Scorpio Season: 7 Things to Try

Astrology keeps us connected with the larger cycles of the Universe. As the Sun travels through the Zodiac, each month we get a chance to “try on” the qualities of that sign.

The Sun moves into Scorpio on Oct. 23  2023, at 9:21 a.m.. PDT. Happy Birthday Season to all my Scorpio readers!

Some things to try when the Sun is in Scorpio:

1 - Do Some Shadow Work

Scorpio Season is THE season of the year to work on your self-limiting beliefs and explore your shadow side!

Most of us have some unhelpful personality traits or learned  behaviours we may not be recognizing. And, if you believe in reincarnation (I do), we also can have some "karmic knots" - karmic debts from previous incarnations - to work through in this lifetime.

Either way, they may be blocking you from building your best life.

You can see them through challenging planetary connections in a natal chart.  These are the areas where we experience inner tension. When unrecognized, it can bring on a repeated pattern of external events. We just haven’t fully mastered our lessons…yet.  Working really hard but never seem to attain the financial prosperity you want? That big promotion you want just keeps eluding you?  A fulfilling relationship always seems out of reach? Look at the challenging aspects in your natal chart, and what they are trying to tell you. It might be your “blind spot” to work through.

I have this beautiful client, super accomplished professionally (I’m in awe), but challenged in the relationship department.  When we explored her natal chart, it showed the mentality of “lack”, or “glass half empty” (the Moon conjunct Saturn), as well as a great desire for control, likely prompted by her experiences early in life (Pluto directly on her IC). 

We did some work with adjusting the metaphor of her dating life from a “sewer tank” (how Pluto!) to “if your life is a house, there is this extra room, hidden away, full of delicious surprises, waiting for you. It's the room you haven’t opened yet – try the handle, open the door, take a peek….tell me what you see?”.

Then I alerted her that her chart showed a big upcoming change of residence (if she was interested) AND a big change work-wise at the same time.  She was brave enough to be open to what her natal chart had to say, an to the energies coming into her life.

She ended up moving across the country with a BIG job secured…and…a new guy 😊

That new room, full of possibility, was there all along. And she was brave enough to open the door.  

If you get the recurrent feeling “Why is my life so hard? I’ve been trying my best to <find myself in a happy relationship, build financial prosperity, build a career>, but it just doesn’t’ seem to bring the results I want” - your astrological chart can provide powerful answers about the sides of you that you’re not seeing.

If this resonates with you, my "Shadow Work Reading" might be for you.

2 - Release Emotional Baggage

It’s also a powerful time of the year to release feelings of shame, guilt, jealousy and envy. After all, carrying them around can also block our progress in life.

In my new program, the MoonManifest Challenge, we talk about what I call "manifestation blockers". They can prevent you from building your best, most fulfilled life.  They usually include:

  • Self-limiting beliefs, deep-seated challenging emotions, and unhelpful behaviours (luckily, that's something we can work on!)
  • Bad astrological timing for new endeavours in your life - initiating important new beginnings at the wrong time (and astrology can help with that, too!)
  • Not being aware of your energy field.

Scorpio Season is a great time to work on your manifestation blockers!  And that takes us to....

3 - Cleanse and Protect Your Energy Field

People around us have their own energy field. It can enhance ours – or suppress it. Envy, jealousy and anger from others, directed toward us, can block our own energy. Work with obsidian or a black tourmaline to protect your own energy field.

Scorpio Season – getting rid of the energies we don’t want – helps us prepare for Sagittarius Season, coming next. And that’s the time to fill that newly freed up energetic space with your boldest, biggest dreams for your life!

4 - Work on Reducing Debt, or Taking Control of Addictive Behaviours 

On a practical level, Scoprio Season a great time to work on reducing debt, or on taking control of addictive behaviours (giving up smoking, for example).

5 - Invite More Passion into Your Life! 

Despite its reputation as the oversexed and brooding sibling in the Zodiac, a lot of Scorpio energy is about passion.  Yes, Scorpio can be pretty intense (says this Scorpio Ascendant).   If you're lucky enough to be loved by a Scorpio, you will know they are not luke-warm! When they go in, they go allllll in...

And it's that passion - not just romantic passion, but passion for life! - that makes Scorpio so appealing. Behind that smoldering intensity, there is depth. 

If you feel like you life has been blah lately, tap into the intense, passionate energy of this season. 

6 - Connect with Your Source(s) of Power

Connect with your inner power! Power has become such a dirty word these days, usually associated with disempowerment. But, don’t we still get enthralled by superhero movies? Well, guess what? The draw is power, and the ability to apply it for the greatest good. There is always the superhero and the villain. And – they are both POWERFUL! The difference is in how they use their powers. 

We all have the need to feel in control in some areas of our life, be it our relationship, our finances, or our career. Don’t give your power away. Scorpio Season encourages you to forget the notion that power is “bad”. Embrace it. Celebrate it. Use it to the greatest good – of you and those around you.

7 - Bring Out Your Inner Detective

One of Scorpio superpowers is the ability to dig deep and get to the bottom of things. 

Let's circle back to living your most fulfilled, happiest life. I often use a "Three Whys and a How" technique to help me - and my clients - unstuck or to get to your deep values or motivation. I was reminded of that by my (then) 3-year-old!

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