Astrology Report:  Natal Report for a Child

Astrology Report: Natal Report for a Child

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As a mother, I was very impressed when I ordered this report for my 3 year-old daughter. So impressed that I bought the astrology software package, to be able to offer it to you!

Written by a former Montessori teacher, the interpretations are tailored to focus on the unique gifts and challenges of your child’s personality. The report is packed with useful tips for a parent. An average report is 25-30 pages, emailed to you as a PDF. It's suitable for a child or a teenager, up to 12-13 years of age.

An extract from my daughter’s report:

"The child with Libra rising comes across as gracious and sociable! The Libra Rising child tends to reflect and mirror other people's feelings or their perceived expectations of her. She needs to cultivate a sense a "me." Because she doesn't like tipping the Libran scales, she may tend to accommodate others rather than "rock the boat." She needs to learn to stick up for herself, and to deal with consequences (and even confrontations) without fear.

The Libra Rising child is typically very aware of her appearance. She may be physically attractive and probably likes to look nice. A warning: Libra Rising youngsters are often aware of the dividends a little charm can bring. If not checked, an affected charm can be an effective way to manipulate others. Teach your child to be sincere and honest".

Very true so far! 

ALL READINGS AND REPORTS OFFERED FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. By ordering a reading you confirm that you are at least 18 years of age. This reading is not to be substituted for medical, psychological, legal, or any other legally recognized professional services. By ordering this report, you release me of any liabilities.