Astrology of May 2021

We had an excellent run of all planets going direct for 4 months, creating a strong forward momentum. But, we’re starting to head into the season of retrogrades. Pluto was the first planet to start tracking backward in the sky, as of April 27. The more planets are retrograde, the more difficult it is to get new undertakings off the ground. We don’t have to worry about it too much just yet, not until May 29 anyway. By that time, Saturn and Mercury will all change direction as well, so we could start feeling some impediments.

If you’ve been thinking about starting a new project, business, course, job, or anything along those lines, you may want to take the plunge in the next 3 weeks.

Mercury and Venus Enter Gemini:

While the Taurus energies are still strong in the first half of the month, Mercury and Venus both enter Gemini in the first week of May: on May 3 and May 8, respectively. So the Gemini themes of communication, learning, and relationships with your siblings will be strong even before the Gemini Season officially sails along, on May 20 this year.

Last Week of May Has Some Challenges:

The last week in May, the planets in Gemini won’t be getting along with Neptune in Pisces, and Mercury will be getting ready to go retrograde. And, the eclipse season will be starting. It’s a challenging week, so accomplish what you need to before it hits us, and then lay low.

Venus: Love, Money and Personal Values

Venus will move into Gemini on May 8th, bringing some lightheartedness and flirtatiousness to romantic matters. It’s well positioned until May 25, so the first 3 weeks of May are a great time to go on a first date, schedule a cosmetic procedure or a makeover, or to review your finances.

Some dates to keep in mind:

May 6 - Venus trines Pluto. Relationships started on this date (think a first date or a first contact through a dating site) will be intense in a good way, and may stir some soulmate dynamics. That’s the date I would pick this month, personally, if I were to approach a romantic prospect 😊

May 19 – Venus trines Saturn. If you’re looking for a stable, committed relationship, this is an excellent date to approach your love interest! The planetary energies on the day your relationship starts imprint on and affect the entire relationship. While it’s not always easy to schedule it just right, with some planning, we can!

May 27 – OK, sit this one out. Venus squares Neptune. Relationships started on this date might be too idealistic. You might not have a realistic view of your love interest, which could lead to some disappointments later.

Mercury: Communication, Legal Contracts, Vehicles and Electronics

And what about contracts and communication, including marketing or blogging? Mercury is in Gemini as of May 3. In its own sign, its powers are increased. All the kinds of learning and communication are favoured until May 21. On May 22, Mercury squares Neptune, which can bring some confusion or misunderstandings. And after, Mercury goes retrograde on May 29.

While Mercury Retrogrades get a bad rap, they are actually a good opportunity to revisit or rework what’s already in progress. But, a couple of days before and after Mercury changes direction are not ideal for new undertakings. You might not see things clearly, and there can be communication breakdowns that affect your venture.

Mercury will go direct again on June 22.

Some other dates to keep in mind:

May 3: Mercury square Jupiter. It’s a good day for a sales pitch, but we might also be overly optimistic and promise more than we deliver.

May 12: Mercury trine Saturn: an excellent day to have a serious conversation or to sign a legal contract.

May 13: The Moon, Mercury and Venus in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius. Auspicious for marketing, communication, and sales.

New Moon in Taurus: May 11

This is a fantastic New Moon to set intentions for successful new beginnings in the area of finances, art, gardening, and healthy living.

Jupiter enters Pisces: May 13

OK, this is big. Jupiter changes signs approximately every 12 months. And, when that happens, opportunities for expansion shift as well. This year, Jupiter is giving us a preview of what 2022 will be like, because it will only stay in Pisces from May 13 to July 28. It will then retrograde back into Aquarius, before returning to Pisces on Dec. 28th, 2021. So we’re getting a sneak preview of the energies we will experience again from Dec. 28 2021 to May 10 2022, and from October 28 to December 20th, 2022 (the dates Jupiter will be in Pisces).

And you know what? Jupiter in Pisces is sooooo lovely! It’s a very healing energy. We attract luck through intuition, imagination, and compassion. We’re charitable, and we look out for the underdog. We are more idealistic and perhaps less ambitious in a worldly sense, more motivated to give than receive.

It's a very healing energy to tap into, so welcome after all the turmoil the world has experienced over the past 14 months.

On a personal level, it’s a fantastic energy for those born Feb. 18-22, June 21-25, and Oct. 23-27. For the rest of you Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio out there, your time will come in 2022!

Stay tuned for my newsletter on Jupiter in Pisces, on May 16. 

Saturn Turns Retrograde: May 23

On May 23rd, Saturn turns retrograde, and it will continue to travel in this apparent backward motion until October 10th. While Saturn is retrograde, we more often review our responsibilities and commitments than deal with them directly in the moment. We can experiences some guilt and self-doubt as we internalize fears, but it's also the chance to reassess our commitments.

The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius: May 26

The Full Moon in Sagittarius urges us to embrace expansion and to reach out beyond our usual routines, thought patterns and neighbourhoods (even if virtually!) But it also asks us to reflect if we have a tendency to think that the “grass is always greener on the other side”, and to act based on assumptions rather than facts. Don’t push your point of view on others, says this Full Moon.

The spring/summer Eclipse Season will continue on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, picking up where 2020 left off. The last week of May and the first 2 weeks of June will be a great time to reconsider your beliefs, stay open to new viewpoints and learning new things – but there can also be some entrenched views. During the eclipse season last year, we had Black Lives Matter riots. While social causes are so important!...when there is an eclipse in Sagittarius that sails along at the same time, we must be mindful not to use them as an excuse to release pent-up frustrations and to be loud, boisterous and misbehaving. Just saying…

I hope this helps you navigate the month ahead.  

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