New Moon in Scorpio, October 2022

NEW MOON/SOLAR ECLIPSE in Scorpio, October 25 2022 3:49 a.m. PDT

Astrologically speaking, the New Moon is the time to set intentions for what you want to attract into your life. Maybe there is a sprinkle of magic that is born at the time the Sun and the Moon come together. Or maybe it's just easier to program your own mind toward your goals at that time. Regardless, setting intentions on a New Moon works, even though it might take a few months.

Now, one thing I need to mention is that this New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse. Its powers are supercharged. The intentions you set on this New Moon can manifest fast, but they can also come into your life in an unexpected and possibly even turbulent way. I've seen many examples of this in my many years as an astrologer!

To share just one: a client of mine was writing a book, but couldn’t get enough time to work on it.  She set an intention on an eclipse to make good progress fast. Within a month, she had to shut down her primary business - her store - due the pandemic. She got a lot of time to work on the book, and made good progress fast - just as she wished for - but she lost her income for a period of time.

I teach the power of astrological timing - including the best way to work with the eclipse energy -  in my course the "MoonManifest Challenge".

If you're a risk-taker, this New Moon is for you big time.  And, if unexpected twists and turns feel like too much excitement at the moment, sit this one out.

And, if you decide to set your intentions....

The New Moon in Scorpio is THE day of the year to do some manifestation work to connect with your personal power, invite more passion into your life, and to boost your resolve and determination to accomplish something.

And that “something” can include getting rid of unhelpful habits (good-bye, smoking!), debt, or deep-seated emotions such as shame, guilt, envy and jealousy. And so it’s a very powerful New Moon, but also very healing.

If you're new to working with New Moon energies, you may be interested in my post "Setting Intentions on a New Moon: Why and How".

How To:

  1. Set your intentions soon after the new Moon, within 8 hours if you can, but within 48 hours will still work. Set aside about 30 minutes for this.
  1. Focus on your intentions. Take some time to truly FEEL them. Then write them down and keep them.

Sample Intentions: 

“I want to easily be able to tap into and express my personal power.”

“I want to be able to use my power constructively.”

“I want a positive transformation to occur in the area of __________”.

“I want to be able to stay resilient in crisis.”

“I want to easily find ways to bring passion into my relationship with ____, resulting in a deeper bond between us”.

"I want to easily find ways to bring passion into my work, resulting in a satisfying professional experience/career growth".

“I want to easily be able to work with politics in my workplace in a way that is beneficial for me and others.”

"I want to easily be able to take the right steps to eliminate debt from my life."

"I want to easily find myself applying for and receiving a loan that supports my best interests". 

To Go Deeper:

We all have the ability to draw what we desire to us, the ability to manifest the future we want. We don't always use it, because we don't know how!

We spend years in school, learning science and literature and many other subjects. Then we spend years developing skills we need for our career.

And yet, the skill to manifest the future we want? For most of us, we didn't learn it growing up - but we can certainly learn it as adults.

Join me for my 28-day "MoonManifest Challenge", that teaches you just that. 

Participants Say:

I'm thrilled to be receiving this feedback:

✨ I wanted to let you know (I'm working on manifesting abundance of money)  that I received two unexpected checks in the mail today, and an unexpected deposit into my bank account.  Even though they aren't going to sustain my family in the long-term, there were a surprise, much appreciated, and a nice beginning!

- L. from Florida, USA

✨ Since each lesson builds on the previous learnings, I really liked the progression. There were great insights along the way and tips to avoid potential pitfalls that seemed to be timed just perfectly based on the stage I was at.  

- S. from Ontario, Canada

✨The course has been great so far! The details, the length, the explanation (even the music) is perfect!

- H. from Texas, USA

✨ During the New Moon, I asked for money to arrive easily and unexpectedly. And I received a modest but unexpected bonus at work.

- N. from Manila, Philippines 

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