Astrology Forecast for 2024

Happy New Year! Warmest wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2024, from my home to yours.

A Look Back at 2023: 

In 2023, the world was recovering from the huge swing we went through during the pandemic. Feeling the impacts of inflation. Interest rates going up and up. A housing crisis (in Canada, at any rate).  Recession fears. A banking mini-crisis in the USA. Geopolitical tension escalating: the war between Russia and Ukraine still going on, and another conflict erupting in the Middle East.  What's next??

I remember saying, in my 2023 forecast, "2023 could feel a little disillusioning. We could be saying - seriously? This is what life is like post-pandemic?"

At least we had the explosion of AI and ChatGPT to add a spark of excitement to it all - and existential fears, too.  Will the machines take over the world? 

Well...we will find out in 2044, when Pluto exits Aquarius. After all, it was Pluto's entry into Aquarius that triggered the massive growth of these technological developments.

What About 2024? 

Other than Jupiter, no planets move into new signs this year. Saturn and Neptune stay in Pisces, Uranus continues through Taurus, and Pluto moves between Aquarius and Capricorn.  The Lunar Nodes stay in Aries/Libra, as well. 

At least a good part of this year's energies will feel familiar.  And we'll need it, because more big shifts are coming in 2025, when Saturn, Uranus and Neptune all change signs!

But, this year also brings a few new themes - and they are very exciting! 

The key energies of the year support further leaps and bounds in technology, and technological or scientific breakthroughs.  The financial sector could experience a transformation, too.  Perhaps this is the year when digital currencies will fully take off. 

The first half of the year has better energies then the second, when the Jupiter-Saturn squares might rattle the economy a little. 

And, the much anticipated Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is happening this year, on April 20-21!  It's the energy of massive transformation and quantum leaps.  If it hits your natal chart just right, 2024 could be a pivotal year in your life. 

This post provides a brief overview of the upcoming energies.  My much deeper dive, a 90-minute webinar, "Navigating 2024", is now available as a recording.  It comes with useful extras, such as Power Dates 2024.

Pluto in Aquarius: Technology Revolution Continues

OK, we're already feeling this one, so it's not new.  But, the energies will intensify in 2024!

The themes associated with a planet are often at their strongest when the planet first enters the sign.  Pluto spent just under 3 months in Aquarius in 2023, giving as a preview of what we can expect for the next 21 years.  

2024 continues with the same theme, except this year, Pluto spends 9+ months in Aquarius, and briefly visits Capricorn from September 1 to November 19.  So this could be another year of technological leaps and bounds. 

There can also be changes around the way information is disseminated. It's hard to imagine our life before Internet and social media now, but Pluto in Aquarius is transformational for technology. 

When Pluto changes signs, our lives and society as a whole can change in unprecedented ways.  This is not an overnight can take years – or even decades – to fully unfold.

Read my full post on Pluto in Aquarius here.  

Pluto moves so very will visit 29° Capricorn to 2° Aquarius in 2024.  If your natal Sun, personal planets or angles fall between 27° Capricorn to 4° Aquarius, 2024 could be a very impactful year for you personally.  Massive transformational change is not out of the question! At the very least, 2024 will allow you to connect with your personal power at a very deep level.  

Jupiter Starts the Year in Taurus...

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and opportunities, will continue its journey through Taurus until May 25 2024. 

Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction in Taurus:  Innovation and Big Break-Throughs

This important celestial event is, again, about transformative change. The two planets will come together at 21° Taurus, on April 20. We'll start feeling the energy of this conjunction much earlier though, as early as mid-March.  

Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions are not a rare celestial event. We experience one every 14 years.  So unless you're very young (and then chances are, you wouldn't be reading this post!), you've lived through at least one. 

But, Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions are very impactful. Many technological and scientific advances over the last couple of centuries transpired when a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction was active in the skies.  Even if we don't hear of any big break-throughs in April, there could be some important innovation worked on, to be revealed at a later time.

Considering the conjunction is happening in Taurus, this big paradigm-shifting change can also be related to money or currencies. Will cryptocurrency finally become mainstream? Or will there be another, revolutionary development in the financial sector?

On a personal level, if you have planets or angles between 17-27° Taurus, Scorpio, Leo or Aquarius, this conjunction could be very impactful for you.  "Bigger and bolder", says Jupiter.  "And let's get there in a brand-new way, one you haven't tried before!", says Uranus.

Jupiter Will Then Move Into Gemini....

Jupiter changes signs every year, and it's always an exciting part of the year, because opportunities for expansion and advancement shift.

When Jupiter is in Gemini, some of the following sectors tend to prosper:

  • Communications
  • Air travel
  • Transportation and vehicles
  • Information and social connections

 Much, however, depends on the aspects Jupiter makes. In 2023, when Jupiter was in Taurus, which is typically a financial sign, it should have been a good year for the banking sector EXCEPT Jupiter formed a volatile square to Pluto in April 2023, further set off by an eclipse. And we had a banking mini-crisis instead.

2024 brings good news and bad news in that regard.

Jupiter-Pluto Trine: Windfalls

This is a highly auspicious energy! 

On June 2, Jupiter (at 1° Gemini) will trine Pluto (at 1° Aquarius).  That's when some financially beneficial developments are possible - perhaps much-anticipated interest rate cuts will be happening right on schedule, after all. Bank of Canada's rate cuts are projected for May-June 2024, at the time I'm writing this blog.

And, if this aspect hits your natal chart just right, it can bring an opportunity for wealth, power, and future growth toward your higher purpose. Check if you have natal planets or angles between 28° Taurus - 4° Gemini, 28° Virgo -  4° Libra, and 28° Capricorn - 4° Aquarius. 

Jupiter-Saturn Square: Challenges

As the year progresses, the energies will start shifting to more challenging.  Jupiter and Saturn will be butting heads, and that can stunt economic growth.  It's the waxing square of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction we experienced in 2020, at the time the COVID vaccine was developed and the governments were propping the economy with COVID subsidies.

Now we can experience some growing pains, related to the events set in motion in 2020.

There will be 3 squares in total, spilling into 2025: 

  • August 19 at 17° Pisces (Saturn) and Gemini (Jupiter)
  •  December 24 at 14° Pisces (Saturn) and Gemini (Jupiter)
  • June 15 2025 at 1° Aries (Saturn) and Cancer (Jupiter)

Eclipses Continue Through Aries/Libra - for the Most Part! 

The nodal axis continues through Aries and Libra this year, with 3 out of 4 eclipses happening in these signs. 

Eclipses tend to electrify.  The years eclipses happen in Aries/Libra, they bring unexpected surprises in all things relationships: from international relations to gender relationships. New power alliances can be made – or broken. Treaties can be signed – or, you guessed it, broken.  There may be cease-fire or an outbreak of war.  

On a personal level, we’re asked to find balance between who we are as individuals, and our relationships and social networks.

If an eclipse connects with your natal chart, there could be a personal impact on you.  It starts a process of transformation and highlights where change is due. 

This year's eclipses:

  • March 25, 2024 – South Node Lunar Eclipse at 5° Libra
  • April 8, 2024 – North Node Solar Eclipse at 19° Aries
  • September 18, 2024 – North Node Lunar Eclipse at 25° Pisces
  • October 2, 2024 – South Node Solar Eclipse at 10° Libra

While the nodal axis won't move into Pisces/Virgo until January 2025, the Lunar Eclipse in Pisces, on September 18, will foreshadow some of the themes of 2025. 

Eclipses in Pisces and Virgo deal with employment rates, which may fluctuate. Considering we've had a tight labour market in many countries for a few years post-pandemic, this might mean that unemployment will be rising. 

Hospitals and prisons are ruled by Pisces, and we could experience some shake-ups there.  

Water and oceans are ruled by Pisces, too, so there may be unusual events concerning water and oceans. Oil companies need to be especially careful with spills! 

Sensitivity to alcohol, drugs and depressive moods is increased when there is an eclipse in Pisces as well. 

On the plus side, it's a great eclipse for spiritual matters, because our connection with the Divine grows exponentially.  

Sept. 18 would be a great date for lightworkers around the world to unite and work with the Universe to help a mutual cause.

The "All Planets Direct" Stretch: A Green Light from the Universe

All planets are direct between Jan. 26 and April 1, which is our annual "green light" period.  It's easier to get new undertakings off the ground successfully when all planets are direct, and the planets get along! 

Mercury Retrograde

In 2024, Mercury goes retrograde in Fire signs, except in August, when Mercury starts the retrograde in Virgo but spends most of it in Leo. 

Mercury retrogrades usually happen in the same element for a couple of years, and then shift to another element. 

Mercury retrograde cycles moving from Earth to Fire is another indicator that our focus is now less on the practicalities of life and resources, and more on exploring your true potential, reconnecting with your zest for life and your spiritual purpose, and generating new, visionary ideas. 

Mercury will be retrograde on the following dates:

  • April 2nd – April 26th, 2024: Mercury goes retrograde from 27° Aries to 15° Aries
  • August 5th – August 29th, 2024: Mercury goes retrograde from 4° Virgo to 21° Leo
  • November 26th – December 16th, 2024: Mercury goes retrograde from 22° Sagittarius to 6° Sagittarius

As always, you'll feel the retrogrades particularly strongly if  you have a personal planet or an angle anywhere on Mercury’s retrograde path, and especially at the degrees of its station (the starting and ending degree of the retrograde). 

Mars Retrograde

The year ends with Mars in retrograde. It starts on Dec. 6 at 6° Leo, and ends on Feb. 24 at 17° Cancer. 

Mars Retrograde is not the best time to initiate “war” (or serve divorce papers!) or schedule elective surgery. Traditional astrology doesn't recommend starting any new projects under Mars Retrograde, and this is a prudent caution. But, the stars don't control our life; they help us navigate it! 

(From experience however, I've found that projects started during Mars Retrograde tend to take an unusually long time).

Much more to share with you in my webinar "Navigating 2024", now available as a recording. Global trends. Impacts on your sign. Practical tips from this astrologer who's done over 5,000 readings to date ✨🎇


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