Virgo Season: Career Edition!

Virgo Season is all about embracing your inner planner and organizer who is oh-so-efficient!  Build a routine that supports growth of your business or professional goals. Focus on what’s important. Reduce “busy work”.   

Some things to try at work during Virgo Season:

1 - Prioritize Your "Big Goals"

It's the goals that help you move your business, professional role or career forward. If Virgo energies are strong in your natal chart, it becomes so easy to take care of every little detail that time can slip through your fingers. What percentage of your time is consumed by “busy work”?  Start with the end in mind, as Stephen Covey would say.  Think of your big goals, the ones that would make a BIG difference at the end of the day.  

2 - Build a Daily or Weekly Routine

Build a daily or weekly routine that helps you shine in your job AND achieve your career goals. I used to spend an hour every Friday planning my next week. It looked something like this:

3-  Learn one new technology hack or time management technique that keeps you organized and shaves off time.

I don't know about you, but ever since the pandemic, I feel the pace of work has intensified.

There I was the other day, in a virtual Teams meeting. The people attending kept messaging each other via a sideline chat - on a work-related topic, but not related to the meeting! Every time it happened, my attention splintered for a second. (Yes, I could have turned off the chat, but it was started by my boss...)

Then, they all started asking the presenter to repeat the parts they had missed.  We weren't more effective by multitasking, after all!  We were wasting the presenter's time.

"Why do I feel so overwhelmed by the end of the day?", I thought.  And then I realized it was because of many new information channels competing for my attention, in the hybrid model.  The need to fragment my time and attention between many and varied things.

Yes, when I worked in the office, there was a quick but relaxing walk to the coffee shop when there was time between meetings. And now, on the days I work from home, I run to load my washing machine 😂 Yet another layer of multitasking built into my day.

So, I've installed a productivity app.  Now I focus on what I need to complete for 25 minutes at a time. (It tracks the time I spend on specific tasks, too).  And when the app suggests a 5-min break, I use it to refill my water bottle - or to answer those pesky Teams chats! Very few things are so urgent that they can't wait for 25 minutes.

And I feel much less stressed.  

Batch your frequently performed tasks! Run a log of your daily work for a week – most likely, you will notice that you work on a wide variety of tasks.

Switching from one task to another could result in an adjustment period, negatively impacting your productivity.

You can easily minimize the time wasted by blocking a dedicated chunk of time to answer your e-mail, or booking a 15-30 min buffer after each meeting to organize your notes and deal with any follow-up items right away – what a great way to always be seen as “on top of your game”.

The free app I use and like is Pomodoro Timer (no affiliation 🙂).

4 - Get Rid of Perfectionism

The shadow side of Virgo is perfectionism. “Just let me take care of that one last detail….”

How important is that last detail? Is it a good investment of your time? It’s easy to spend 15% of your total time polishing your product – only to improve it by 2-3%. And, if you got it from 95% quality to 97%, how many people will notice?

5 - Don't Take On Too Much

I look at my little Virgo daughter who is so keen to help others. Such a wonderful quality, and yet, every quality has a downside. Virgo is one of the workaholic signs of the Zodiac, taking on too much. What can you delegate, defer, or say “no” to today, to free up time for your big goals?

6 - Declutter!

Save important emails and delete the rest. Organize your desk. Organize your document folders. Being surrounded by clutter adds to the sense of overwhelm, at work or at home. And, now that you have all the important information at your fingertips – no need to spend time hunting for it!

 Go Deeper with a Career Reading

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