Navigating 2024: A Forecasting Webinar

Navigating 2024: A Forecasting Webinar

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During those first, tense months of the pandemic, I predicted that the COVID vaccine would be approved in December 2020 (it was). 

That 2021 would bring civil unrest over social causes (we had Black Lives Matter riots).

My 2022 forecast warned of escalating inflation in 2022.

That there was a high chance of turmoil in the financial sector (the stock market crashed in 2022).

That the financial sector would experience turmoil in the spring of 2023 (we had a mini-banking crisis in the USA).

That inflation would provide stubborn in 2023, and difficult to bring down to 2% (the goal established by the Federal Reserve and Canada Central Bank).

That there would be increased labour action and that matters of war and peace would be prominently featured in the spring and fall of 2023 (sadly, the armed conflict in Israel is unfolding as I write).

✨ So what about 2024? What do the stars have in store for us? ✨

In this webinar, I share my thoughts about the astrological energies of 2024,  their global impacts and personal impacts on your sign.

Now available as a recording.  A slide deck is also included. 

Bonus extras:

  • An electional calendar "Best Dates for...". This calendar can be used to pick auspicious dates for job applications, first dates and so on. 

NOTE: for truly important endeavours, such as selecting a wedding date or starting a business, consult an astrologer. 

  • New and Full Moons 2024.