Scorpio Season: Three Why's and a How

Scorpio Season is a powerful time to “dig deep” and search for deep truths. Three Whys and a How is a great little technique to get yourself unstuck or to get to your deep values or motivation. I was reminded of that a couple of years ago, by my (then) 3-year-old!

“You don’t go to work today?” she lifted up her hopeful little face. “Unfortunately, I do”.

“Why....un-fo-sunately?” (Why #1)

“Because I’d rather spend time with you and Daddy”.

And just like that, my Scorpionic mind went into overdrive. I used to love my professional life!  “Why is my time with my daughter so precious to me?” (Why #2) - “Because I had her so late in life”.

“And why is that significant?” (Why #3) - Because I’ve had many good years of career, but I’m still in the early, happy stages of being a mother. And deep down there is a fear that our happy time as a family might get cut short.  There is the pandemic (it was 2020).  After we lost our son four years ago, I’m acutely aware of how random and unexpected tragic losses can be.

And HOW does it make me feel? - Oh, where do I start!

Scared. That I might kick myself later that I wasted our precious time together while I was too busy working. And then scared on a different level. I know how to “do career”, and I would feel a little lost without it.

Sad. I was born to two career-oriented parents who highly valued achievement, and that put a lot of pressure on me growing up. I solved it the way my Sun-Mars conjunction in the 9th House knew how: moved across the ocean at the age of 23 and built my own, independent life.  I loved my parents, but we were never close. I don’t want that for me and my daughter. 

Excited. I’m working on a plan to spend much more time with my daughter and husband. 

(A 2022 update: I ended up manifesting an early retirement a year ago, at the age of 51. When you get clarity about what's truly important to you in life, amazing things can follow. But...a caveat... it's super important to be aware of astrological timing, too, but that's another story!).

If something in your life elicits a sincere “unfortunately”, try Three Whys and a How to connect with what’s important to you, on a deep level.

And, if you’re up to it, ask one more question: “And what is a first step I can take to change the situation?”

If this resonates with you, my “Astro-Transform" reading might be for you.  We will look at the issue where you feel stuck or experience your “unfortunately”, explore your natal chart for insights, and work through several techniques that will help you to move forward.

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