Jupiter in Pisces 2021-2022: Healing, Spirituality, and Inflation

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Jupiter, the planet of expansion and opportunities, moves back into Pisces on Dec. 28 2021.  When Jupiter changes signs, it’s big news: it always brings opportunities and expansion, but they shift to a new area of life.

Jupiter usually spends about one year in each sign. Jupiter's current trip through Pisces is slightly different, however, because of Jupiter's retrograde pattern.

We got a taste of its energy between May 13 - July 28 2021, and then Jupiter retrograded into Aquarius.

Well, there is more of this lovely energy heading our way! 

  • Dec. 28 2021 – May 10 2022
  • Oct. 28 – Dec. 20 2022

The Good: Healing, Spirituality, and Acceptance

And you know what? Jupiter in Pisces is sooooo lovely! It’s a very healing energy. We attract luck through intuition, imagination, and compassion. We’re charitable, and we look out for the underdog. We are more idealistic and perhaps less ambitious in a worldly sense, more motivated to give than receive.

It's a very healing energy to tap into, so welcome in the midst of all the turmoil the world has experienced over the past 21 months. 

In 2020, we had Jupiter joining Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, bringing the energy of hardship and oppressive fear. Jupiter struggles in Capricorn, feeling like it's Saturn's home, and Jupiter is just a guest, bound to play by Saturn's restrictive, somber rules. 

In 2021, we've had 3 rounds of the Saturn-Uranus square, bringing instability, uncertainty, and supply chain disruptions. The last peak was on Dec. 24 2021. And while we will still feel the energy of the Saturn-Uranus square until late Jan. 2022, February to April offer some very lovely and healing energies. While we’re heading into another wave of COVID with highly spreadable Omicron, and it’s hard to imagine that better times will arrive in in February, astrology says they will.

Another energy about to leave us is the eclipses in Gemini-Sagittarius, that can bring a lot of polarization and "rioting for a cause".  We had the last eclipse in Sagittarius on Dec. 4 2021, and we will still feel it's energy for a few months forward. But, with the nodal axis is moving into Taurus-Scorpio, and Jupiter moving into Pisces, there is hope that the divisive rhetoric and behaviours we’ve seen in 2021 will start subsiding. 

So yes! Jupiter’s entire stay in Jupiter is good news.  It heightens spirituality, compassion, selfless giving, and artistic pursuits. It brings deep healing to us a collective, which is a very welcome development.

Jupiter in Pisces is also a great energy for all things “glamour” and “illusion”, such as the movie industry, fashion or fiction.

Jupiter was the ruler of Pisces until Neptune was discovered, so Jupiter is very comfortable in this sign. And, on its journey through Pisces it will connect with Neptune on April 12 2022 – Neptune is also in Pisces at the moment.  Mark this date in your calendars because it’s a prime date to manifest abundance.

What’s more, Jupiter will be making positive connections with Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn, while travelling through Pisces. It’s well positioned in the skies, and I hope it will bring us a much needed sense of peace and relief.

Jupiter in Pisces is pure magic. It's not about rules and restrictions, it's not about science - it's about faith, and it's about healing.

The Bad: Keep Your Feet on the Ground, and Watch for Inflation

The main energy of Jupiter is EXPANSION, which is not quite the same as luck. It brings opportunities, but it can also magnify any challenging energies it encounters. Look what happened in 2019 when Jupiter set off the tough Saturn-Pluto conjunction! Spreading of COVID.

And in combination with Neptune in Pisces, it can make us too idealistic. There can be a socialistic tendency to “redistribute wealth’.  

In combination, Jupiter and Neptune can bring increased inflation. And in fact, we're already experiencing this, in Canada anyway.  It could escalate more while Jupiter travels through Pisces, and especially in March-April 2022. Neptune rules oil and gas, so perhaps the prices there will go up. If you’re holding any gas or oil stocks, that might be good news though!

Neptune and Pisces also rule mind-altering substances, so there may be an increased substance abuse for us as a society. The use of medical marijuana could be gaining more prominence again. 

Still, the huge upside of it all is that Jupiter in Pisces is very healing and non-judgmental. It’s a GREAT energy for spiritual, artistic, and charitable pursuits.  Just keep your feet on the ground, though! With Jupiter in Pisces, it's all too easy to want to ignore or escape reality. 

So that's Jupiter. What else are the planets up to this year? Find out in my 2022 Forecast. 

Jupiter in Pisces And You:

Cancer, Scorpio and Virgo will have a lot of supportive energies available to them while Jupiter is in Pisces.  For Scorpio, however, Saturn and Uranus will continue challenging your sign, so there might also be some hurdles to push through, and some big life-altering changes.

Sagittarius and Gemini might have an optimistic time filled with opportunities, but not all of them will deliver.

And it going be an important period for Pisces or a Pisces Ascendant. At its highest manifestation, it could be the time of pure bliss.  Keep your feet on the ground though.  If some opportunities seem too good to be true, they probably are!

Having said that, we all have Pisces somewhere in our natal charts! Note the House (=area of life) Jupiter is moving through in your chart. That’s where the opportunities will come from for YOU in 2022.

If you want to know what opportunities Jupiter's stay in Pisces will bring for you, try this reading.


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