Your Natal Sun and Your Life Purpose

Natal Sun Through the Houses by Daria Rowe


"I feel like I'm a terrible Mom",  my client told me, visibly distressed. "I took my four-year-old to his swimming class, but instead of watching him enjoy the water, I kept checking my work messages.  And, he's only going to be this cute age once". 

She was born with the Sun in the 10th House of Career.  And whichever House (area of your life) your natal Sun is in, your energy will be compelled to flow to.

After all, the Sun represents the flow of life force, of prana, through you. It's the most important element in the birth chart! 

"You're meant to invest a lot of your time and energy into your professional identity", I said. "Doesn't mean you're a bad mother. I know how much you love your son".

There was an audible sigh of relief as her face relaxed and softened into a smile.  "What you just said...I can't thank you enough. And here I thought, there was something wrong with me".

What Does Your Natal Sun Represent?

When we start learning astrology, there is so much to take in. The planets. Aspects. Signs. Modalities. Asteroids. Transits.

And so we rush past our natal Sun, in our impatience to learn more exciting things.  "Surely I know everything there is to know? I'm a Taurus!"

Not so fast, my friends, not so fast...

Your Sun is the major player in your birth chart.  After all, it represents such important components as your life purpose (or what you're passionate about), your vitality, your confidence, and your ego.

If the planets in your birth chart were a team, the Sun would be the leader, or maybe the boss!  And as most bosses, your Sun could have some egotistical moments...

  • Where can I shine?
  • What do I need to feel fulfilled in life?
  • What is my life purpose, and how can it change throughout my life?
  • How can I be my most confident, vibrant, joyful self?
  • What kind of ego trips might I be prone to? 
  • What are some of my key strengths and challenges? (These will affect your entire personality, while looking at Venus, for example, might show you your strengths and challenges in romance).

Astrology can help you answer all of these questions, but to do that, you need to be tapped into the energy of your natal Sun! 

Your Natal Sun and Your Life Purpose 

Looking at the House your natal Sun is in is a great start.  There are many themes that come with every House in the natal chart.  Some of them may resonate with you today. And the other themes might become more important later in life.

"Try on" as many of them as you can, to see how your life purpose can shift over your lifetime.

In my mini-course "Unlock the Secrets of Your Natal Sun”, we craft your life purpose statement by integrating the sign and House of the natal Sun with the aspects it makes. 

It can be something that you view as your life purpose today, but it can also be aspirational.

For example:

"I'm a courageous explorer of life" (the Sun in the 9th House, in aspect to Mars)

"I'm a joyful (Leo) money magnet" (the Sun in the 2nd House, in aspect to Jupiter)

It's not something that can be easily taught in a blog post, but I'll talk about one big component here: the House (area of life) your natal Sun is in. 

BTW the mini-course covers so much more. We also talk about your natal Sun and your possible self-limiting beliefs; how to quickly assess if the energy of your Sun might be blocked; and we do a Sun energy activation - among other things!

A quick note: your life purpose for THIS lifetime is different from your soul's evolutionary journey through multiple lifetimes. I look at the Lunar Nodes to understand the gifts you brought with you from your past life, and what your next lifetime will require of you. 

Look at the House your natal Sun is in, and then read the themes for that House.  Which ones resonate? Which ones might become the next iteration of your life purpose? After all, we change and evolve as we go through life.

Please share your insights in comments! (Your e-mail address will not be published).

Natal Sun Through the Houses

This is not an exhaustive list of the themes for each House, but hopefully it'll give you some good ideas!

1st House:

Possible themes:

  • Determination to making something of yourself
  • A "self-made" person
  • Learning about and expressing yourself
  • Making an impact on others; revitalizing others through your presence
  • A catalyst
  • Can be egotistical

2nd House:

 Possible themes:

  • Acquisition of resources - including money!
  • Developing personal skills
  • Building security in life (as opposed to wishing for it)
  • Amassing possessions (a “collector”) - can lead to hoarding....
  • Identifying your sense of worth with your bank account
  • Driven by your values

3rd House:

 Possible themes:

  • Siblings are important (”big brother/sister”)
  • Feel strongly drawn to communication/writing or teaching.
  • Love of learning
  • Love of travel
  • Love of driving/vehicles
  • Sibling rivalry

4th House:

Possible themes:

  • Defining yourself both within and against your family background is important
  • Family and "roots" are important - but may be rebelled against
  • One of your parents could have been powerful or influential
  • Can be drawn to real estate, or search for a perfect home
  • A homebody
  • Can come into your own in the second half of life
  • A “son/daughter who’s never moved out of the parents’ home”

5th House:

Possible themes:

  • Creating an “extension” of of yourself
    • Children
    • Creative pursuits, art, writing
  • Engaging in activities that make you feel vibrant and alive
    • Including the ones that give you adrenaline rush, such as gambling
  • A playful child at heart
  • Heightened need for romance
  • High need to be appreciated/admired

6th House:

Possible themes:

  • Health and body
  • Healing (you can literally be a healer or work in healthcare)
  • Organizing your daily life; practicality
  • Being of service to others
  • Perfecting professional skills
  • Animals or pets can be important

7th House:

Possible themes:

  • Relationships/partnerships are very important
  • Can benefit through a business partnership
  • Professional field can be about relationships (such as a marriage counselor)
  • Can find it challenging to be alone

8th House:

Possible themes: 

  • An astrological marker of an old soul
  • “Other people’s money” (can work in insurance, tax services and so on)
  • All things “taboo”
  • Interest in mysticism
  • Can be reliant on others financially

9th House:

Possible themes: 

  • Big picture thinker
  • Life-long learner
  • Visionary
  • World traveler
  • A gypsy soul
  • Author on a mission
  • Teacher on a mission
  • Crusader (as in, fighting for a cause)

10th House:

Possible themes: 

  • Career!
  • Professional identity
  • Status, or being “seen by the world”, will be important

11th House:

Possible themes: 

  • Social, humanitarian, and political activities
  • “Strength in numbers” - hiding behind the crowd
  • A manifestor placement 😉
  • Ability to sway large groups of people (a good placement for an influencer)
  • Can fall prey to “group-think”

12th House:

Possible themes: 

  • Another marker of an old soul
  • Healers, mediums, healthcare professionals
  • Working at a prison, library, museum, hospital
  • Highly imaginative
  • May need a lot of personal space
  • Can be a coach or a counsellor
  • Mental health is important


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