Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius/Capricorn, Jan. 14 - Feb. 3 2022

Mercury Retrograde can bring annoying technology glitches, delayed or cancelled travel plans and appointments, and frustrating miscommunication.  And….it has a huge silver lining. It’s the best time of the year for all things “re”: re-do, re-plan, re-write (or edit), re-connect, reflect.  You get the picture!

This Mercury Retrograde straddles Aquarius and Capricorn, echoing the theme of the Uranus-Saturn squares that dominated the astrology of 2021 (and that we will still feel in 2022).  Reflect on your relationship with stability and change, say Aquarius and Capricorn. While we have had a lot of uncertainty over the past 2 years, the energies have also been supportive of change and innovation.

Perhaps there are new opportunities available to you now, that weren't there pre-pandemic. Perhaps you can now relocate to a home of your dreams in a small community, while still working for your company, remotely. There are many things we haven't been able to do during the pandemic, and those restrictions stare us in the face day after day.  But, keep an eye out for new doors opening as well. 

Mercury will also briefly activate the Saturn-Uranus square on Jan. 13-16, which can temporarily increase anxiety about the future. Practice grounding. 

Work on Those Unhelpful Thought Patterns! 

This Mercury Retrograde will also place Mercury (communication, thought patterns) into an unusually long conjunction with Pluto. We will feel the effects between Jan. 28 - Feb. 14!  Use this time - esp. Jan. 28-30 - to work on your self-limiting beliefs and thinking patterns that no longer serve you. Some amazing breakthroughs are possible at this time.  

Re-write unhelpful scripts and stories running through your mind. So yes, maybe you went through two bad relationships in a row….but, does it really make you a failure in the love department? Or, were these relationships an opportunity to refine what you really need in a romantic partner?

Slow Down

Slow down when Mercury is Retrograde! Pace of life has been accelerating. Do you skim your email and occasionally miss important details? I know I do!  A big part of me thinks that many Mercury Retrograde related issues are due to our own rushing, and that it's the Universe's way to ask us to slow down. 

Check in with yourself - are you where you want to be in your life, your work, your relationships, your projects? 

Refresh Your Mental Space

Mercury rules thought patterns and communication:

  • Delete old email messages, documents/files, and voicemail

  • Unfollow any social media accounts that make you feel “down” or uninspired

Rewrite and Edit 

If you are a writer, Mercury Retrograde is a great time for editing your work!

Be Prepared for Possible Technology, Communication, or Transportation Glitches:

But also, be prepared for possible technology, communication or transportation problems, especially right before and after Mercury changes direction (turns retrograde or direct). For this retrograde period, it’s Jan. 11-17 and Feb. 1-7.

  • Check fluids in the car and air in the tires
  • Double-check your travel plans; give yourself some extra time to get to your destination
  • Back up data on your phone and computer
  • Remember to charge your phone
  • Review important e-mails, including the distribution list, before you click “Send”! Sending sensitive info to the wrong recipient happens quite often during Mercury Retrograde ☹
  • Re-negotiate and replan, rather than signing new contracts or starting new projects
  • If you must sign any important documents, read the fine print
  • And (borrowed from the art of feng shui), clean all windows and mirrors for clarity. 

Avoid Buying Vehicles or Electronics if you can (you may have problems with them later)

  • Comparison-shop instead, to be ready to purchase after Mercury goes direct
  • If you can’t wait, save your warranty!

If You Need to Sign that Contract, Buy that Car, or Start an E-Commerce Business...

Jan. 23: Sun conjunct Mercury. This is the only day during Mercury Retrograde when it’s actually good to START something related to communication, contracts, vehicles, electronics, or e-commerce.

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