Astrology Report: Is He or She the One?

Astrology Report: Is He or She the One?

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IMPORTANT:  Please provide (1) your date, time and place of birth; (2) your partner's date, time and place of birth in "A Note to Seller" on the checkout page.  If you don't have your partner's time of birth, you can still order this report.  About 15% of it will not apply; I will indicate the sections you should ignore. 

I only wish I knew synastry - the branch of astrology that deals with relationships - before my first marriage. It might have saved me some pain and suffering :-) This reading is for two types of situations. You might be considering a long-term relationship with someone. Is he {or she) the one?

Or, you might already be in a relationship, looking to find out where potential stumbling blocks might be, and the strengths you should be celebrating as a couple.

This reading will show you how you and your partner relate to each other, and the long-term potential of your relationship.

You can choose from two options:
1. A PFD report emailed to you. An average report is about 20 pages. The report is generally provided within 24 hours of purchase.

You can view a sample report here.

2. A PDF report + a live reading with me (via Skype, Facetime, or phone for N. America) This is a good option if you have specific questions about your relationship or its future. A live reading is approximately 60 minutes. Please note I'm on Pacific Time.

ALL READINGS AND REPORTS ARE OFFERED FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. By ordering a reading or a report you confirm that you are at least 18 years of age. This reading is not to be substituted for medical, psychological, legal, or any other legally recognized professional services.  Any decisions made are yours alone; you release me of any liabilities.