Uranus and the 7-Year Itch

“So…there is this guy at work,” my long-term client said. I knew she was having problems in her marriage of 18 years. 

“No! Be VERY sure you want to go there! It’s not going to last”, came out of my mouth as I was looking at her natal chart.  Transiting Uranus was squaring her natal Venus, the planet of love.

“Well…it’s not like I’m planning to do anything about it,” she said... 

It takes Uranus 7 years to go through a Zodiac sign.  And as it’s moving through the sign, at some point it will connect with your natal Sun (= potential for an overall life change) and your Venus (= potential for change in your love life and finances).  It will connect with your other planets, too, but it’s the Sun and Venus that I often see impacted when someone comes in for a reading.

So, Venus.

Oooh! If you’re single! A Uranus transit to your Venus (or the ruler of your 7th House of Committed Relationships) can bring a new, magnetic romantic opportunity – especially if your natal planets in question were connected to Uranus at your birth.

If the transit is positive (a trine or a sextile), there is a good chance that you will be swept off your feet by a sudden, irresistible attraction.  And that it can grow into something longer-term, especially if there is a Saturn transit to your Venus (or the ruler of your 7th House) coming up next.

And if the two planets form a square or an opposition? Wellll…..still a very good chance you will meet someone magnetic and irresistible. Still a very good chance you will be surprised by how unexpectedly it’s all happened.  Wow there will be sparks! Enjoy the relationship while it lasts, because chances are, it won’t be your forever. 

If Uranus is forming an opposition to your natal Venus, the choice will ultimately be yours.  And if it’s forming a square, it’s your romantic interest that will be calling it quits.

Sadly, the exciting but unstable Uranus energy doesn’t care if you’re already in a committed relationship. And in fact, when I do a reading for a love triangle, 4 times out of 5 Uranus is at play.  We don’t always act on that itch for romantic excitement, but…we usually feel it.

And, considering Uranus makes a connection  to your Venus (or the ruler of your 7th House) every 7 years, perhaps that’s the astrological explanation for the 7-year-itch!! 

And my client? As I was going on about the highly unstable but magnetic energy about to visit her life, I saw her looking past me with a dreamy smile on her face. Argument made (by this astrologer). Argument lost.

A passionate love affair ensued. And ended. And thankfully, her marriage survived.

(It doesn't hurt to check your spouse's natal chart every now and then. If you see Uranus about to connect with their Venus or the ruler of their 7th House, make sure you pay attention to your relationship!)

When it connects with our natal chart, Uranus brings back the spark we were missing. Pay attention to a Uranus transit. It’s teaching you what you need to feel fully alive.  

But, does it mean it’s time to make a big change in your life? Well....Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater!!!

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