Saturn in Pisces 2023-2026: Impacts on Your Sign

Saturn, the planet of responsibility, reality, foundations, delays and limitations, moves into Pisces on March 7 2023. 

This is an important energy shift that we will feel for 2.5 years. And every major planetary shift affects us on two levels: the global level (world trends that affect us as the collective), and a personal level (the impact on your life).

If you'd like to learn what this means for global trends, read this post.

And here, I will focus on personal astrology.  What does Saturn in Pisces mean for YOU?

We will first look at the birth dates that will be affected by Saturn's move into Pisces in 2023 (I will update this info for 2024 at a later date).

And then we will look at Saturn moving through the Houses in your natal chart.  

One big caveat:

Every natal chart is unique.  What I share in this post is general guidance. 

Which Signs Are Affected? 

Saturn used to be the "bad guy" - the greater malefic - in astrology. A couple of centuries ago, an astrologer would have forecast some verrrry unpleasant things for you when transiting Saturn made a square or an opposition to your natal Sun.

Thankfully, we have progressed since then from a deterministic view of astrology to the belief (which I share) that we have the power to work with the energies coming into our life. And that through consciously working with them, we can express their higher vibration, as opposed to their lower vibration that can bring challenges and unpleasant developments.

So is Saturn a friend or a foe?'s up to you! 

No matter how its energy expresses itself in your life, Saturn is about "adulting". There is no question about it! 

At its highest vibration, Saturn brings achievement and accomplishment of goals, through focused effort.  Yes, there will be some elbow grease involved! It can also bring stability and commitment. Think marriages, babies, mortgages/buying a house, and jobs that come with responsibility. 

At its low vibration, Saturn can bring "abdication of responsibility".  You shirk commitments and obligations - and in the end, it comes back to bite you 7+ years later, when Saturn connects with your natal Sun again. 

The year transiting Saturn visits your natal chart might not be the most joyful year of your life. But, lots of progress can be made, and much wisdom can be gained through life lessons Saturn is here to teach you. 

For 2023, Saturn's transit of Pisces will be most impactful for: 

  • Pisces born Feb. 18-27
  • Gemini b. May 21-30
  • Virgo b. August 23-Sept. 1
  • Sagittarius b. Nov. 22 - Dec. 1.

If that's you, Saturn is visiting you to present a valuable life lesson, but it can come disguised as obstacles, delays and/or limitations at first.  Life can feel hard, but ultimately, you can come out of the experience with a new level of maturity (regardless of your age!)

If you see your birth date mentioned below, the Saturn energy will be milder and it will feel more constructive. This is the year when you can make a lot of progress in life, but you have to put in the effort: 

  • Scorpio born October 23 - November 1
  • Cancer b. June 21 -June 29
  • Taurus b. April 20 - 29
  • Capricorn b. Dec. 22 - Jan. 1

It will also have an impact on you if you have other personal planets or angles between 0-8 degrees of these signs.

Personal planets = the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars.

The angles = Ascendant, Descendant, MC and IC. 

If that's you, you may be interested in my tips for working with Saturn energies You may also be interested in a reading, to get ready for Saturn's visit of your natal chart (and your life).

What Saturn in Pisces Means for Your Ascendant Sign:

And now a brief forecast for each Ascendant (Rising) Sign. 

One quick technical note: this forecast is based on the Whole Sign house system (i.e. 1st House starts at 0 degree Pisces).  If you use the Placidus House System, then some of the interpretations below may be imprecise. Read the interpretation of the House Saturn is moving though in your natal chart instead.

Remember that a Saturn transit through your natal chart is only one part of the picture! If you want to have a full lowdown on the energies coming into your life in the next 12 months, try this reading.

Pisces Ascendant:  

The year Saturn crosses your Ascendant and moves into your 1st House is an important year in your life.  There is often a defining moment, that matures you some more as an adult (regardless of your age).  

Others tend to see you as a responsible, mature individual, and can entrust you with responsibilities. If you look for career advancement and the rest of your chart is supportive, Saturn in the 1st House can bring a position of responsibility.

Check where transiting Jupiter is in your natal chart though.  If it's below the horizon, in 2nd to 5th Houses, your "visibility" to the world may be limited, and your new job may be a dead end for a few years, as far as promotability goes - until Jupiter moves into your 6th House.

If that's you, focus on your finances, family, and your home instead, for the next few years.

When Saturn crosses your Ascendant, your personal relationships can get redefined. If you're in a relationship, it can bring to a commitment (such as a proposal).  But, your relationship can also go through a test that takes it to a breaking point.  If you get through that test, your relationship will get stronger. 

Saturn in the 1st House is a good time for losing weight or for getting back into shape.

It can, however, bring dental or bone problems.  A number of my clients had dental surgeries when Saturn was close to their Ascendant, or developed bruxism.

Aries Ascendant:

Saturn will be going through your 12th House.

Use this time to complete unfinished projects. Time alone can feel satisfying and productive now.  You could find your social circle shrinking. 

Old astrology texts provide an interesting interpretation of Saturn visiting your 12th House: that you can make an enemy at this time, that will cause problems for you 2-3 years later, when Saturn moves into your 1st House. Amazingly, I've seen it become true for several of my clients! 

Now is the time to be considerate to others. Try not to ruffle too many feathers.

Taurus Ascendant:

Saturn will be going through your 11th House.

Your friendships can get redefined.  A friend can leave your life, OR your friendships can strengthen.

It's a good time to take on a leadership position in professional association, or a group endevour.

If you work with manifestation, Saturn can limit your manifestation efforts when it's in your 11th House.  Don't get too disappointed - this is a temporary setback.

Gemini Ascendant:

Saturn will be going through your 10th House.

This can be very good for your career, and bring a career pinnacle. But, be prepared - this will also be a period of hard work.

Or, it could be just the opposite. There may be delays and obstacles to push through at work.  Much depends on how you lived up to your work responsibilities over the past 7-14 years. 

Cancer Ascendant: 

Saturn will be going through your 9th House.

Your in-laws may need more time and attention from you.  There can be business travel. It's a great time to go back to school for higher education! 

Leo Ascendant:

Saturn will be going through your 8th House. 

Well...this is not the best period for your sex life. You could go through a dry spell.

It may be difficult to get new loans or a mortgage, or else the terms might be unfavourable. Check your (and your immediate family's) credit report for errors. 

There may be delays or issues with insurance claims or inheritance.  Or, you may find yourself executing someone's estate.

Your partner's income can be restricted during this time.

But on the plus side, it's an excellent time to pay off any existing debt.

Virgo Ascendant:

Saturn will be going through your 7th House.

The month(s) when Saturn crosses your Descendant and into the 7th House can bring a redefining moment in your relationship. It can go through a trial, and if you get through it, your relationship will get much stronger. But, it can also bring a commitment - such as an engagement or a marriage. 

I got married when transiting Saturn was moving through my 7th House - and I'm still married to the same man, 21 years later!  When it hits your chart just right, Saturn can bring longevity to relationships.

Libra Ascendant: 

Saturn will be going through your 6th House. 

You may experience a period of hard work and increased responsibilities on the job.  But unfortunately, it can be difficult to get the recognition you deserve. Wait until Saturn crosses into your 7th House (in about 2-3 years), and you will have  a much easier time getting noticed and recognized professionally.

It's a good time to build a solid fitness routine or a healthy diet.  If you manage to do this while Saturn is in your 6th House, it will serve you well for years to come.

It's also wise to pay attention to your health now, and to minimize stress.

Pets and volunteering can enhance your life at this time.

Scorpio Ascendant: 

Saturn will be going through your 5th House. 

Your children can become more of a responsibility now.  You could be heavily involved in their activities, or perhaps you're a new parent.  You may find yourself playing a disciplinarian to your kids. 

Romantic prospects can be limited during this time, but pay attention to the ones that do come into your life - they could be a good long-term prospect.

Life can feel unrewarding when Saturn is in the 5th House, so make sure you look after your needs, too, and do something fun every now and then.

If you're an artist or a writer, don't be surprised if you run into a creative block when Saturn is crossing into your 5th House.  Once it moves 2-3 degrees past the cusp of your 5th House, the block is likely to lift, and you will regain your creativity.

Sagittarius Ascendant: 

Saturn will be going through your 4th House.

Family responsibilities can increase, and you may have to care for a parent or an elderly relative.  Your home may need some repairs.  On the plus side, if the rest of your chart is supportive, it could be a good time to purchase or renovate property, or to purchase land.

If you've been thinking of moving or relocating, your plans or hopes can now become a reality.

An adult child or another relative can move in or out of your home.

Capricorn Ascendant: 

Saturn will be going through your 3rd House. 

Your mindset is likely to be more serious, and it's a good time to begin a degree or a certification program. Your concentration levels will be boosted. But, your relationship with your neighbours or siblings can become more distant, perhaps because one or more of them becomes difficult.

This was true for me - my relationship with my brother became non-existent when Saturn was moving through my 3rd House. 

Aquarius Ascendant: 

Saturn will be going through your 2nd House.  It can decrease your cash flow, or increase your expenses for necessities.  Jupiter in the 2nd House often brings out an overspender, because you indulge on your "wants".  Saturn in the 2nd House can be about spending money, too, but it's because of your or your family's needs increase.  Saturn is not about wants.  It's about needs.

When Saturn was transiting my 2nd House, I went on a maternity leave. No, I didn't struggle financially...but, my income dropped dramatically.

When Saturn moves through the 2nd House, it's a fantastic time to work on your budget or to take a budgeting course.  Analyze your expenses and income.  Where does your money go? 

Saturn transiting your 2nd House is a great time to get into shape financially. 





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