Astrology Forecast for November 2023

October was intense and powerful. There were many challenging Pluto connections, foreshadowing power struggles or possibly violent events. The eclipse in Libra spoke to a surprising development in international relations and matters of war and peace. Sadly, this played out as unthinkably violent events in the Middle East. The eclipse in Taurus was uprooting financial matters, and the stock market had a sharp slide. 

And so it's a relief that November brings many helpful energies. 

The month opens up with a lot of Scorpio energy: the Sun, Mars and Mercury are all in Scorpio. It gives us a helpful dose of determination and ability to move things forward. And, it's also a fantastic time for shadow work, counselling, therapy, working on self-limiting beliefs - and research. 

Over my years of practicing predictive astrology, I've noticed a curious thing. When we experience an expansive Jupiter transit, for example, opportunities do come. But, they don't always blossom to their full potential or solidify into results. Why? We throw off our own luck, because we let our fears take over (and we all have them!).  And then we say "Jupiter didn't deliver"....well....not quite 🙂

So do yourself a favour and do some shadow work during the first three weeks of November! 

The first week of November is brimming with optimism, but not all opportunities that come into your life that week will deliver.  November 2-4, in particular, is not the best time for a first date or your first contact with someone on dating sites. Things might not be as they seem.  Wait until November 6 - the best day of the month for love and romance. 

The best energies of the month arrive between November 14 and November 22. The Sun makes its annual conjunction with Mars, which is traditionally the day of the year to go after what you want.

Mercury is very active yet again, making November another lively month for news and communication. November 13 -17 is a highlight for communication, especially in relationships. Mars sextiles Venus. If you need to have a peace-making conversation with someone, now is your time. 

The Sun enters optimistic Sagittarius on November 22, bringing another stellium, this time in Sagittarius!  Between November 22 to December 1, the Sun, Mercury and Mars are all in Sagittarius. Unfortunately, the Sun and Mars bump against Saturn the week of November 22.  Don't schedule anything over-ambitious that week: it may be difficult to make good progress. There may be some roadblocks and frustrating challenges to push through that week. 

Saturn Turns Direct: November 4 2023

After 4 ½ months in Retrograde, Saturn, the planet of responsibility and commitment – but also of challenges and restrictions – turns direct on November 4,  at 0° Pisces. It will be moving very slowly until November 20. It's a stabilizing energy, but also one that can bring roadblocks and frustrating delays, especially in the last week of November.

When a planet stations, about to change direction, it’s time to consider how its key energies are playing out in our life.
So here is a question for you: 

  • Where are you limiting yourself?
  • Where does fear prevent you from reaching out for your best, fullest potential?
  • If you knew you couldn't fail, what would you be going for now? 

So that's some general astro-advice for all of us.

But, when Saturn connects with YOUR natal chart, then you most certainly should pay attention!   If you're a Pisces, Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius, read this post.

Cautions This Month:

Note the dates I provide are for Pacific to Eastern time. Unless I mention a specific timeframe, the energies peak on these dates, but we’ll feel them for 24-72 hours in advance, and for about 24 hours afterwards (but they will be losing strength with each passing hour).

  • November 2-3: NOT a good time for a first date, or a major financial investment.
  • November 10: avoid signing big contracts.
  • November 11: There is a higher chance of accidents today; be extra careful when on the road or travelling.
  • November 23-26: NOT a good time to initiative an important undertaking. 

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    Now let's look at each week in detail: 

    November 1-5:

    (Art: "Raven Spirit by Christine Cholowsky. Shared with permission). 

    The energies are very optimistic this week, but we might not see things clearly.

     November 2: the Sun opposite Jupiter

    There may be some over-optimism.  Make sure you don't over-promise.

    Even with that, the skies are vibing with opportunity. Charge a citrine for luck.

    ✨ November 3:  Venus opposite Neptune

    NOT a good day for a first date or major financial decisions.

    This is a very romantic energy, but you might not see things clearly in love matters or finances. 

    ✨ November 4.  Saturn turns direct, Mercury opposite Uranus. 

    A good day to embrace responsibilities, and to look for unexpected solutions to stubborn problems. 

    November 6-12:

    November 6, with its soulmate vibe, is the highlight of the week.  It's a five-star day for love and romance. This week offers many good energies, but as you get closer to the weekend, don't schedule any big new undertakings. It will be difficult to get them off the ground. 


    November 11, with its accident-prone energy, is the day to watch out for this week. 

    ✨ November 6: Venus trine Pluto; Mercury trine Neptune

    Your passions might be stirred today. And, it's a great day for creative writing!

    If you’re looking for a soulmate relationship and are not afraid of some intensity, pay attention to new romantic prospects who come into your life around this date. And if you're already hitched, schedule some together time with your partner. Today is a good day to strengthen the bond between you.

    As far as work, unless you're a creative writer, today may be a little unfocussed. Put off deadlines to another day. 

    ✨ November 7-8: Waning Moon in Virgo; Opportunity Period! 

    An excellent couple of days to start a cleanse or go on a diet, especially if you do this during the opportunity period: on November 8 between 2:20 p.m. to 8:55 p.m. PST.

    ✨ November 8: Venus enters Libra; Mercury sextiles Pluto.

    It's a great day for research, data analysis, or to start cognitive therapy.

    As far as Venus moving into Libra, she is very comfortable in her own sign! Between now and December 4, spend some time building and nurturing personal and professional relationships. Balance assertiveness and cooperation. And, while you're at it, add one thing that makes you feel beautiful to your wardrobe or your home.  

    ✨ November 9: Mercury enters Sagittarius. 

    It's time to dream big! Blue-sky. Get excited about possibilities. No self-limiting beliefs allowed! 

    Mercury will stay in Sagittarius until December 1.

    ✨ November 10: Mercury square Saturn

    But, guess what? Mercury is challenged by Saturn on the very first day of its journey through Sagittarius.

    Today might bring a reality check for some of your plans. Adjust them accordingly, and keep moving forward. 

    ✨ November 10 1:27 a.m. PDT to November 13 1:27 a.m. PDT Balsamic Moon

    This is one of those times in the Lunar Cycle when starting anything new is not to your advantage. Declutter instead. Tie up loose ends. Get an extra hour of rest if you can. 

    Make some Moon Water on November 12.  You won't be able to see the Moon, but it will be in Scorpio, getting ready to be reborn as the New Moon on November 13.  This particular Moon Water will have great cleansing properties, to help you get rid of the unwanted energetic residue (we all accumulate it over time).  Use it to wash your hair or add it to your laundry wash. Visualize all unwanted energy leaving your life.

    ✨ November 11: Mars opposite Uranus. 

    There is a higher chance of accidents today; be extra careful when on the road or travelling.

    This is particularly true if your natal Mars is between 18-22° Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo or Taurus - or if your ascendant is at 20-21° Scorpio.  Don't do anything super risky between Nov. 9-13. Save paragliding and racing cars for another day 🙂

    November 13-19:

    There is a very strong Scorpio energy in the skies this week, boosting resilience and determination.

    The Sun and Mars come together for their annual conjunction on November 17. It's one of the best days of the year to go after your professional or personal goals, or to initiate a big project, especially if it has to do with arts, charities, or social causes. 

    New Moon in Scorpio: November 13 1:27 a.m. PST

    The New Moon in Scorpio is THE day of the year to do some manifestation work to connect with your personal power, invite more passion into your life, and to boost your resolve and determination to accomplish something.

    And that “something” can include getting rid of unhelpful habits (good-bye, smoking!), debt, or deep-seated emotions such as shame, guilt, envy and jealousy. And so it’s a very powerful New Moon, but also very healing.

    If you're new to working with the New Moon energy for manifestation, my digital mini-course, Working with the New Moon, is for you. 

    ✨ November 15: Mercury sextile Venus

    A great day to for teamwork and relationship-building. 

    With Mercury in expansive Sagittarius, why not express your appreciation of those close to you? No need to save it for a special occasion :🙂

    ✨ November 17: The Sun and Mars trine Neptune; the Sun conjunct Mars.

    A fantastic day for artists, volunteer work and charitable pursuits. What you start today has a very good chance of making a difference. 

    The Sun conjunct Mars in Scorpio is a huge powerhouse of energy.  Go after what you want today.  You will have both the strength and compassion to get what you're looking for.

    November 20 - 26:

    This week is action-packed. 

    Tuesday is a five-star day to approach your boss for a promotion, raise or a boost in benefits. It's also another great day for going after your ambitions overall - and especially if you are an artist, have a spiritual business, or if you work with charities.

    The Sun and Mars both move into Sagittarius mid-week, promising an upbeat few weeks ahead.

    But, for those of you celebrating Thanksgiving in the USA, be aware that overcritical relatives (especially your elders - including your parents) may be in high gear on Thanksgiving.  Stay in good humour, and know that the energies will improve as the day goes on.  And...don't be that overbearing parent or relative yourself! 

    ✨  Nov. 20 6:29 a.m. to Nov. 22 9:19 a.m. PST: Waxing Moon in Pisces, Mercury trine Chiron, Venus opposite Chiron; Sun and Mars sextile Pluto. Aaaaand....Opportunity Period! 

    A great couple of days for spiritual and artistic pursuits, and for those working with charities. Every month, when the Moon is in Pisces, it connects with Neptune in Pisces, making it a top day of the month for connecting with the Divine.  This month, it's Nov. 21.  Book a Tarot reading, work with crystals, or meditate.  Keep a dream journal.

    Neptune is very strong in its own sign, Pisces. But, it will be moving into Aries in March 2025, so we only have 17 months of this amazing incredible celestial powerhouse of spiritual energies, forming monthly.  Take advantage!
    With Mercury and Venus both interacting with Chiron on these dates, deep healing is possible.  If you need to have a conversation with someone, to mend bridges and heal old hurts, it's a great couple of days.

    And, with the Sun and Mars both sextile Pluto one day apart, it's not just about working with your intuition.  If you act on your hunches, chances are, you'll be able to make solid progress.

    For the metaphysically inclined, charge a tiger eye or garnet for personal power.

    Between Nov. 21 11:16 a.m. to Nov. 22 9:19 a.m. PST, the stars align into an Opportunity Period. Opportunity periods are those special times when the planets are aligned just right, aiding most undertakings - and in this case, they will be particularly good for charities, spiritual and artistic pursuits. 

    ✨ Nov. 22: the Sun enters Sagittarius

    Happy birthday to all my Sagittarius readers! 

    It's the time of the astrological year to cultivate an abundance mindset, connect with the biggest, boldest dreams for your life, and challenge your assumptions. It's one of the biggest manifestation seasons of the year! 

     Nov. 23: the Sun square Saturn

    Unfortunately, just as soon as the Sun moves into Sagittarius, it squares Saturn. Clashes with your elders or  authority figures are possible today.  And, the Moon is in Aries: we're short of patience today.

    Ahhhh not very timely for Thanksgiving in the USA!  Humour your family members if you can. 

    Luckily, the energies improve as the day goes on. The day ends with a lovely Moon-Mercury connection, helping with a lively and pleasant conversation as your Thanksgiving dinner wraps up.

    ✨ November 24:  Mars enters Sagittarius

    The Sun, Mercury and Mars are all in Sagittarius as of today and until December 1, and that's a lot of optimistic, visionary energy!  

    November 24 - December 1 is your celestial nudge to go after the big vision of your life.  It's also a very potent manifestation period. 

    ✨ November 25:  Mars square Saturn

    Frustrating roadblocks are possible today.  It's like driving with your brakes on. Save energy-intensive undertakings to another day.

    ✨ November 26:  Opportunity Period! From 12:03 a.m. to 1:52 p.m. PST. 

    Opportunity Periods are particularly auspicious times in the Lunar cycle, when the celestial energies form beneficial alignments that aid most undertakings.

    This one is not super long, but it's very versatile. Use it for anything, from romance to creativity to finances to serious work. 

    November 27-30:

    The week starts with the Full Moon in Gemini.  A Gemini Moon can bring restlessness, and a Full Moon amplifies that. Shut off your electronic devices at least an hour before bed early in the week.  Do some yoga.  Take a bath with lavender. Otherwise, it may be difficult to get a restful sleep.

    The planets make no major aspects between November 28-30, so the month should end on a quiet note. The Moon in Cancer, on November 29-30, is good for spending some quality time with your family.

    Full Moon in Gemini: November 27 1:16 a.m. PST

    All Full Moons are an invitation to give gratitude and celebrate. Celebrate your progress - baby steps or leaps, doesn't matter. Celebrate yourself as a person.  Maybe you're a wonderful boss.  Or an inspiring teacher. A thoughtful co-worker. Or a great parent.  Or a great daughter or son!  You get the picture. 

    And, after you've basked in the high energy of the Full Moon, set intentions to release what no longer serves you - especially if it's related to the shadow side of Gemini. And so if you're suffering from a social media addiction, this Full Moon is for you 😊 It’s the sign of the times – we have a panic attack when we leave our cell phone at home. We can’t stay away from checking messages.  We feel guilty if we don’t respond to texts right away.

    If that’s you – set intentions on this Full Moon to let go of the inability to shut off your brain, having too many things on the go, and the tendency to second-guess yourself.

    Have a wonderful November! 

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