Stock Markets, Saturn-Uranus Square, and Taurus-Scorpio Eclipses

UPDATED 09-16-2022:

My prediction for 2022 was that inflation would peak in May or June (it appears to have peaked in June-July, in Canada and the USA) - but that it would prove stubborn and difficult to bring down. 

Sadly, this is coming true in the US and Canada.  Inflation in the US came down by just 0.2% in August compared to July, raising the worry about super-sized interest rate hikes - which would increase the chances of a full-blown recession.

Astrologically, there aren't any helpful planetary influences for the foreseeable future that will help to combat the inflation, so we could in fact be looking into stagflation settling in. Inflation may stay elevated well into 2023, coming down more, but staying well above the target rate of 2% (as set by the Bank of Canada and the Federal Reserve in the US).

My other prediction - that 2022 will bring shocks to the stock market - has come true as well.  

You can read my astro-analysis for the remainder of 2022 in the original post below, but here is an update for 2023. 

What About 2023 and Beyond?

2023...well...that's the interesting thing. 2023 has 3 planets changing signs, so there will be some major shifts in the making. But, there are few major planetary aspects that year, and we need major aspects for action and noticeable, impactful movement. 

If you have a good grasp of astrology, there is a very insightful book by Louise McWhirter, "Theory of Stock Market Forecasting".

According to McWhirter, when the North Node moves into Taurus, the economy can take a cyclical downturn. The year the eclipses happen in Taurus/Scorpio (2022/2023) will be a transitional year, with the economy slowing down and switching gears. And then the downturn will last for approximately 3 years, until the North Node shifts into Aquarius, which will be happening in 2026.

Considering what's happening for us astrologically (read the original post below), recession is very likely in 2023, in the USA and Canada anyway.

Having said that, there can be planetary influences that either lift (improve) the trend, or bring it down further.

In 2023, Jupiter will conjoin the North Node in June, which is one of the factors that can improve the economy and stock markets.

Saturn will be entering Pisces in March 2023. It tends to depress the sectors ruled by that sign (currently in Aquarius, it's depressing technology stocks).  And Pisces rules oil and gas. So there may be some big developments in that sector. 

Jupiter will continue through Aries until May 2023, which is favourable for the military sector. It will then enter Taurus, which is favourable for agriculture, gold, and the bank industry.

Pluto will dip its toe into Aquarius, prompting a potential transformation of the technology sector, that will take some time to fully unfold.

So that's a brief summary of 2023 and the economic trend. 2024 looks much more eventful, and more hopeful! But it's 2025-2026 when the energies pick up big time.

I'm working on my full annual forecast for 2023,and this year it will be offered as a webinar. Stay tuned for details and Early Bird pricing! 

Original Post 2022-06-19

If you're caught in the current stock market tumble, rampant here in North America at the moment, well...the upcoming astrological alignments don't offer much hope, unfortunately.  The volatility is likely to continue for a while longer.

Eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio:

If you remember my 2022 forecast, it highlighted shake-ups in the financial sector, as well as agricultural shortages and possibly shake-ups of Mother Earth (think an increased chance of earthquakes, volcanic activity and major flooding).

This is due in part to the Lunar Nodes currently travelling through Taurus and Scorpio. 

While the signs of potential stock market trouble started building in January 2022, there was a big and abrupt slide during the first eclipse season of the year: April-May 2022. 

The next eclipse season will be coming in October 25 and November 8 2022.  The eclipse on November 8 in particular will set off the final Saturn-Uranus square (read more below): the energy of economic instability and supply chain disruptions. 

There are some hopeful indicators for October, as the New Moon on Sept. 25 is in opposition to the planet of luck and opportunities, Jupiter - and the New Moon can forecast what the next 4 weeks will look like.  But, with the opposition, there can also be over-optimism.

You can read my full post on the Scorpio-Taurus eclipses here.

Saturn-Uranus (Almost) Square #4

In 2021, we had 3 Saturn-Uranus squares, that can bring supply chain disruptions and overall global instability, usually economic.  Each country will experience this differently, because much like a person, each country has its unique birth chart.  But the overall, global theme is supply chain disruptions, and instability.  

It's usually when the planets form the same type of a connection - a square in this case - for the final time, that we can truly feel and understand the impacts of what has been happening.  Not to depress you, but the Saturn-Uranus square will start tightening again in late July, and will peak on Oct. 7. We will feel its effects into early December 2022. There may be more unpleasant economic events in store in the coming months.

This matches the talk about the increasing probability of recession in the US.

Jupiter: That Inflation! 

One of the reasons of the current market volatility is rampant inflation, which resulted in rising interest rates. The market went into panic as the interest rates started going up. 

Astrologically, Jupiter in Pisces is associated with inflation. If you're a regular reader of my forecasts, then you may remember a prediction I made in early 2021, about inflation coming, and that it would peak in the spring of 2022. 

Long story short, Jupiter is in Aries now, indicating that inflation may inch down temporarily, or at least that there will be a valiant effort to combat it (which is what we're seeing now). But, Jupiter will retrograde into Pisces in the fall, October to December 2022.  Inflation is likely to prove stubborn and not easy to control.

You can read my full post on Jupiter in Aries here.

And More...

To boot, Mars will start moving into a conjunction with Uranus and the Node, and that will become exact on Aug. 1. 

We're experiencing some of the same planetary energies that were present during the housing bubble crash, the crash, and several other significant economy or market downturns.

In short, it might get worse before it gets better.  Economic and market volatility might persist into the foreseeable least into early 2023, but let me look at the astrology of 2023 in more detail first.  I will provide an update!

As always, consult your financial advisor first and foremost for any major financial decisions. Much depends on your own birth chart too - as with any stock market downturn, it also brings an opportunity to make money. 

Stay financially safe out there! 

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