Sagittarius Season: 6 Things to Try

I love that astrology keeps us connected with the larger cycles of the Universe. As the Sun travels through the Zodiac, each month we get a chance to “try on” the qualities of that sign.

For Sagittarius, it’s vision, big picture, optimism, faith and expansion.  The Sagittarius Season is one of the prime manifestation times of the year. It’s the time to DREAM BIG.

The Sun moves into Sagittarius on Nov. 22 2023 at 6:03 a.m. PST. Happy Birthday Season to all my Sagittarian readers!

Some things to try when the Sun is in Sagittarius:

1 -  Work on an Abundance Mindset

The term 'abundance mindset' was first coined by Stephen R Covey in 1989, in his best-selling book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. According to Covey, an abundance mindset means believing that there are unlimited resources available for every individual, and that long-term success means creating a win-win situation for all. 

The opposite of the abundance mindset is the scarcity mindset: “I can only get a sliver of the pie, because the rest is already taken by others.” Create a BIGGER PIE!

In business or career, look for win-win solutions.  Build partnerships.  In your personal life, don’t compare yourself and your accomplishments to others. We all go at our own speed.

Believe in infinite possibilities. Sure, your last relationship might have not worked out. And, all your friends are happily attached. DOESN’T MATTER. There are more quality romantic possibilities available to you in the future.  I have never seen a natal chart that says, “You missed your only chance and you will never find love again”. There is ALWAYS another chance.

I will never forget a client who was in her early 80s, whose husband #4 passed away a few months prior. “Is there someone else in the future for me?” she asked. And – there was!

2 - Invite More Joy Into Your Life

Charge a citrine or a sunstone to invite more joy into your life. The New Moon on Dec. 12 at 3:32 p.m.. PST would be an excellent time! 

As a side note, this New Moon is fantastic for manifestation. If interested to learn how to work with the New Moon energy, I offer a digital mini-course "Working with the New Moon".  

 3 -  See the Humorous Side of Things

Don't let minor annoyances ruin your day.  "What? One more thing that went wrong today??" - try to find some humour in it if you can. Tomorrow is a brand-new day.

Sagittarius Season invites us to laugh often and ignore minor upsets that will not matter tomorrow. Or in a week! 

 4 - Try Something New

If you feel like what you want is just not materializing in your life, make one small change in your routine.

Maybe it’s what you have for breakfast. Or a different route to work (if not working from home, that is!).

The thing is, when we try something new, we signal to the Universe that we’re ready for the positive change to come into our life.

5- Create a Vision Board

Sagittarius Season is one of two auspicious timeframes of the year to create your vision board (the other is Pisces Season). 

So much is written about vision boards that it's easy to tune out this wonderful and impactful tool.  But...give it a try...

Get out your scissors and some magazines. Find some images that provoke a deep emotional yearning in you and represent the life you want. Perhaps it’s the home of your dreams. Or an image of a happy family. Or of professional success. Or financial abundance. Clip the images that speak to you. Add some words that capture your desires (“peace”, or “success”, or “belonging” – you get the gist). Add whatever artistic touches you feel like adding. Let your imagination run wild. Then collate them into a vision board.

Or draw. Or fire up your digital clipboard (but, the tactile dimension of touching and arranging pieces of your vision board seems to bring things up a notch).

Or, if you're into words rather than images, try this manifestation tip: 

If you are into social media, write a post that you will be posting, let’s say, two years from now.  Write about your life as you WANT IT TO BE at that point.  Financially secure? Check. In a great relationship? Check.  Living in a home of your dreams? Check. And so it goes. And if social media is not your thing, write a Christmas letter to a friend, that you’re going to send 2 years from now.

Focus on the FEELING you’re calling into your life. Stability. Safety. Love. Belonging. Seeing your most beautiful, radiant, happy self, reflected in someone else’s eyes. Whatever resonates with you. And then spend some time writing a vivid description of that life. The more vivid, the better.

Don’t use your thinking mind – how will it all happen? That’s what the Capricorn Season is for, coming next 😊 Don’t worry about the “how” just yet. Focus on the big picture. Be visionary. Be bold.

6 - Challenge Your Assumptions

The shadow side of Sagittarius is becoming attached to a belief without examining all the facts first. “My way or the highway!” is the negative manifestation of the Sagittarius energy. Check your assumptions.  Is there an alternative point of view that you’re ignoring?

A quick story, from my professional career:

My HR team was working with IT on a system implementation project, developing training. A team lead – a project manager from IT - kept stopping by, asking my team if “they had some down time”. What she was trying to do was to give them some smaller tasks from the project plan, while we were waiting for the next system build to become available. She was following a standard project management approach, but she didn’t think to explain it to the team.

Having no previous experience with project management, the team members understood her downtime question as “You clearly don’t have enough to do, or you are not working hard enough!”

They started spending their coffee breaks complaining about this hard-driving woman. “Who does she think she is?”  It was a prime recipe for conflict. (It got all worked out in the end, but not after a lot of headache).

Take the time to explain your intent, as other people will hear what you say through their own lens: their previous experience.

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