New Moon in Cancer: July 2024

NEW MOON IN CANCER, July 5 2024, 3:57 p.m. PDT

Astrologically speaking, the New Moon is the time to set intentions, to attract what you desire into your life. This New Moon, at 14° Cancer,  is THE day of the year to set intentions for healthy eating habits and everything related to home or family. 

You're not limited to these topics though!  Setting intentions for anything you want to attract into your life is fair game on a New Moon. But, intentions for the areas ruled by Cancer will get an extra boost.

If you are prone to emotional eating, set intentions for healthy eating habits. And if your relationship with your parents is strained, it’s a great New Moon to ask for improvements there.

Don't set intentions for others. Not "I want Mom to..." That's not going to work. Rephrase it into "I want to find the right words, at the right time, to encourage Mom to...." 

How To:

  1. Set your intentions soon after the new Moon, within 8 hours if you can (within 24 hours will still work). Set aside about 30 minutes for this. 

  2. Focus on your intentions. Truly FEEL them (this is key). Then write them down and keep them. You WANT to live in that lovely, welcoming home of yours that you're manifesting.  You WANT to eat healthy and feel great.  What would it feel like when your heart's desire comes to you? 

  3. Then write down your intentions and keep them.

Sample Intentions:

“I want to easily attract and purchase the right home for me.”

“I want to easily be able to find a mortgage that I’m happy with”

“I want to easily be able to sell my home at the price I’m happy with.”

“I want to easily find myself spending quality time with my family on a regular basis.”

“I want to start and maintain food habits that are healthy and nurturing”.

“I want to be able to take care of others in a way that is also healthy and nurturing for me, and is not at my expense”.

“I want to easily find myself creating an environment of mutual respect, understanding and caring with my mother.”

My post "Setting Intentions on the New Moon:  Why and How" provides more info on the topic. 

To Go Deeper: 

I'm a big believer in working with the Lunar Cycle.  I've built a consistent practice, and it brought some very nice results over the years.

And so I'd like to introduce you to one of my favourite books on the subject: Jan Spiller's "New Moon Astrology".

It's a fantastic resource on how to work with the New Moon, with a great variety of recommended intentions.

My favourite chapter is "Maximizing Results". So many helpful and practical tips.

The book also allows you to go deeper and work with your Lunar Nodes, to rid yourself of unconscious habits and behaviours that can be working against you. It's your karmic residue that might have followed you your past life!

Over the years, I've been recommending my favourite astrology resources to my clients. "Teach a man to fish..." 😀

And so I've decided to sign up for the Amazon Affiliate program, so the link to Jan Spiller's book is an affiliate link. I'll receive a small amount of commission should you decide to purchase - for a full disclaimer!

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