Cancer Season: 7 Things to Try


CANCER SEASON – Happy Birthday, Cancer!

Each Zodiac Sign carries a unique energy signature, from the confidence and boldness of Aries to the intuition and sensitivity of Pisces. As the Sun moves through all 12 signs every year, we get an opportunity to appreciate the best of each energy - and to invite it into our lives.

The Sun enters Cancer on June 20 at 1:51 p.m. PDT this year, marking the Solstice.

Where in your life could you use more of Cancer qualities:  deep nurturing (of others or yourself), and appreciation of all things “home” and “family”?

We all need to put down an anchor somewhere, at some point in life.  In feng shui, there has to be both grounding/support AND expansion, for your life to flow at its optimum potential.

Cancer is about that deep sense of security and support. What gives you the sense of comfort and security in life?

And family – sometimes it’s the family we’re born into, and sometimes it’s the one we create, including the circle of friends who nourish our soul!

Some things to try when the Sun is in Cancer:

1 - Create a Memory Book

I was talking with my Mom the other day.  “Tell me what my brother and I liked to do when we were toddlers?”, I asked.  “It was so long ago I simply don’t remember”.  Mom is 87, so this answer makes sense.

But…I also don’t want to have the same conversation with my daughter when she’s my age (oh wait! I would have to make it to 96, LOL).  And so I’m spending this Cancer Season working on a scrapbook for her, documenting her first steps, first words, and how much she was loved then and is loved now. I don’t want either of us to ever forget.

2 - Explore Generational Patterns in Your Family

I’ve had several opportunities to compare charts of 2-3 generations in a family. It was amazing to see some of the same astrological energies repeating consistently through generations, recreating similar situations in the lives of family members.  Call them generational patterns, generational cycles, generational legacies, or generational curses when you’re feeling dramatic – they all mean the same thing.  They are patterns from a family history that are passed down from generation to generation through conscious or unconscious beliefs, and through learned behavior.

And you know what? A generational legacy can also be a gift… Read more here.

3 - Say Good-Bye to Emotional Eating

Cancer energies are about nourishment, and the Moon – the luminary that rules Cancer – is about our emotions. Cancer Season is a great time to explore your relationship with food and to release any tendencies to emotional eating. Or to take a cooking class!

4 - (Re)connect with Your Home

As I get older, I’m amazed at how much folk magic was embedded in my childhood environment – in a family of two university professors! “At home, even the walls help you”, Dad used to say.  My Grandma addressed our home as a sentient being. I didn’t really understand it at the time.

I was reminded of that saying when I saw a post by Durgadas Duriel whose Instagram account I follow. “Touch the walls of your home and say, “thank you”. I tried it, and it was a surprisingly profound experience.

Cancerian energy is about roots, security and nurturing – and our home is an active partner in creating that safe heaven in our life. We create our home, and in turn it develops its own energy that (ideally) supports and nourishes us. Houses aren't just piles of inanimate bricks and mortar.

We often take that energy for granted, because we don’t think of it! Take a few minutes to purposefully connect with it.  What do you feel?

 5 - Learn About Your Moon Sign

If you’re reading this post, chances are, you’re well familiar with your Sun (Zodiac) Sign. For example, you might be a Leo. Or a Scorpio. Or a Virgo. 

But your Moon sign is at least as important. It describes your emotional nature, and what you need more or less of to feel safe and secure emotionally.

It also provides a lot of insights into your relationship with your Mom.

 And, if you want to gain insights into how you are – or will be – as a mother, look at your natal Moon and the aspects it makes. The Aquarius Moon doesn’t make the most expressive parent. She still loves deeply, but her love can be expressed through small talk or intellectualizing.  And what if your child’s Moon is in Cancer, showing a sensitive side that needs hugs and nurturing? Well, then you better learn about their needs – and your own instinctual tendencies as a parent. Because if your Moon is in Aquarius, you just might find your child a little too clingy at times!

Read more here. 

And, if you're a parent, you will love this astrology report.  It will provide you with lots of insights about your child's personality, and how to best relate to them! Suitable for a child up to 12-13 years. It also makes a great gift for a new parent. 

6 - Relocate to, or Connect with Your Moon Line

OK, this one is based on my current astro-crush, astrology of relocation. Did you know that you can enhance certain energies in your natal chart - and through that, your experiences in life - by using astro-cartography (the art of relocating by the stars?)  If you feel like the sense of belonging is missing in your life, and crave that family feeling around you, consider moving closer to your Moon line. It’s also a great line for those wishing to start a family.

Of course, it’s not always practical to orchestrate a move….you can also activate the energy of your Moon line remotely.  Find out which cities/countries it runs through. And then use an image of that city as a screensaver. Or get some wall art. Or buy something that was made there, and represents that city.

If you’re interested to learn more, try my pre-recoded course Astrology Hacks:(Re)Location by the Stars!, or book a consultation with me. 

7 - Most Important of All: Do More of What Nourishes Your Soul!

No need to elaborate 😊

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