"Mom and I": Leaning into Your Moon Sign

I was talking to my Mom the other day.  “Tell me what my brother and I liked to do when we were four?”, I asked.  “It was so long ago I simply don’t remember”.  Mom is 86, so this answer makes sense.

But…I also don’t want to have the same conversation with my daughter when she’s my age (oh wait! I would have to make it to 98, LOL).  And so every Cancer Season I carve out some time to work on a scrapbook for her. This year, it’s documenting her life as a preschooler, all the cute things she says and does, her personality at this age -  and how much she is loved. I don’t want either of us to ever forget.

Did you know that your birth chart can offer a lot of insights into how you are – or will be – as a mother? And the birth chart of your child can help you learn how they will view you as a parent (and what you potentially need to avoid doing?) 

Your and Your Child's Moon Signs:

Look at your and your child's natal Moon, its sign, and the aspects it makes (more on that below).

My Mom was born with the Moon in Aquarius, as was I. The Aquarius Moon doesn’t make the most expressive parent. She still loves deeply, but her love can be expressed through small talk, intellectualizing and sometimes overexplaining.  And what if your child’s chart shows a sensitive side that needs hugs and nurturing, like my daughter’s does? Well, then you better learn about their needs – and your own instinctual tendencies as a parent.

Compare your Moon signs!

Look at the 4th and 10th House:

There are other clues astrology provides, as well. 

When reviewing your child’s birth chart, look at their 4th and 10th House. It shows how your child will perceive you and your partner as parents.  Not how you actually are as a parent! Just how your child perceives you - and for your child, that's their reality. 

Thankfully, my daughter’s 10th House features a well-positioned Venus in Leo, connected to Uranus. She will see me as someone who is quirky but loving and fun.

While you're at it, check out your own 4th and 10th House too.  It will show you how you might have perceived your parents.

My birth chart has Pluto conjunct Mercury in the 10th House:  a powerful, intellectual parent who can be too domineering. Yup….that sums up my perception of my Mom when I was growing up....

And what if there are no planets in the 4th or the 10th House? Look at the sign on the cusp.  You may perceive your parents as someone who displays characteristics of that sign.

I have no planets in my 4th House, but Pisces is on the cusp.  And that describes my Dad who was so involved in his work that it felt like he was missing from my life. 

Chart Comparison (Synastry) Works for Parent-Child Relationships, Too!

Last but not least, chart comparison (synastry) is a powerful way to understand your parent-child dynamics:

My Pluto falls right on top of my daughter’s Sun – there is a potential she, too, will see me as over-controlling.  So I try to build in more of “It’s my job as your mother to worry about you!”.  And when the time is right, I will share with her that she had a brother who was stillborn, and that forever imprinted anxiety on me.  Remember, behaviors prompted by anxiety can come across as control issues….

If interested to learn more about your child and what they will need from you as a parent, try this report.

And if you want an in-depth dive into your parent-child dynamics (you and your child, or you and your parent), you can book a live reading with me.

Your Natal Moon and You as a Parent:

Ok, now for some practical details. Here is my quick cheat sheet to the Moon by sign and Moon aspects, and what they tell you about you as a parent:

Moon in Aries, or connected to Mars: 

You’re an active, action-oriented parent, but you can also be impatient.  You’ll be great at teaching your child assertiveness skills, but make sure that they don’t see you as someone who is angry or explosive.  If you feel yourself getting frustrated, step away for a few minutes if you can, and practice deep breathing.

Moon in Taurus, or connected to Venus:

Lovely! You’re someone your kids can always rely on.  Hugs and family meals that both nourish and connect can be your strength.  You may also be uncomfortable with changes to established routines, so make sure you don’t inadvertently clip your child’s wings when they want to explore new things. 

If your child's natal Moon is in Taurus, they will see you as someone who is sensible and who they can rely on and trust.  But, they can also see you as a little boring. Bring a spark of adventure into your life together! 

Moon in Gemini, or connected to Mercury:

Your desire to learn as much as you can about parenting can be a definite plus!  You might delight in teaching your child how to read – and helping your child learn in general.   Make sure that you also teach your child how to express and talk about their emotions.  This Air Moon can make you prone to glossing over your child’s emotions.

Moon in Cancer:

You’re a mama bear, fiercely protective of your child!  If your child’s Moon is also in a Water Sign, you could be very attuned to how they feel.  “How does Mom always know what I’m up to?” your daughter or son can be telling their friends.  You understand nurturing and caring at a deep level, and will want to build a stable home base for your child.  Just make sure that your protectiveness doesn’t turn into smothering.

Moon in Leo, or connected to the Sun:

You’re one proud Mama! You may secretly delight in highlighting your child’s accomplishments to friends and family.  You’re a big appreciator, and this will make it easy for you to provide encouragement and praise to your child. 

The fiery Leo Moon is a big kid at heart.  In fact, your child might think you’re their playmate!  Connecting through fun, joyful experiences comes easy to you.  Just be sure you see your child as a unique individual with their own needs.  It’s easy for the Leo Moon Mama to push her child into something that can make HER proud.

Moon in Virgo, or connected to Mercury:

You’re a practical organizer, great at keeping your child’s schedule on track and making sure that everything runs smoothly in the household.  Your child will appreciate your practical, down-to-earth suggestions and tips for years to come.  But, you can also have a perfectionistic streak, and it’s easy for you to slip into criticism.  Watch for the tendency to correct.  Catch your child doing something right for a change, and tell them!

Moon in Libra, or connected to Venus:

You’re a natural peace-maker.  You can teach your child a lot about getting along with others – as well as instilling a great sense of beauty and style!  But, you can also tend to be too permissive as a parent.  Remember, a part of your job is to teach your child what NOT to do.  Over the years, I’ve noticed that when one parent’s Moon is in Libra, the other parent tends to take on the role of the disciplinarian, and that can eventually create a rift between the parents.

Moon in Scorpio, or connected to Pluto:

Much like a Cancer Moon, you can be very attuned to your child’s emotions and motivations.  There is a lot of intensity to your parenting style.  Teaching your child resilience is one of your greatest gifts.  But, it can be too easy for you to become too controlling.  Sometimes with the Scorpio Moon, there is a tendency to create emotional drama, and that can spill into your relationship with your child.

Moon in Sagittarius, or connected to Jupiter:

Your gift for optimism can help your child view life as “glass half full”.  You can broaden your child’s horizons and help him or her dream big.  But, you can be too dogmatic about your own beliefs.  Agree to disagree if needed, when your child gets older and develops their own view of the world.

Moon in Capricorn, or connected to Saturn:

You’re someone your children will always be able to rely on!  Your greatest gift is helping your child(ren) build discipline and self-reliance. Just be aware that you can come across as emotionally distant.  And you’re another Moon that tends to criticize – because you want your child to do better! You want them to accomplish as much in life as they can.  Watch out for making them feel like they can never meet your expectations.

Moon in Aquarius, or connected to Uranus: 

You’re someone who is independent and needs a lot of space.  Your greatest gift is your open-mindedness that crosses genders, cultures, and race when it comes to your children and their future. But, you can also come across as emotionally distant or unavailable, because your need for personal space can be greater than average.

Moon in Pisces, or connected to Neptune.

That's another psychic Moon.  Your greatest gift is teaching your child the ability to go with the flow.  And, as a parent, it’s easy for you to do the same!  But, you might find it difficult to teach your child how to set boundaries or how to be assertive when needed.

If you want to understand what your birth chart says about you as a parent, my software-generated report "Just for Women" will provide you with that + so much more! (Men, sorry...I'm still searching for a male equivalent of this wonderful, in-depth and very insightful report).

I hope you've enjoyed this post! 

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