New Moon in Leo: July 28 2022

NEW MOON IN LEO, July 28 2022, 10:55 a.m. PDT

Astrologically speaking, the New Moon is the time to set intentions to attract what you want into your life. This New Moon in Leo is THE day of the year to set intentions for bringing more creativity and joy into your life, and for finding or expressing your inner voice.  If you’re in performing arts, this is a fantastic New Moon to set intentions for success.

If you're working on attracting romance or creating a joyful relationship with your children, don't miss this Leo Moon.

And, last but not least, if you need a boost of power to your leadership abilities, this is your New Moon too! 

But as always, you’re not limited to these areas. Set intentions for anything you’re working on – it’s a very good New Moon! But, intentions related to the areas ruled by Leo will get an extra boost.

This New Moon makes a favourable connection to Jupiter – and Jupiter turns retrograde just a couple of hours after. The energy of expansion and opportunities is greatly amplified between July 28-31. Charge a citrine for luck, at the time of this New Moon or very shortly after.

Look for the House in your natal chart (= area of your life) where 5 degrees Leo falls.  Within the next few weeks, there may be a particularly auspicious new beginning in that area.

How To:

Choose about 5 intentions (or wishes) to focus on. More than that seems to diffuse the energy.

  • Set your intentions soon after the new Moon, within 8 hours if you can (within 24 hours will still work). Set aside about 30 minutes for this. This New Moon is on July 28 at 10:55 a.m. PDT.

  • You may wish to light a yellow candle and meditate with a citrine or a sunstone. Spend good 5 minutes getting grounded and centered, before you send your intentions to the Universe. (In my New Moon workshop, I teach you a powerful process that helps you work with the New Moon energies - there is only so much I can include in a post!)

  • Focus on your intentions. Take some time to truly FEEL them (this is key). You WANT to be in that happy relationship full of joy, that you’re manifesting.  You WANT to attract a leadership position in your career.  What would it feel like when your heart's desire comes to you? 

Sample Intentions:

“I want to attract and experience a joyful, happy romantic relationship.”

“I want to easily be able to create a feeling of joy and romance in my relationship with _________”.

“I want my relationship with my child(ren) <insert names> to be full of joy”.

“I want to easily find ways to bring joy and happiness into each day of my life”.

“I want to easily find myself assuming leadership in <the area of your life>”.

“I want to easily generate creative, original ideas for <my book, art, or other creative areas>”.

“I want to attract and experience success in <theater or other performing arts>”.

To Go Deeper:

We all have the ability to draw what we desire to us, the ability to manifest the future we want. We don't always use it, because we don't know how!

We spend years in school, learning science and literature and many other subjects. Then we spend years developing skills we need for our career.

And yet, the skill to manifest the future we want? For most of us, we didn't learn it growing up - but we can certainly learn it as adults.

Join me for my 28-day "MoonManifest" Challenge, that teaches you just that. We're starting on August 23! 

Participants Say:

I still can’t believe it. Truly, I’ve been talking about moving/buying a house for decades but never felt it was within my reach. I think having those specific intentions, written clearly helped me to focus on achieving those goals.  Nothing dropped in my lap and I had to make the effort but rather than having to walk the whole way, a moving walkway appeared at just the right moments to help me over some challenging spots.  From now on I’m going to work WITH the Universe!

I. from Chicago, USA


It was straightforward, practical, interactive... all the things that help make new information become transformation.

R. from Asheville, USA


I loved the breakdown that was given to us and the we had the chance to practice. Loved it and would take it again.

N. from Saskatoon, Canada

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