Jupiter in Taurus 2023-2024

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and opportunities, is about to finish its journey through fiery Aries.  It moves into peace-loving, financially savvy Taurus on May 16 2023, where it’ll stay until May 25 2024. And it’s a big highlight of the entire 2023!

Jupiter's visit of Taurus starts with a lot of tension but ends on an exceptionally high note! (See Special Periods later in this post).

Let's first cover what Jupiter in Taurus means for us as a collective, and then move on to its impacts at a personal level. 

Sectors that Flourish When Jupiter is in Taurus:

Taurus is a peace-loving sign, and Jupiter's presence there is generally helpful for the economy. Now that we made it to this point in the year, perhaps we’ll be able to dodge a full-blown global recession after all.

What’s more, when Jupiter is in Taurus, it’s good news for agriculture.  Hopefully we will have a good growing season in 2023, helping to bring down the cost of groceries - or some of it, at least! 

When Jupiter is in Taurus, some or all of the following sectors tend to prosper:

  • Agriculture
  • Banks and banking
  • Cash and precious metals
  • Women's rights
  • Music and musicians
  • Actors and actresses
  • Jewelry and jewelers 

I remember sitting in my financial advisor’s office in early 2022, saying “I think stocks related to the defense sector and the military are about to skyrocket”. This was before the Russia-Ukraine war.

He shook his head and asked me what I was basing it on.  Well….Jupiter was about to head into Aries, and while it’s an imprecise approach to picking stocks, the sign Jupiter moves through is an indicator of the sectors that are about to flourish. 

A year later, he sent me an email saying, “You were right! Military-related stocks have done really well…”

Jupiter in Taurus and You:  

Jupiter AND Taurus both are associated with abundance. In our personal lives, we can tap into this lush energy to bring more abundance into our lives. 

Look at the House (=area of your life) that is in Taurus. That's where you'll likely experience expansion in the next 12 months.

You can go about it in two ways. Firstly, you can keep an eye out for opportunities and unexpected blessings.  

Don't stop there though! You can also mindfully and intentionally call abundance into your life - the New Moon in Taurus, on May 19 8:53 a.m. PDT, is a fantastic time for that astrologically.  This way, you're staying focused on the opportunities you want to pursue, and what you want to expand and explore over the next year of your life. 

Money and Resources

Taurus is also a ruler of money and resources, so Jupiter in Taurus is a very good time to consider how you can expand your money-making options. Taurus is about creating value (rather than, say, a lottery win or inherited wealth). 

This can take many different paths. It could be looking for a new, better paying job. It could be advocating for a promotion or a raise at work. Or perhaps it's a side gig that brings in some extra cash. Or maybe it's about being smart with your money.  

Values and Expansion of Value

Jupiter in Taurus can also expand how we define value. Will AI soon take over entry-level jobs, such as a chat bot taking drive-through orders at Wendy's? Will it force us to define the value we humans bring to the workplace?

Regardless of technological advances, figuring out your “value proposition” never hurts. We all have at least a couple of exceptional, stellar qualities we bring to jobs, relationships and community   What are yours? 

This year is a good time to reconnect with your personal values, too. And hopefully knowing your own value is one of your values! Don't sell yourself short.


Escalating interest rates driving up your mortgage. For those who can afford buying a home, that is!  A near-miss banking crisis.  International conflicts. Your grocery bill still going through the roof. The unsettling talk of de-globalization. Trying to stay abreast with AI and ChatGPT. 

Oh geez...does it feel like the world has changed and accelerated post-pandemic?

Thankfully, the energy of Jupiter in Taurus is very grounding. Do more of what connects you with your senses. Spend more time in nature. Learn some grounding techniques. 

Little (or Big) Luxuries

Taurus is a pleasure-oriented sign.  Bring me some good food and good wine, it says.  And while you’re at it, rub my feet.  Better yet, give me a full body massage! And let me check out some expensive jewelry while I'm at it.  That pandemic loungewear was cute for a while, but now I'm ready for some expensive stuff.

And so Jupiter in Taurus could be a good time for luxury brands.

The Dark Side of Jupiter in Taurus

Yes, while Jupiter is the greater benefic - it bestows gifts - it has its dark side, too. Remember, Jupiter is about expansion.

While Jupiter in Taurus connects us with our senses in a big way, it can also lead to over-indulgence.  It can also lead to over-spending or over-confidence in financial matters.

Special Periods During Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter will make some particularly strong and impactful connections with the outer planets when in Taurus.  

Jupiter-Pluto Square:  April 26 - June 5 2023

Right after Jupiter gets into Taurus, it will butt heads with Pluto. This can bring big opportunities to make OR lose money, esp. if you have natal planets at 0-1°of Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius.  There may be some big changes brewing in your life, about to happen. 

In 2020, we had a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, “a millionaire aspect” as astrology likes to call it. The year these two planets come together, there is money to be made. It’s not going to apply to everyone at once, of course. But, if this planetary combo hits your own natal chart just right – you will benefit financially!

In 2020, we had massive government subsidies due to COVID. As a friend of mine attests, as a business owner, she just happened to be between contracts for one month, precisely when the government help hit. She qualified – and had a sudden, substantial windfall. (And there I was, thinking at the time...we're at the start of a global pandemic! Surely the economy will crash now. How is it that I see this energy of wealth coming in, astrologically?)

And now, the same energy returns, but it's quite tense. It can bring reversals on a global scale (for good OR bad). The trouble here is,  Mars moves into Leo almost at the same time, and butts heads with both Jupiter and Pluto.  And that can bring some turmoil. 

Hopefully this has already played out as the banking sector near-crisis that started in March.  The Jupiter-Pluto square got activated at the time of the Solar Eclipse in April - and with that eclipse being in Aries, it can trigger events early.

But, the debt ceiling standoff in the USA is still unfolding as I write, with economists worried about the impacts on the global economy.

Money money money...true to what the planets tell us, there is tension, related to money.  A square is a tense planetary aspect that shows us where adjustments are needed. Actually, "shows" is too gentle of a word. It's more like, it pushes it into our face. 

May 2023 is definitely the month to watch. The energy will be at its peak May 16 to May 25.

And let's not forget:  Jupiter is challenging Pluto in Aquarius. The very Pluto energy that brought on the rapid expansion of AI. The AI that can take a snippet of your voice and create a voicemail that sounds just like you, but is not from you.  There are mounting calls to regulate the development of self-improving AI before it self-improves out of control. 

Perhaps we will hear more about risks and dangers of AI in May. 

Jupiter and the North Node Align:  May 28 – June 5 2023

Now the North Node conjunction…it can bring fated events for us as the collective.  They can propel us light years into the future, because they are meant to happen at this particular point in time.  But, they can also feel shocking or unsettling at the time they happen. The conjunction will be happening at 3° Taurus, and we will feel it from May 28 to June 5th.

Jupiter Sextile Saturn:  June 2023 and February 2024

This beneficial sextile can boost the economy, and if it hits your natal chart just right, it will help you make some good solid progress in your life.

The dates:

  • June 12 to June 30 2023 (the energy peaks on June 19) - Jupiter at 7° Taurus and Saturn at 7° Pisces.

  • Jan. 27 to Feb. 23 2024 - the sextile won't become exact, but the two planets will be within 1° orb of one another; Jupiter again at 7° Taurus and Saturn at 6-7° Pisces.

If you have natal planets between 5-8° Pisces, Taurus, Capricorn, or Virgo, this will be a helpful energy for you.  Sextiles are not as strongly beneficial as trines, for example, but still a lot of good progress can be made. 

Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction: April 21 2024

Now this is big. This energy can bring huge financial opportunities, unexpected developments for the environment, and big developments in digital currencies. 

We will feel this energy April 12 to April 30 2024. It will peak on April 21. 

If you have personal planets at 18-25° of Taurus, Virgo or  Capricorn,  April 2024 could be a majorly beneficial period for you.  Jupiter and Uranus will align at 21° Taurus.  Check the House (=area of your life) that will be activated in your natal chart. 

Jupiter-Venus Conjunction:  May 23 2024

Jupiter's visit of Taurus ends on a high note. Jupiter-Venus conjunctions (alignments) are some of the most auspicious planetary connections in astrology. 

We're in for some exceptional and positive developments in April-May 2024.

And Now for Some Horoscopes!

If you're a Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn of Scorpio - or if your Ascendant is in these signs - chances are, you'll benefit from Jupiter's time in Taurus.

And if you're a Leo and Aquarius - or if your Ascendant is in these signs - you will have opportunities as well, but in your case, watch out for the overconfident, over-optimistic side of Jupiter. 

And here is also a brief forecast for each Ascendant Sign. If you don't know your Ascendant sign, read the forecast below as if it's for your Sun sign (read "Leo Ascendant" if you're a Leo).

One quick technical note: this forecast is based on the Whole Sign house system (i.e. 1st House starts at 0 degree Aries).  If you use the Placidus House System, then some of the interpretations below may be imprecise.

Remember that a Jupiter transit through your natal chart is only one part of the picture! If you want to have a full lowdown on the energies coming into your life in the next 12 months, try this reading. 

Taurus Ascendant :  

Or, Jupiter going through the 1st House.

Ahhh fantastic!  There may be new opportunities and beginnings in life; new romantic and/or business partnerships are possible. Your charisma is increased, and people and opportunities flock to you.  April 2024 will be a particularly magnetic time. 

But, since Jupiter expands everything it touches, it can also expand your waistline!

Gemini Ascendant:

Your spiritual insights and intuition will increase. It’s a good year to work on something that you’re planning to put into motion when Jupiter enters Gemini in mid-2024. For example, it’s a good year to be preparing for a launch of your business or a book.  A great year for spiritual pursuits. Try yoga or meditation. A good year for finding just the right coach or a therapist to work with. 

Jupiter will be going through your 12th House. 

Cancer Ascendant:

A great time to expand your circle of friends and to network. Join a professional association. Get yourself more visible on social media: you could gain a lot of new audience.  Make new professional contacts – they can bring good gains long-term. 

Jupiter will be going through your 11th House. 

Leo Ascendant:

A great time for career opportunities, and for being “in the public eye”.  Build a relationship with your boss - it will be helpful for you later on! Jupiter in the 10th House can bring accolades that feel "undeserved" (for example, your team's accomplishments can be attributed to you as their boss, even though you didn't participate or provide guidance).

Jupiter will be going through your 10th House. 

Virgo Ascendant:

There can be increased opportunities for travel, learning and growth.  If you’re a writer, it could be a good period to publish your book! Your optimism and luck are increased. If you need to improve your relationship with your in-laws, now is the time. 

Jupiter will be going through your 9th House. 

Libra Ascendant:

There can be financial gains through others. If you need to apply for a loan or a mortgage, this is a good time.  If occult sciences are your thing, it’s a good year for that as well.  There can be deep psychological healing for those who have gone through a crisis.  And, it’s a good energy for your sex life 😉  

Jupiter will be going through your 8th House. 

Scorpio Ascendant:

Excellent! When I see Jupiter going through the client’s 7th House, there is often a new relationship – one that you benefit from! (even though it might not be your forever).  This person will bring something of value into your life.  For those already hitched, there is an opportunity for the relationship to grow and flourish. There can be positive developments in business relationships, new business partnerships, and beneficial contracts.  

Jupiter will be going through your 7th House. 

Sagittarius Ascendant:

This is an opportune time for improving your health through lifestyle changes.

There can also be positive developments in your work environment (for example, positive relationships with your teammates, recognition for your contributions, your physical working environment changes for the better). 

I got unexpectedly upgraded to a big huge office with a bank of windows and a view, when Jupiter last visited my 6th House!  Note that Jupiter here is not about new jobs, promotions, or breathtaking career opportunities.  It's about your working environment - your physical space, job duties, or people you work with. 

It’s also a great time to get a pet.

Jupiter will be going through your 6th House. 

Capricorn Ascendant:

New romantic opportunities that bring joy; great energy for creative pursuits and self-expression. Your luck increases. If you have children, there may be good developments in their life. And, if you’re thinking of starting a family, Jupiter in your 5th House lends support! 

Jupiter will be going through your 5th House. 

Aquarius Ascendant:

Oooh Jupiter in your 4th House! An excellent time to buy or sell property, or to find the right place to rent.  An auspicious energy for home improvements, and for enjoying time with family.

Pisces Ascendant:

An auspicious time for writing, speaking and media-related pursuits. A great energy for developing new skills and interests, that will bring enjoyment.  If you need to improve your relationship with neigbours or siblings, the energy is supportive! It may be a socially busy year.  

Jupiter will be going through your 3rd House. 

Aries Ascendant:

Jupiter in your 2nd House! Nice! It's a prime period to manifest abundance. Great for financial growth, and for increasing your knowledge of financial matters. But, before all of this wonderful financial growth comes into your life, work on your sense of self-worth. Yes, you ARE worthy of all this abundance!! Why wouldn't you be? If you have any self-limiting beliefs related to money, now is the time to work on them as well. 


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