Full Moon in Libra: April 2023

Full Moon in Libra: April 5 9:34 p.m. PDT

The New and Full Moon come in pairs, in the opposite signs of the Zodiac. But, there is usually a quality these opposite signs share. For Aries and Libra, it's all about finding balance between assertiveness and cooperation, and your needs and the needs of those around you. Aries is the warrior, boldly charging ahead.  And Libra is the diplomat who prefers peace at all costs. 

But first....

In the Lunar Cycle, the Full Moon is the time to celebrate your accomplishments and give gratitude for the good in your life.  It doesn't matter if your accomplishments feel like baby steps. Acknowledge them! Celebrate! This will energetically align you to receive more success and blessings on your journey. And, once you've taken some time to acknowledge and celebrate your progress and any help you might have received on your journey, set your intentions to release what no longer servers you.  

This Full Moon is in Libra. It’s THE day of the year to release co-dependency tendencies, indecision, compulsion to please, and the need to keep peace at all costs.

While you get the best results if your New and Full Moon intentions are aligned with the astrological sign of the Moon, you’re not limited to these areas – anything that is not working is fair game to be released!

Then, at the next New Moon (April 19/20), set intentions for new beginnings. But only if you're a risk-taker at heart! It's also a Solar Eclipse, so your desires can materialize fast, but it might happen in an unexpected or even a turbulent way.  

How To: 

  1. Set aside about 30 minutes after the Moon becomes full. Within 24 hours will still work.
  1. Prepare your space. You will need to focus on your intentions. It may help to light a candle and burn some incense. A black candle is traditionally associated with removing things from your life, but a white candle will work as well.
  1. Spend a few minutes writing in your gratitude journal (or simply make a list of what you’re grateful for). This is IMPORTANT! Don't skip this step. By thanking the Universe for the good things in your life, however small, you're energetically aligning yourself to receive more blessings.
  1. Then focus on what you want to release (behaviours or circumstances that don’t serve your goals). Truly FEEL your intentions. This is also important. You need to infuse your intentions with energy. You WANT to leave this place of indecision, after all. You WANT to be able to stand your ground, even if it makes you unpopular for a while. You can write your intentions on a piece of paper and burn it if you wish.

Sample Intentions:

“I’m letting go of my need to keep peace at all costs. I want to easily be able to take assertive action when I need to.”

“I want paralyzing indecision about _________ gone from my life. I want to easily recognize and be able to move forward with the option that is the best for me”.

“I want my need to be liked by everyone lifted from me.”

For the Magically Inclined:

The Full Moon in Libra is an excellent time to try an Apple Blossom Enchantment.

Want to Go Deeper?

I wasn't planning to offer my MoonManifest course again, but I've received so many requests to run another delivery.... to be quite honest, I didn't expect this course to become so popular! On a personal note, it's been very gratifying to hear so much positive feedback.

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