you get the gist).  Add whatever artistic touches you feel like adding. Let your imagination run wild. Then collate them into a vision board.

Or draw. Or fire up your digital clipboard (but, the tactile dimension of touching and arranging pieces of your vision board seems to bring things up a notch).

Then leave your vision board in a window to charge on April 8, and set the intention “So be it, so it is” – to help your dreams come into reality.  Keep it somewhere you can see it on a regular basis. One of my clients uses hers as wallpaper on her phone!

2 – Go with the Flow

There is a card in every Tarot or other divination deck that stands for “the time is not right at the moment”.  There will be times when you desperately want something to happen – yet it’s not coming together, causing you a lot of frustration. Well….you know what?  The Universe might just have another, better plan for you, when your desires do come true and work out beyond your wildest dreams – but it might not be on your timeline. That’s one of the big lessons of Pisces Season: go with the flow, surrender to Divine Timing and put your individual will aside.

For those of us who are action-oriented and are used to being in control (that’s me, guilty as charged), this is a very hard lesson to learn.  I’ve snapped my fingers and…nothing happened. Where did I go wrong? Did I not network enough, to get that big promotion? Waited for just the right time to start a family? Did I not raise my vibration to the highest level possible? You fill the blanks re: what your inner critic is telling you now.

And yet, when the Wheel of Fortune comes up reversed in Tarot (or Crayfish shows up in my favourite deck, Russian Gypsy Cards), it’s actually a message that puts your mind at ease. It’s not YOU. You have worked hard, and you have done your absolute best.  It’s simply that now is not the time for what you want to come into your life. Trust Divine Timing.

3 - Connect with the Universe!

For the longest time, the Magician came up to represent me in Tarot readings (my own and other readers’). His message wasn’t entirely flattering either 😊 “You’re too gosh-darn self-reliant and independent. And a little arrogant, too. You need to learn how to ask for, and receive, help”.

If people tell you you’re strong-willed, then there is a high chance you’re able to bring (manifest) what you want into your life. You intuitively know how to focus and direct your own energy field, even if you don’t think about it in those terms.
But, you might be taking an unnecessarily difficult road (as I did). Yes, over the years, I managed to manifest (bring into my life) many things I wanted. But a lot of it was a hard go!

When I first learned astrology and how to work with the planetary cycles, I wanted to “bend them to my will”. So Magician! Can I redirect a challenging Saturn transit? Sidestep the emotional turmoil of my Progressed Moon about to conjoin Pluto?

Well…what do you think happened? Yup, you’re right. Many of those attempts backfired. (But through the process, I distilled a number of astrological techniques that bring results).

The thing is,  there is a vast energy field flowing all around us, called different things in different cultures and belief systems.  I call it the Universe.  With years and more life experience, I appreciate that working WITH the Universe is a much easier and more fulfilling way to go. Yes, there is lots of help available to us!  

And how do I connect with the Universe, you might be asking?  There are many different ways.  Working with crystals.  Working with plants.  Working with Tarot cards.  Learning to connect with the celestial energies.

I teach all this - and more! - in my course the "MoonManifest Challenge"

Whether you do it on your own or take a course, the important thing is - learn one technique (or more) that fosters your connection with the Universe.  It can be a game-changer. 

4 – Connect with Gifts and Lessons from Your Past Life

Pisces Season is also the best time to ponder your soul’s path, since Piscean energy allows us to transcend the here-and-now and tap into the deep wisdom we have accumulated over multiple lifetimes (for those who believe in reincarnation).

There are a lot of clues in your natal chart about your soul’s journey, from the gifts you brought with you into this lifetime, to possible karmic lessons to master and “karmic knots” to untie: after all, they could be keeping you from the best, brightest, happiest potential your soul is meant to experience in this lifetime.

If you’re ready for a past life reading, you can book it with me here.

5 – Create More Spaciousness in Your Life

Clutter….ahhh that clutter! It’s not just physical things. It’s unprocessed past experiences and emotions we carry with us. They clog up our energetic field, making it difficult for new, fresh experiences to come in. There is simply not enough space left for them!

Rushing and overscheduling have the same effect. We’re not leaving any space for the Universe to serve us some delicious surprises. It knocks on our door, turns the handle, and….there is no space!! Our house and our soul are filled to the brim.

This Pisces Season, create some space for unstructured time in your day, even if it’s 20 minutes. Don’t try to fit in that one more task. One more e-mail. One more text.  Create some spaciousness in your life. Some space for new gifts to come in. Open up to the unexpected, and to possibilities.  

6 – Start a Dream Journal

Pisces Season is the best time to connect with your soul’s vision for you. Not the goals that your rational mind comes up with. But that deeper, intuitive wisdom that exists in all of us. This day and age, we’re not always tuned into it.  Too much hustle and bustle (see above).

Try writing down your dreams during Pisces Season, right after you wake up. They can carry some important messages, especially when the Piscean energy is strong in the skies.

7 – Heal Yourself and Others Through Compassion

You know that inner voice that comes out uninvited and says "you're not good enough, smart enough, talented enough, slim enough”? 

Pisces Season is one of the most healing times of the year. And, the Full Moon in Virgo that sails along around the same time? It’s the best time to release perfectionism, tendency to judge or be critical of yourself (or others), and to release all the clutter that doesn’t serve you (emotional or physical). This year, it falls on February 24.

Imagine your inner critic shrinking until it's an inch tall and speaks in such ridiculously high-pitched voice that you just can't take it seriously. Or put it in a bubble and send it out of the window.  

8 – Start an Art Project

Try painting or colouring with watercolours, even just for fun. Did you know that colouring helps with anxiety?

9 - Should Your Relocate to, or Connect With, your Neptune Line?

OK, this one is based on my current astro-crush, astrology of relocation. Did you know that you can enhance certain energies in your natal chart - and through that, your experiences in life - by using astro-cartography (the art of relocating by the stars?) 

The Neptune line is a little tricky.  If you're an artist or a spiritualist, YES, relocating close to your Neptune line will help you connect with inspiration, and the Universe.  And if you're a creative writer, you just might produce your most soul-stirring work there.  You don't have to move to a place that is close to your Neptune line forever.  You can travel to a spiritual retreat that is in a location close to your Neptune line, for example.  Or take a vacation there, to work on your book.

There is a downside, I'll warn you now. The Neptune line erodes your sense of materialism. And maybe it's not important to you - lucky you, then!  But, if making some $$ from your art or spiritual pursuits is important, then try this.  Relocate with a family member, especially if the location you're thinking about falls on their Jupiter or Mercury line.  They can be your business manager 🙂 Win-win! 

Of course, it’s not always practical to orchestrate a move….you can also activate the energy of your Neptune line remotely.  Find out which cities/countries it runs through. And then use an image of that city as a screensaver. Or get some wall art. Or buy something that was made there, and represents that city.

If you’re interested to learn more, try my digital course Astrology Hacks:(Re)Location by the Stars!, or book a consultation with me.

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