Capricorn Season: 5 Things to Try

The Sun is in Capricorn as of Dec. 21 2023, 7:27 p.m.. PST.  Happy Birthday Season to all my Capricorn readers!

I love that astrology keeps us connected with the energy flow in the Universe. There is time to be aspirational, to blue-sky and envision your boldest, biggest dreams for your life - Sagittarius Season. Its fiery energy helps us manifest through believing that anything is possible. 

And on the heels of that, practical, goal-oriented and ambitious energies of Capricorn Season set in.  It`s time to review our progress and accomplishments for the year.  2024 is just around the corner! 

Capricorn energies help us plan HOW we`re going to make our dreams happen in the new year.  And, that a steady investment of our time and effort is a type of practical magic (even if it doesn't have the same sexy ring as manifestation!)

Going with the spirit of the season, here are some practical things to try, to channel Capricorn energy: 

1 -  Set Your Goals for the Year – and Make Them SMART!

That big vision you have for your life? Chances are, you're not going to get there in one year (well, there is always winning the lottery 😊).  Where do you want to be in 3-5 years? And, what can you do in 2023 to help you get there? What are your top 3 goals for this year? 

It’s not just about goal-setting: it’s also about developing a roadmap to get you there.

Make your personal or professional goals SMART:  specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-stamped. While this methodology is not new, it works, and it’s so very Capricorn ♑ Let’s use a business example, in keeping with the energy of this sign:

  • Let’s say, your goal is to “make more money in my business”. How do you know when you achieve it? How about “Increase my revenue to meet or exceed $100K a year?” (or whatever your personal goal is - be specific AND measurable)

  • Give yourself a stretch goal, but don’t set yourself up for feeling like a failure by making your goals too aggressive. (That's the thing with Capricorn. It can be such a workaholic).

    This is where relevancy comes in, too.  What is the best, most relevant use of your time and energy THIS YEAR, to get you to your long-term goals? 

    Think about a longer-term timeline. You're not going to fit everything that is important to you into one year.  Define your long-term goals, and then pick what you're going to focus on in 2024 and invest your energy there.

    But, as you're doing that, give this goal your absolute best! Push past what you see as limitations. You'll be amazed at how much you can accomplish. 
  • Mark some check points in your calendar, at the end of March, June and September. Check with yourself on your progress. As they say, a goal without a plan is just a dream…

2 – Review Your Financial Plans for Retirement

Capricorn (and Saturn) is the astrological rulership of the older age. A lesser known astrological tidbit: look at the ruler of your natal 4th House, or any planets there, for a glimpse of what your older age might look like.

Jupiter/Sagittarius, or Venus/Taurus? You might be verrrry comfortable in retirement. Saturn making challenging connections? You could end up alone in your final years, so build a good relationship with your kids NOW. Uranus/Aquarius? Unexpected changes.  You may feel uprooted from your home.  Well-positioned Mercury? Your mind will stay agile and active way into your older age (and there may be youngsters around you). And so it goes.

But, I digress. What I wanted to say is, getting to the retirement you want might take some time and effort – so start planning for it before too long.  Capricorn Season is our annual reminder of that. 

 3 -  Be Proud of Your Achievements

When Saturn is at play in your natal chart, it can bring delays, but it also promises achievement if you tap into the high manifestation of its energy.

Make yourself a “pick me up” folder – physical or digital – that includes some of the things you’re proud of.  Professional degrees, thank you cards from the clients whose life you touched in a meaningful way, your bank statement 🙂, birth certificates of your children, awards – whatever you see as your accomplishments to date. Be proud of what you've achieved so far! 

 4 – Update Your Resume with Your Recent Accomplishments

Memory fades. When getting ready for a big interview two years down the road, you might not remember all of your key accomplishments from this year.  Create a “working version” of your resume, review it once a year – during Capricorn Season makes sense – and log your accomplishments from the past year. Add some details you can use in the interview down the road. You'll be happy that you did.

Tailor this "long version" of your resume when applying for jobs. 

5 - Appreciate the Value of Long-Term

Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, can bring delays when it moves through a particular House (area) of your life. You could feel like a part of your life has stalled. “Faster! Faster!”, you could be thinking, frustrated to tears by the snail pace of your progress.

For example, when a client comes for a love reading, saying that they are going through a dry spell, I usually see Saturn going through the 5th or 7th House of their chart, and making challenging aspects to the client’s planets.  “Yes, you might have fewer options at this time,” I say. “But pay attention to the ones that come into your life. They will have a long-term potential”.

Capricorn energy is not about instant gratification, or about manifesting your goals instantly (wait for Aries Season for that 😀) . It’s about thinking long-term and building durable results.  Not, “I will go on a crash diet to lose 10 lbs”, but “I will make changes to my diet and my lifestyle so I can reach and MAINTAIN my weight goal of 140 lbs (or whatever number you have in mind!)”.

2024 is Just Around the Corner! 

And we have some great energies coming in.  Don't forget to join me for my webinar, "Navigating 2024: What the Stars Have in Store". 


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