What Your Natal Chart Says About Your Financial Potential


Taurus Season is one of the best times of the year to focus on all things financial, especially when it comes to building financial security through steady growth and acquisition.  Let’s face it, it never is just about “money”. It’s about what money represents.  Freedom. Security. Status. Self-worth. And also….Guilt. Shame. Feelings of failure. There is so much emotion wrapped around “money”.

You natal chart can be quite telling about what money represents to you, and about your lifetime potential for building wealth.

What Does "Money" Represent to You? 

The 2nd House of your natal chart will represent the value of money to you. Leo on the cusp? You might be a big spender, wanting to splurge on luxury items and brand names – because of the image of you they project to the world. Cancer on the cusp? Your emotional well-being could be tied to the health of your bank account. 2nd House in Capricorn? You could associate money with security and solid social standing. Aries on the cusp? Vrrrrom! The process of "chasing" (but also spending) money can feel irresistible.

And so it goes.

But, how do you know if you have the potential to do well financially?

"Your Own Money":

Look to the 2nd House which will show you “your own money”: what you make or build through your own effort and resources. The 2nd House will also indicate where the money is likely to come from (career, business, real estate and so on), and how easy it will be for you to make it. The Sun, Mars, Venus or Jupiter in the 2nd House will all give you either drive or luck to achieve financial prosperity.

Look to the 10th House for likely you are to have a successful career, which is often an indicator of strong earning power. 

"Other People's Money"

Look to the 8th House which will show you “other people’s money”. If it’s favorably positioned – for example, with Venus or Jupiter placed there at your birth - you could gain financially through your partner, inheritance, or legal settlements. 

If you have Saturn in the 8th House, you may end up being the executor of someone's estate. 

Finally, if you’re looking for your financial luck in life to increase, your partner’s Jupiter or Sun falling into your 2nd or 8th House will do that – I have seen this over and over again in couple’s charts. You will benefit through your partner’s good financial circumstances.

And What About Winning the Lottery?

Look  to the 5th House which will show you your luck with gambling, lottery or investments that you make on your own. It’s very rare that I’ve seen the 5th House strongly positioned for a huge windfall, but it does happen. In one particular case, I predicted to a good friend the best days for gambling. He played the slot machines and won a substantial amount; however, the slot machines are unlikely to make you a multi-millionaire.   He always wondered later if he should have played higher stakes on that day. That is the person’s free will, and as an astrologer, I couldn't comment.

Can I Make Money Through Social Media? 

Full disclosure – I’m a Gen X-er. For many years, the idea of one’s financial potential, to me, was money earned through career or business, money made through investments, lottery wins (it’s pretty rare to find this signature in a natal chart), or inheritances and $$ gained through your partner.

Things have changed! As I look at my daughter’s chart with her full 11th House, it forces me to consider the new era: $$ earned through your presence on social media. Being a social influencer, monetizing your content, or having a successful YouTube channel is a perfectly acceptable financial proposition these days! 

The Moon, Venus or Jupiter in the 11th House will help you build a big following.  Saturn can restrict it.  Uranus in the 11th House will be great for an astrologer! (I have this placement).

What To Learn What Your Natal Chart Says About Your Financial Potential? 

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