Saturn in Pisces: 2023-2026

Saturn in Pisces: It's All About Reality....

2021-2022 were marked by the Saturn-Uranus square: the energy of instability and supply-chain disruptions.  They were a wild ride!

And every wild ride has a hint of promise to it, those new unexpected opportunities that emerge when our view of the world changes.  Once we adjusted to the first shock of the world shutting down during the pandemic, we moved from big urban cities to smaller communities.  Bought houses, or refinanced, because mortgage rates were so low! Bet on working from home forever.  Quit our jobs during the “Great Resignation”. 

It wasn’t just us as individuals.  Companies bet that consumer behaviour would forever change to online shopping (it didn’t).  Central banks forecasted low interest rates for 2022 (we all know how THAT went!)

Mortgage rates went up, and many companies decided they want the workforce to return to the office.  Inflation ate into our paycheck and our pandemic savings.  The stock market crashed.

Geopolitical tensions went up, and the world appears to be divided again into Russia and its allies against the West. A devastating war has been raging in Ukraine for over a year.

Yikes!  And right on schedule for Saturn's move into Pisces.

“Get real, my friends”, says Saturn in Pisces.  “It’s time to look at your life through the lenses of this new reality. ”

Spoiler alert, before you get too depressed...2023 is a transitional year. We're starting on a huge energy shift. It will start gaining steam in 2024 and will come into full force in 2025-2026. 

But before that happens, we may be adjusting to our new post-pandemic reality, and that can be a bit of a the short-term anyway!

But not for too long...Jupiter will be moving into Taurus in May 2023, bringing a counter-balancing shot of grounded, peaceful energy. 

And, while Saturn is all about reality, Saturn in Pisces brings a very interesting twist: it can bring our DREAMS into reality.  Read on....

Saturn and Neptune (or Pisces)

Saturn will move into Pisces on March 7 2023 and stay there for nearly 3 years. Saturn is not comfortable in Pisces! Piscean energies are about transcendence, spirituality, compassion, inspiration and merging with the Divine. Saturn is about laying foundations and building boundaries. It represents material reality, structure, and limits/limitations 

These two energies are dissonant, but we better get used to them. We will feel the uneasy interplay of the Pisces (Neptunian) and Saturn energies for quite some time – until 2028.

This is why:  Saturn will stay in Pisces until May 25 2025, and then briefly move into Aries, before it retrogrades into Pisces on Sept. 1 2025.

Meanwhile, Neptune will move into Aries on March 2025.  The two planets will come close to a conjunction, extending the interplay of Pisces/Neptune and Saturn.

Close, but not quite though...Saturn will return to Pisces , and stay there from  Sept. 1 2025 to Feb. 14 2026. It will then enter Aries again - and reunite with Neptune! 

It will form an exact conjunction with Neptune on Feb. 20 2026, at 0 degrees Aries. Then, Neptune and Saturn will cohabit Aries from 2025 to early 2028.

Saturn and Neptune are going to be dancing with each other for 6 years.  2023 is an introduction to it.

Saturn the Taskmaster

Each planetary energy has its high manifestation (the best it can bring into our life), and its low manifestation (the worst it can bring).

The thing, Saturn is like a strict teacher.  Is it a bad thing or a good thing?'s up to us!

Saturn can restrict the areas ruled by the sign it moves through.  But it can also redefine and reshape them toward great accomplishments. 

With Saturn in Pisces, we can expect to feel its restrictive – or redefining! - energy in the following areas: 

  • oil and gas
  • drugs
  • pharmaceuticals
  • the sea and fishing
  • charities
  • hospitals
  • arts
  • spirituality. 

For arts, gritty realism and art noir can become glamorous yet again.

Sadly, there is a tinge of disillusionment to Saturn in Pisces.  We can have a crisis of faith, so to speak.  2023-2026 can be re-defining years for spirituality or religion. 

As far as the economic sectors it touches, for example oil and gas, Saturn can reduce supply OR lower prices.

And I sure hope we’re not heading into increased shortages of healthcare workers or increased pressure on the hospital system.

Saturn-Neptune aspects historically brought a rise in socialist movements (and Pluto moves into Aquarius in 2023 too, reinforcing the same theme). 

Saturn the Teacher

There is always a silver lining with the Saturn energy! It can temporarily take away what we started to take for granted.  It can serve as a big wake-up call, forcing us to redefine or rebuild the areas that are now crumbling.  It can lead to great advancement and break-throughs, out of necessity.

Just think about the mNRA vaccine developed in record time, because the world was shut down by a pandemic! The vaccine was approved under a Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius (technology).

Perhaps the opioid crisis will now be solved.  More structure and definition put in place around the legalization of cannabis.  Governments could redefine social aid programs.  These are just some of the possibilities. 

While its energies can feel restrictive and harsh, Saturn is there to whip us into shape. It's not the most uplifting energy, but it brings us back to reality, highlights where we may have become too complacent, and helps us bring chaos into order. And that's Saturn’s gift to us, a huge positive. 

Now for the manifestor, Saturn in Pisces is a gift.  It can help you bring your dreams into concrete, tangible reality. You will need to play your part though!  Saturn is about elbow grease and effort. 

The Stars Impel but They Don't Compel

As astrologers say, the stars impel but they don’t compel.  We all have free will.  The trick is to be aware of the energies heading our way.  Each planetary energy has its high manifestation – the best that can happen.  And it has its low manifestation – the worst that can happen. 

Saturn can bring blockages, unwelcome responsibilities, frustrating delays, and the overall feeling that life is hard.

And it can also bring accomplishments, welcome commitments, and achievement of long-term goals.

Often, the choice is ours! 

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Saturn in Pisces and YOU

So this is about Saturn in Pisces and its impacts on us as the collective. It will also affect us as individuals.  Read more about its impacts on your natal chart - and your life - here



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