Venus Retrograde 2023


Venus - the planet of love, money and personal values – goes retrograde on July 22 2023, at 28° Leo. It will turn direct again on September 3, at 12° Leo.

The last time Venus was retrograde was in 2021-2022, in Capricorn.  While some of the themes stay the same, Venus Retrograde in Leo has a very different vibe! 

Venus in Leo needs to be appreciated - OK, let's be honest - more like worshipped!  She loves her designer shoes and expensive jewelry and champagne with breakfast. 

So, what happens when Venus goes retrograde in Leo?

The over-spender can come out.  And that can cause problems for your wallet.

We (or people around us) can crave attention and recognition. And that can cause issues in relationships.

And, while Venus in Leo loves to get rid of those early wrinkles with a botox injection or a filler, Venus Retrograde can be the worst time to try these!

Special Notes

And, while I'm writing this post 3 weeks away from Venus Retrograde, she is already in her pre-retrograde shadow period, as of June 19.  Stay alert to any relationship or financial issues that come up between now and July 22, because they may get magnified when Venus turns retrograde.

While in Leo, Venus will square Uranus in Taurus 3 times.  If you've experienced any relationship or financial blow-ups on or around July 2, the same issue might come up around August 9 and September 29.

And this year, Venus Retrograde (July 22- Sept. 3) overlaps with Mercury Retrograde (Aug. 23 - Sept. 15). A lot of misunderstandings related to relationships and money can happen when Venus Rx and Mercury Rx overlap. Make sure you clarify the other person's intent.  

Love and Relationships

Let's start with relationships first.

Venus Retrograde is superb for reflecting on what we need in love or relationships, and if any adjustments to our current relationship are needed. Heal any issues in your relationship, or any blocks to love.  Gain closure with an ex.  If you’ve been thinking of reconnecting with an old flame, or reuniting with your ex, this could be a good time.

Some relationships might come under stress during Venus Retrograde, especially if you feel unloved or under-appreciated. Every time Venus goes retrograde, I do many readings about relationships that hit a rough patch.

Let’s face it, Leo needs appreciation!  It needs joy in relationships.  

If you feel hugely underappreciated or undervalued in your relationship, or that all the joy is now gone, your relationship issues can come to the surface during Venus Retrograde. 

Traditional astrology will tell you that Venus Retrograde is NOT a good time to start a new relationship, propose or get married. It doesn’t mean your relationship or marriage will be doomed; but there is a high chance that it will go through a number of challenges.

If as a couple you rise to the occasion, your relationship very well may get stronger. But, too much strife can end a relationship, and that’s why astrologers say it’s better to wait out Venus Retrograde. The only exception to this rule is if you are remarrying your ex-spouse or renewing your vows.

If relationships are high on your agenda at the moment, try my report "Is He or She the One?"

If you see any red flags or issues in your relationship, don’t dismiss them.  A couple’s therapy session – or a session with an astrologer to look at the strengths and challenges of your relationship – might make all the difference.

It's Not All About Love Relationships Though

A good client of mine has her 11th House of Friendships in Leo.  "Why have I been thinking so much about my old friends, wondering if we might get in touch again?", she asked in a reading.  Well... Venus is slowing down in her 11th House of Friendships, bringing old friendships and unresolved issues back into focus.

"I'm so worried about some of the friendships that didn't end as well as I had hoped.  Should I write them an apology letter?", she asked.  YES!!!  Venus Retrograde can be an amazing time to heal old rifts and mend bridges.

It's not just about friends either.  Venus Retrograde in your 3rd House? Reconnect with your siblings.  What about the 4th House?  Call your Mom much these days? Ah yes, I hear you... it's not the smoothest relationship, and sometimes you just want to through your cell against the wall.  But...if you want to reconnect, now might be a good time.

What about that former co-worker that you don't see as much anymore, but who was such a source of support for you a few years back?  If Venus is Retrograde in your 6th House, now might be the time to go for a coffee and reminisce about good old time.

JUST REMEMBER:  If something is not working in your relationship(s), whether work, love, friends, or family, it can come to the surface when Venus is Retrograde. 


Venus Retrograde is also a great time to review and re-evaluate your finances. Let's face it, Leo likes to indulge in expensive purchases, designer sunglasses and all things luxury.  Is it you?  And what is it doing to your financial well-being?

Try to hold off on major purchases, luxury items or financial decisions during this Venus retrograde cycle. For example, the purchase of a new house, car, or another big-ticket item could backfire in some way later on. Or you might change your mind later and regret your purchase.

It's also not a good time for new financial investments.

However, if you’re a skilled bargain-shopper, this can be a great time for finding items at low prices.

If your 2nd or 8th House are in Leo, finances can be highlighted for you during this Venus Retrograde. 

Beautification and Cosmetic Procedures

Because Venus rules beauty and aesthetics, Venus Retrograde is a less than ideal time for cosmetic surgery, new cosmetic enhancements, such as fillers or veneers, drastic makeovers, purchasing a brand-new wardrobe and the like. The results may not be as you expect. 

NEW is the key word.  If you've been getting your botox injections for years, or example, and plan to continue during this Venus Retrograde, you have nothing to worry about!

It's a great time though for revision surgeries (cosmetic).

Important Dates for Venus-Related Pursuits (love, relationships, finances, and cosmetic procedures):

✨ July 27: Mercury conjunct Venus Retrograde (Rx), at 28° Leo

If your relationship with your significant other feels on the rocks,  today might be the day to have that conversation that heals and mends rifts. 

✨ August 9: Venus Rx square Uranus, at 22° Leo/Taurus.

This energy can be disruptive for relationships and finances, and this year, Venus and Uranus will butt heads three times during a 6-week period. This is square #2.

Did you experience any turbulence in these areas between June 29-July 2, during square #1?  If yes, the issue could rear its head again. It could come to full closure around the time Venus and Uranus connect for the 3rd time  (Sept. 29).

Tread carefully on these dates.

✨ August 13: Venus Rx conjunct the Sun, at 20° Leo.

If you're experiencing any Venus Retrograde-related issues, this is another good day to deal with them.  Something could be brought into your awareness. It's also a classic date for a blast from the past to reappear in your life (such as an ex or an old friend).

✨ August 14: Venus Rx trine Chiron

This is actually a very helpful energy.  If you carry some old emotional wounds from past relationships, do something healing today - you can make great progress.

✨ August 22: Venus Rx square Jupiter, at 15° Leo/Taurus

Big spender alert!  Leave your credit card at home, and don't do any online shopping either 😉 Luxury items bought around August 22 may prove to be a disappointment later.

Note that Venus will square Jupiter again once she turns direct, on September 16.  And that's another bad day for being overly generous with your $$


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